David Spade’s Wife, Girlfriend, and Gay Rumors

By Aarone Hernandez | Published on: February 18, 2024 | Updated on: February 18, 2024
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The actor and comedian David Spade has a long-dating history. Having been romantically involved with several women every now and then, there have been constant queries about David’s wife.

Here, in this article, we will also talk about David’s girlfriends and his gay rumors.

Key Takeaway

  • David has dated over 20 women.
  • Some of David’s ex-girlfriends are high-profile celebs.
  • Spade has never been married.
  • David has a daughter Harper Spade.
  • Spade is not gay.

Who Is David Spade’s Wife? Is He Even Married?

As aforementioned, David is yet to get married. Because of his tendency of keeping things private, Spade was often questioned by interviewers about whether the actor would ever want to settle down. To which, David replied in one of his sit-downs with The New York Times in 2019 and said there was someone with whom the comedian was trying to make things happen.

He stated,

“It’s very hard for me, for various reasons, which we won’t get into. Too much data, too many gigabytes. But I have been trying to do that. I’ve known someone for a long time. I’ve been trying to make something work.”

David Spade is yet to get married nor has a wife.
Spade doesn’t have a wife in 2023

So, it left a bit of hope among his fans that Spade would marry someone one day.

David Spade Has Had Over 20 Girlfriends

Even though Spade isn’t married yet, the renowned entertainer has been linked to several women in the past. As per the official source, David has had more than twenty girlfriends so far. Most of the Saturday Night Live stars including Kristy Swanson, Krista Allen, Brittany Daniel, and many more were David Spade’s girlfriends.

However, his relationship with his ex-partners never ended in marriage. Several of his former partners have even stated that Spade was a good friend, not a great boyfriend.

His Ex-Girlfriend Heather Revealed What Makes Him Irresistible To Girls

Back in 2017, in a quick interaction with TMZ, one of his ex-partners Heather Locklear revealed that most of the girls fell for him over his ‘great sense of humor and something else … even bigger.’

David Spade's ex-girlfriend Heather Locklear
Spade’s ex-bae at LAX

In fact, David and his ex-bae Heather were in a brief relationship in 2006.

David Stole The Idea Of A Reality Show From His Ex-Girlfriend Krista Allen

David and his ex-girlfriend Krista were in a relationship in 2001. When they were still together, the former flames even planned to begin a show called “Frauditions,” a fake talent show. It was actually Allen’s idea and after pitching it up to her then-boyfriend David, the comedian also agreed with it. Further, they decided to divide 50/50 from their profit.

Despite their initial agreement, things turned cold between the two when Spade’s lawyer tried to make a change in their initial agreement from 50/50 to 70/30. However, the proposal was completely denied by Krista.

After their disagreement, David came up with his own show ‘Fameless, which his ex claimed was a ripoff of ‘Frauditions.’ She also sued him for stealing her idea and demanded $1 million in turn.

David Spade with his ex-girlfriend Krista Allen
David and Krista were in a relationship for just a year

Spade Shared A Daughter With Jillian Grace

David and his ex-girlfriend Jillian (a playboy playmate) first met in late 2005 at the deli. But, their romance didn’t start until September 2007. After being in a relationship for around a year, Grace got impregnated by Spade with their first child.

Spade was able to keep his promise to his ex-girlfriend Jillian Grace to be a good father
Spade with his ex-girlfriend Jillian Grace and their daughter Harper Spade

On August 26, 2008, their daughter Harper Spade was born in Missouri, Spade’s rep Meredith O’Sullivan confirmed to People. Although the pair aren’t together now, it seems like they are taking good care of their child.

The List of David Spade’s Girlfriends

  1. Kristy Swanson (1996-97)
  2. Lara Flynn Boyle (1998
  3. Krista Allen (2001)
  4. Julie Bowen (2002-03)
  5. Brittany Daniel (2003-04)
  6. Heather Locklear (2006)
  7. Pamela Anderson (2007)
  8. Jillian Grace (2007)
  9. Carmen Electra (2006-08)
  10. Nicollete Sheridan (2008-09)
  11. Charlotte McKinney (2016)
  12. Naya Rivera (2017)

Is David Spade Gay?

No, David isn’t gay. His sexuality is straight. After looking at his past love affairs, anyone could say the actor is more like a skirt-chaser. He never had a man on his long list of dating. So, it is quite clear that Spade is a heterosexual man.

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Who is David Spade’s baby momma?

His daughter Harper’s mother’s name is Jillian Grace. They 

Who Does Spade’s daughter live with?

After his separation from his ex-gf Grace, their daughter is spending her time with both of her parents but lately, the star kid is believed to be with her dad in his Beverly Hills residence.  

Who is David Spade’s Girlfriend in 2023?

As far as the media reported, the Hollywood heartthrob Spade isn’t dating anyone in 2023.

What is His Sexuality?

David is straight.