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By Aarone Hernandez | Published on: February 1, 2024 | Updated on: February 1, 2024
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Chance Perdomo is without a doubt one of the best actors Netflix has ever given its audience. Both his abilities and on-screen personality will make you fall hard for him. Even though you might know him from his role as the pansexual warlock in the Netflix series Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Perdomo gained notoriety for the BBC drama, Killed by My Debt.

Fans of Perdomo may be familiar with his romantic relationships, but few are aware of Chance’s parents or anything else about him. So let’s look at these areas of his life in more detail below.

Key Takeaways

  • Chance was born on October 19, 1996, in Los Angeles, California, and later moved with his mother Monica to Southampton, England, in the county of Hampshire.
  • He attended Redbridge Community School in Southampton, where he was elected president of the sixth form’s student union, before enrolling in Peter Symonds College in Winchester.
  • Chance didn’t know his biological father growing up.
  • He has never been listed as having any previous partnerships or seen in public with anyone who may give rise to suspicion.

Chance is a Single Man

Everyone has possibly wondered if their favorite character and actor is in a relationship. It’s a piece of good news for you that he is not in a relationship, Chance is primarily focusing on his career and his life as a loved actor.

However, the actor has been rumored to be dating his co-actor Tati Gabrielle. Let’s find out more about their affair.

Chance is rumored to be with Tati Gabrielle

Many rumors say Chance and Tati might be in a relationship, however, none of the two actors have neither denied nor confirmed that they are in a romantic affair.

Rumors about their affairs started due to their close proximity as friends. They often hang out with each other’s family and attend functions together.

Apart from his speculated affair with Tati, there are no past relationships of him recorded and he has not been seen publicly with anyone that could raise any suspicions.

Chance’s Never known His Biological Until He Was in his 20s

His mother’s is Monica Perdomo, but information regarding his dad is not out in the open yet. His mom on the other hand describes herself as an entrepreneur, hotelier, and actress. He has also shared that his mom gave birth to him at a young age and they don’t have a huge age gap between them. Thus, Chance’s mom is his best friend and Confidant.

Talking about his father, Chance once told MTV Impact, “I don’t know my biological father too well. So, we recently got in touch.” He also shared that after the encounter with his father, he has been more in touch with himself.

Perdomo has two Younger Brothers

Though he is the only biological child between him and his mom, Chance’s mom has two other kids from different relationships. One of them is Oli Perdomo, born in 2004. He is currently 20 years old as of 2023 and works as a Personal trainer.

Chance’s youngest half-brother is currently studying in middle school. His mom often shares pictures of him on Instagram. She has also shared that he was a miracle baby as he came into her world after suffering from numerous miscarriages.

Chance Comes from a Mixed Ethnic Background

The actor has often stated that he is a black child who has been raised by a Latino mother and grew up in a white society. But how does he have a British accent you might ask? Well, he and his mother moved to England when he was a small child and grew up there. Hence, that is why he has a British accent.

Meanwhile, his full ethnicity is known to be Afro-Latino. He is a Latino from his mother’s side who was born in Guatemala. She is a descendant of the Dominican Republic and Guatemalan. Chance’s father who he was not much in touch with is an African-American.

Who is ?

Chance is an American-born British actor, born on 19 October 1996 in Los Angeles California. He moved as a child to Southampton in the county of Hampshire England with his mom Monica. Perdomo holds dual citizenship in Britain and America.

Perdomo’s Education Background

Chance attended Redbridge Community School in Southampton. He also was a student of Peter Symonds College in Winchester, where he was chosen president of the sixth form’s student union.
After graduating, he wanted to pursue a career in law but changed his mind and moved to London to pursue acting instead. There, he joined the National Youth Theatre and received training at the Identity School of Acting with the help of money he earned working in a shoe store and a theater. 

He is an Up-and-Coming Superstar

Chance made his acting debut in the television series Hetty Feather in 2017 as Henry Goodwall. He started his film career the following year by playing Rodell in the movie Longfield Drive.

Perdomo then played Hamish Kingly in the 2018 season of Shakespeare & Hathaway: Private, a British drama series. He continued to work on several projects that year, such as Midsomer Murder and Killed by My Debt.

He played Ambrose Spellman in the American supernatural horror series Sabrina’s Chilling Adventures from 2018 to 2020. Moving on to his film roles, he played Landson Gibson in the drama After We Fell. He also played Ryan in the drama The Importance of Skin.

He will appear in the upcoming American television series Gen V in a leading role alongside Maddie Phillips, Asa Germann, and Colby Minifie, which was produced by Tara Butter and Michele Fazekas, in 2023.

Perdomo’s Net Worth as of 2023

Chance, one of the main stars of the 2023 television series Gen V, has a fortune of $500,000.