Did Angus Cloud Die of Drug Overdose? Possible Cause of His Death

By Aarone Hernandez | Published on: February 22, 2024 | Updated on: February 22, 2024
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Angus Cloud, most beloved by the fans of the show, “Euphoria” for his role as Fezco, has died at the mere age of 25. His representatives confirmed the unfortunate news just a few hours after his death. It was around 11:30 am on Monday that Angus’ mother made a 911 call to Oakland PD.

She claimed that it was a “possible overdose” and that the actor did not have a pulse. Angus was pronounced dead at the scene after some time.

Did Angus Cloud Die of a Drug Overdose?

While it is not confirmed, there is a possibility that the actor succumbed to a drug overdose. The death of Angus Cloud comes a week after the burial of his father. The family revealed that Angus had been dealing with suicidal thoughts the whole week following his father’s passing.

Although the family did not specifically confirm if drugs played into his mental suffering, the actor does carry a reported history of overdosing on drugs.

Some months back, Angus’ former manager, Diomo Cordero came forward to share his experience of working with the actor amidst “verbal abuse, emotional distress, and severe drug addiction.”

He revealed that he first met the “Euphoria” star at a rehab clinic where Angus was a patient at the time.

According to Diomo, he once had to administer Narcan and perform CPR on Angus after he was struggling to breathe following an overdose of prescription pills.

“Regrettably, as he regained consciousness, Angus vomited onto my face,” Diomo stated in the now-deleted tweets.

Now with the revelation of Angus’ death, many have also now reflected on the tweets of Diomo Cordero. After Diomo quit the job, Angus took on another manager with a questionable history, Sam Lutfi.

Was Sam Lutfi Involved in Angus’ Possible Overdose?

It is no news that Sam Lutfi has a history of working with celebrities and harassing them through several means. So, people were already doubting Angus’ choice of hiring such a person as his manager.

Sam previously managed Britney Spears in 2007 when he used to drug Britney and apparently take control of her life. The situation came to light after Britney’s family filed a restraining order against Sam.

The manager also worked for Courtney Love who also filed a restraining order against him in 2019. According to Courtney, Sam repeatedly harassed her and her family with several emails, calls, and texts, to collect money she allegedly owed him.

The judge granted Courtney a five-year permanent restraining order against Sam, noting that the talent manager “seems to prey upon people.”

Now, it is not confirmed whether Sam encouraged Angus’ abuse of drugs. However, given his past, it is something that fans have pondered upon.

Angus Cloud’s Role in “Euphoria”

The actor won several hearts with his role as drug dealer Fezco in the hit HBO series, “Euphoria.”

Interestingly enough, that was his first time acting in any work. He was working at Woodlands restaurant in Brooklyn, New York when Euphoria’s casting director Jennifer Venditti approached him. Angus initially thought that the casting director was trying to scam him when he was being scouted.

After his impressive portrayal of Fezco, Angus went on to grab more roles for the movies, North Hollywood in 2021 and The Line in 2023. The rising actor was also set to star in the upcoming drama film, “Freaky Tales,” before his untimely death.

Following his demise, Angus left behind his mother, Lisa Cloud Hickey, and two sisters, Fiona Hickey and Molly Hickey.

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