Chase Stokes’ Parents Jeff Stokes And Jennifer Canning: Interesting Detail

By Aarone Hernandez | Published on: February 8, 2024 | Updated on: February 8, 2024
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Chase Stokes’ fame from his portrayal of John Booker Routledge in the Netflix original Outer Banks, has brought about a whirlwind of curious eyes to the actor behind the role, which has raised questions about his parents as well. Chase Stoke’s parents Jeff Stokes and Jennifer Canning had quite an unstable past.

So, how did the actor deal with such a problematic family life? In this article, we will get to know interesting details about the actor’s parents. Along with this, we will also get to know what kind of life the Stokes Family is living today.

Key Takeaways

  • Chase’s parents Jeff Stokes and Jennifer Canning divorced when he was very young.
  • He grew up with his mother.
  • Today, Chase’s mother is married to Scott Walker, and his father is married to Nikki Osterman.
  • Stokes has six half-siblings, four from his mother and six from his father.
  • The actor suffered from mental health difficulties as a result of his parent’s separation.
  • The Outer Banks actor lives a comfortable life with a beautiful connection with his parents and all his siblings.

Jeff Stokes and Jennifer Canning

Chase’s parents, Jeff and Jennifer welcomed the actor on September 16, 1992, in Annapolis, Maryland, and raised him in a household that followed Christianity as religion. Chase is the only child of the couple.

Jeff works as a business executive, serving as the President of Stride Fitness for the past 4 years. Including the fitness industry, he is also into sales management, corporate sales, strategic marketing, and quality control.

Before this, Chase’s dad worked at several other companies including Lifetime Fitness, and Anytime Fitness in the middle of 2013. Later he moved to Miami and served as a Franchise Consultant and Advisory Board Member.

In contrast to Mr. Stokes, Jennifer is not much into the business field. She has a low-key life but also is an Instagram personality.

Jennifer has nearly 5k followers on her Instagram account where she constantly posts pictures. She appears to be a very bright and joyful woman.

Had Issues In Their Marriage

Chase grew up in a very unstable family, with his parents going through marital issues. The actor was too young to understand what the real problem was between his parents. Despite not having a good connection between the pair, both of them had a pretty stable occupational and financial life and provided everything to their son.

However, they couldn’t get past their issues and decided to divorce. The true reason behind their divorce is not out yet but the years of conflict and differences between them were definitely one of the key reasons.

After the separation, Jennifer got official custody of Chase. The actor moved along to Atlanta, Georgia from Florida and started a new life with his mother.

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Both His Dad And Mom Jeff Stokes & Jennifer Canning Have Remarried

The past couple who were not very satisfied with their relationship are now happily married to the love of their lives. Jennifer is married to Scott Walker who is a resident of Georgia itself. Today, they share four children.

On the other hand, Jeff also married Nikki Osterman, a School Psychologist, on the 14th of August 2004. They walked down the wedding aisle in Chicago, Illinois, and have spent 19 years together today. Jeff and Nikki have welcomed two children in their union.

Nikki currently works at Saddleback Valley Unified School District as a psychologist.

Both Jeff and Jennifer are today living a peaceful life with their respective spouses and children.

Chase’s Half-Siblings: Two Sisters and Four Brothers

The Outer Banks actor who spent most of his childhood as a single child, today has six siblings in total. He has two siblings, brother Kadne Stokes and sister Kendall Stokes from his father’s second marriage.

Likewise, Chase has four siblings, sister Riley Walker, and brothers, Griffin Walker, Ethan Canning, and Evan Walker from his mother’s second marriage.

Similar to the actor, all his other half-siblings are also full of talent and grace. Riley is an Instagram influencer under the username @noramaerylie with more than 50k followers and also an eco-scientist.

In the same manner, Griffin is a student-athlete. The other four are still in school.

Stokes Suffered Mentally and Had Difficulty Processing His Parent’s Divorce

A child whose parents suddenly started to lead separate lives while he was just a few years old might fall into a state of confusion. The same happened to Chase as well. The separation of his parents hit him hard, especially during his age of adolescence.

Growing up, he noticed mental and emotional difficulties attributed to anxiety. Chase shared how he remembers having panic attacks since he was 15 but was not sure what it was and why was he having it. After years of hiding his emotions, the artist finally decided to seek help and get therapy.

Stokes also shared that therapy helped him in an undefinable manner. With the help of it, he was later able to open up about his struggles to his mother and stepfather and also confront his father.

Chase Stokes’ Stepfather Was a Great Help To Him

After attending regular therapy, Stokes understood that the only thing that would help him was having a conversation with his family. The very first person he went to surprisingly was his stepfather.

Scott understood his problems well as he too had from similar situations in the past. The actor shared the experience with Pop Sugar and said,

He comes from similar background, he was adopted by birth, and he understood. And there was a lot of empathy there.

He Also Opened Up About His Struggle To His Biological Father

After talking to his stepfather, Chase had a conversation with his biological father. However, the experience was kind of different with him.

“I kind of lost it on him. I didn’t hold anything back. And the reaction was that he never truthfully realized how much anger and frustration I had held for 27 years.”

Chase opened up that those things seemed easier after the confrontation. He worked along with his parents, talking about things that eventually led him to a better path in life today.

Chase Has a Healthy Bond with His Parents Jeff And Jennifer Today

Chase, whose childhood was full of confusion and questions of doubt, now shares a lovely connection with both of his parents, especially his mother Jennifer Canning.

The artist calls himself a mamma’s boy and also shared a lovely childhood picture with his mother on his Instagram account with the same caption.


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Stokes frequently meets his father’s family and has good bonds with his siblings as well. He attends several functions and school programs of his brothers and sisters too.