Andrew Shingange, Trevor Noah Brother; Where and What is he doing now?

By Rhyss | Published on: March 19, 2024 | Updated on: March 19, 2024
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Andrew Shingange is a South-African born celebrity sibling. He is the half-brother of renowned comedian, Trevor Noah. Noah gained worldwide fame after he started hosting, The Daily Show, from 2015 to 2022.

Ever since Trevor became famous Andrew also came into the attention, all because as fans, we would love to know about Trevor’s family roots. The main question that is often asked in regard to Andrew is the fact that what is he doing nowadays?

In addition to this question, other curiosities surrounding Trevor’s brother include who is his father, how old is he, and his relationship with Trevor. Well, let’s find out all the answers to these questions here today.

When and where was born? Who is his father?

He was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, to Patricia Nombuyiselo Noah and Abel Shingange. Both of his parents belong to the Xhosa tribe of South Africa.

From the beginning of his childhood, Andrew lived in a rather impoverished condition. While his mom Patricia was a stay-at-home mother, his father was a car mechanic.

Andrew mom with Trevor
Trevor with his mother Patricia.

Talking about his education, it is reported Andrew studied in the same school as his older brother Issac, i.e., Maryvale College.

He has two siblings, one half and one biological

From his mother’s side, Andrew has two older siblings, including his biological brother, Isaac Shingange, and his half-brother, Trevor Noah. Let’s about his siblings one by one.

His brother Isaac was born in 2002 in Johannesburg. He is the first child between Patricia and Abel Shingange. Just like his younger brother Andrew, Isaac too is quite secretive about his life.

Andrew brother
Andrew’s brother Isaac.

Moving towards his half-bro, Trevor, well, he needs no introduction. Born on February 20th, 1984, in South Africa. While his mother is Patricia, his dad is Robert Noah, a Swiss-German ancestry man. He was born when South Africa was still under apartheid rule.

Andre’s Biological Father Tried to kill his mother and half-brother: His Violent and Abusive Childhood

It was in the year 1992 when Patricia decided to marry her lover Abel Shingange. The couple apparently met when Trevor was like 6 or 7.

Everything was going great in their marriage when Abel started becoming abusive toward his wife. He used to physically and mentally abuse her on a daily basis. While Andrew and Isaac were both kids, Trevor was big enough to understand what was going on and used to think why his mom is still staying with the guy despite the torture. What he didn’t understand was Patricia feared for her and her kids’ life in case she left Abel.

One night when Andrew was just a baby, Able came home drunk and beat up his baby’s mother. Patricia immediately went to the police but unfortunately, the police didn’t respond at all and even went as far as to suggest she not agitate her husband in the first place.

Andre’s Biological Father Tried to kill his mother and half-brother: His Violent and Abusive Childhood

Some times after, Patricia decided to take a risk and leave Abel for good. In 2003, she moved to a nearby shack alongside her two boys, Andrew and Isaac, and lived there for seven years.

Moreover, she also remarried. But unfortunately for her, Abel one day tracked her new family down. The duo confronted one another and Abel shot her twice, one in the buttock and in the back of her head. It was incredible that she survived.

Apart from almost killing his ex-wife, Andrew Shingange’s father also shot at Andrew’s step-dad, Khoza, with whom his mother married in July 2009.

His brother Trevor is a famous Comedian

Around the time of Trevor’s birth, an interracial relationship was still considered a big taboo. It was only after a year of his birth that the rule was decriminalized after the Immorality Act was amended in 1985.

When he became an adult Trevor, Noah started out his career in the entertainment industry. In 2002, he was featured in the South African soap opera, Isidingo. Afterward, he started hosting his own radio show titled Noah’s Ark on the leading youth-radio station, YFM.

Throughout his time in his home country, Trevor worked on several big projects including Strictly Come Dancing (2008) in which he finished as runner-up. He started his career as a TV host in 2010 when he hosted the show, Tonight with Trevor Noah which aired on M-Net and DStv.

Trevor became world-renowned after he hosted The Daily Show on Comedy Central

He relocated to the United States in 2011 and in January 2012 he joined The Tonight Show and became the first South African comedian to appear on the show. In addition to that, he also performed in the Late Show with David Letterman.

From the year 2014, Andrew Shingange’s brother Trevor became a regular contributor to Comedy Central’s The Daily Show hosted by Jon Stewart. As fate would have it, after years of dedication, Trevor was announced as the successor to Jon Stewart. He hosted the show in September 2015. Trevor announced his departure from the show and his last episode was on 8th December 2022.

Apart from his work in TV, Noah is also an author. His 2016 memoir, Born a Crime received a fairly positive response in the US. Eventually, the book was announced as New York Times Bestseller and even named the best book of the year by The New York Times, Newsday, Esquire, NPR, and Booklist.

What is doing? He is reportedly married

As the half-brother of one of the most talented comedians out there, a lot of people want to know what Andrew is doing.

Unfortunately, due to his capability of staying behind closed doors, there is not a single piece of information regarding his current whereabouts. That being said, a couple of reports claim that Andrew is a married man and even shares a child with his rumored wife.