Beth Lynn, Vince Neil Baby Mother: Where Is She Now?

By Aarone Hernandez | Published on: February 19, 2024 | Updated on: February 19, 2024
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Beth Lynn rose to stardom as the first wife of American musician Vince Neil. A couple of years after sharing a child, the duo parted ways. So, what was the reason behind their split? Did she find a new life partner after the separation? What is Beth Lynn doing now?

Today’s article includes every answer to your queries. So, without any further ado let’s get started!

Key Takeaways

  • Beth Lynn is a native of San Diego and came from a well-to-do family. Back in the 80s, she used to run a 280Z, a luxury car.
  • Around the time Lynn met her future hubby, she nearly had a threesome with him and one of his bandmates.
  • Beth and Vince’s wedding was a big affair with lots of money spent.
  • Beth and her now ex-husband share a daughter, who is now all grown up.

is From San Diego

Beth Lynn is currently in her mid-60s. From the beginning, there’s a lot of debate in regard to her date of birth. Some sources suggest she was born in June 1958, while some say she was born on February 10th, 1962.

Nevertheless, we do know that, she grew up in San Diago, California in a very wealthy family. Her family background was revealed in her first husband Neil’s book titled, Tattoos And Tequila: To Hell And Back With One Of The Rock’s Most Notorious Frontman. Furthermore, in her 20s she also owned a 280z, which was an extremely expensive car to buy, at that time.

Was A Groupie When She First Met Vince

According to a book, Beth was a groupie in her 20s and used to hang out a lot with different bands. Around the same time, Beth was a close friend of Nikki Sixx, Vince Neil’s bandmate. Beth first met Nikki at the Troubadour and became friends real quickly. Gradually, Nikki introduced her to the musician Neil.

In the book, Tattoos, And Tequila, Vince described her as “super hot”. Similarly, he said that Beth was like a groupie who was cut above all the other groupies.

Nearly Ended Up Having Threesome with Vince and Nikki

Beth and Vince were seemingly attracted to one another after their first meeting and Lynn also had a friendly relationship with Nikki. At one point, the trios almost had a threesome, but Nikki passed out due to excess alcohol.

However, Vince and Beth did share an intimate moment. Since then, Neil considered Beth as his girlfriend until their marriage.

Beth Was The Girl Her Ex-Husband Dreamed Of

Beth’s husband, in his book, has described he was looking for a girl who is blonde and wholesome and from California. Given Beth was brought up in Cali, she was a great fit for Vince.

When their romance was starting to blossom, Neil was in a relationship with a girl named Stephanie. However, Beth and her ex-husband Vince were serious and they even planned on getting married. As time passed, Neil ditched his Steph.

As mentioned above, Beth was a rich girl, and the pair started living together in her apartment in Hollywood, CA. After staying together for a month or two, they moved to Redondo, California. After relocating, the former flames started doing a lot of hanging out and even got addicted to drugs.

When Did And Vince Neil Married?

The year 1983 was a big one for both Beth and her ex-husband Neil. In fact, it was the year, the couple got married. On January 3, 1983, the pair walked down the aisle at the Crystal Cathedral in Orange County California.

The wedding location was a big palace, the home base for the international Crystal Cathedral Ministries. The then-newlywed husband described the wedding ceremony as a fairytale event.

Besides, the lead vocalist says, he decided to get married to Beth just to save their relationship from falling apart. At the time, he thought maybe he cheated on her and she had caught him. So, as an apology, he decided to get hitched.

How Many Children Does Beth Have?

Beth has three daughters in total, Lainey, Tess Harmon, and Elizabeth Ashley Wharton. After staying in a marital relationship for a couple of years, Beth and her ex-husband Neil welcomed their daughter Elizabeth on April 13, 1985. As of 2023, she is 38 years old.

Eliza has followed in her father’s footsteps just like her half-brother Neil Jason Wharton. Elle is a bassist by profession. She has also worked as an actress in the movie, The Craft (1996). Aside from this, she is also a social worker and fashion designer.

Why Did And Her Then-Husband Part? Did She Remarry?

As per her husband, sometime after the birth of their daughter, she was diagnosed with a germ phobia. At the time, the ex-celebrity spouse was obsessed with cleanliness. She even developed an obsessive hand-washing habit.

At a certain point, the heavy metal lead vocalist claims that his ex-wife Beth didn’t allow his friends or his band members to enter their house. He has written in the book name The Dirt that,

“It was f***ing crazy. Stuff like that. I couldn’t take it. I’d rather be getting germs at the studio.”

Around the same time, Vince was sent to prison after being charged with vehicle manslaughter. He had to pay $2.5 million in restitution to the victims and take 200 hours of community service. After being held in prison for 15 days he was paroled and once he was out Beth’s former husband ended everything between them, in 1985.

After being separated, her husband married three other women, Sharise Ruddell, Heidi Mark, and Lia Gerardini. Neil became a father to a daughter and a son from those relationships. Sadly, his daughter passed away at the age of four from cancer.

Unlike her former husband, Beth doesn’t seem to be interested in another marriage. In fact, her presence in the media world itself is a big mystery.

What Is Doing Now?

As mentioned above, Beth has been living a very private life. Although information regarding her professional life is empty, we do have some details related to her whereabouts. As per some sources, she has been living in her hometown in San Rafael.

Similarly, it seems as though she hasn’t made any contact with her daughter. As a matter of fact, her daughter is a bit active on social media handles, however, she has never mentioned her mother even once.

That being said, Beth is still close with her daughter as her daughter Elizabeth’s ex-husband Will Loomis often shares old photos of his mother-in-law.