Brandon Ingram Wife & Marriage Plans: Is He Dating A Girlfriend At Present?

By Aarone Hernandez | Published on: January 26, 2024 | Updated on: January 26, 2024
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The newest NBA heartthrob is none other than Brandon Ingram. He has fans wilding over, not only his exceptional balling skills but also his good looks – it almost makes you wonder if he has a girlfriend or better yet, a wife.

Most of his female fans must be dying to know the answer to this question. We’re also well aware that some of you might be holding your breath to know about his current relationship status.

Don’t worry, we’ve covered all about Brandon Ingram’s love life.

Key Takeaways:

  • As of September 2023, Brandon, who has a net worth of $12 million, is not married to anyone.
  • His ex-girlfriend, Raelynn Inez is a stripper, exotic dancer, and influencer by profession. She is 3 years older than the NBA basketballer.
  • The rumors of him being in an affair with Raelynn began around 2018.
  • Amber Washington. Brandon’s rumored girlfriend accused him of cheating on her.

Was Brandon Ingram Planning on Making Raelynn Inez His Wife?

So far, the alleged lovers do not have plans to marry. Ingram and his alleged partner, Raelynn have been rumored to be dating for a few years already. But sadly, none of them have revealed much about their relationship with the public.

Even more so, they’re not even social media official yet and the paps have never caught them together. That’s why, there’s a huge question mark on their entire affair – are they even together?

Also, even if they once were dating, it is currently believed that the star player for the New Orleans Pelicans has already broken up with Inez. So you see, questions regarding their marriage seem like a bit of a stretch.

Is Ingram Actually Into Older Women?

Born on 11th October 1993, Brandon’s rumored lady love Raelynn is 30 years old in 2023. Now, since the NBA player is only 26 years old, it is a likely possibility that he might be into older women. However, this cannot be confirmed without looking at his dating history; which is then again, a HUGE mystery.

To further add about Inez, she is an exotic dancer, stripper, and social media influencer. Born and raised in California, the athlete’s rumored girlfriend is fond of fame. She is highly active on almost all social media platforms, including Instagram and YouTube. 

Brandon Ingram and Raelyn Inez’s Relationship; Who Slid Into Whose DMs?

It is unsure who approached whom in the case of Brandon and Raelynn. But, people acknowledged their rumored relationship for the first time back in 2018.

Moreover, the allegations started flowing when the beautiful dancer started posting shots from Ingram’s games on her story. Additionally, a picture of them together with Ingram’s face hidden also went viral. Not only this, but Inez was also previously hooked on a necklace with “B” hanging from it.

These little things that the fans began noticing soon piled up into a mountain of suspicion. And, without even knowing, people began shipping them together. In addition, despite not having concrete proof, the media also stood beside their affair.

Did Brandon & Raelynn Break Up?

Before they even got the chance to make their relationship official, the athlete, and his stripper girlfriend broke up. Recently, instead of their affair details, the Internet is filled with the news of their split. This has also stunned many fans.

Having said that, the reason for their breaking up is a secret just like their entire affair was. While some have reported that Ingram cheated on the model, some think otherwise. To add, we think they might not have found compatibility with each other either.

Amber Washington: Ingram’s Other Rumored Girlfriend

Around the time Inez became a part of the NBA forward’s life, Amber Washington claimed she was once his girlfriend. As a matter of fact, she claimed that Ingram cheated on her by hooking up with the dancer/influencer. Not only this but the rumored ex-girlfriend also accused him of being involved with multiple women in the course of their relationship.

When one of her followers on Instagram asked if she feels like she’s “the only girl in B.I. life”, Amber replied,

“No, you have his mom, sister, grandma and etc.”

The “etc” in her reply caught us off-guard; what did she mean? Perhaps, the allegations of him cheating on her were true. Nevertheless, nothing has ever been confirmed to this date.

Is He The Dad Of Washington’s Newborn Baby?

We do not think Brandon Ingram is a dad just yet. When you go through Washington’s Instagram, you’ll see that she’s just had a baby. But, we believe that it’s not Ingram’s.


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Even if they are just rumors, the athlete and Amber have separated from each other since 2018. Hence, there’s no way he could’ve impregnated her.