Did Tim McMullan Suffer Eye Injury? His Trademark Eyes Helped Him In Career

By Aarone Hernandez | Published on: January 29, 2024 | Updated on: January 29, 2024
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Besides a celebrated acting career, Tim McMullan is known all around for his eyes. You heard it right – he became famous not only as an artist but as an artist with very small-looking eyes. This, in turn, has made fans wonder whether McMullan ever suffered an eye injury in the past. If not, does he have a disorder?

Well, well, that’s what we’re going to look into today. We do understand your concern and curiosity well! Read the following article to have all the answers you need.

Key Takeaways:

  • Tim McMullan never suffered an eye injury nor has he had surgeries done to make his eyes look smaller.
  • He suffers from a genetic condition – BPES, Blepharophimosis Syndrome. He was born with it and it has made the opening of his eyes narrower, giving him a small-eye look.
  • BPES is his “trademark”.
  • His personal life details, including his wife or married life, are kept under wraps.

Did Suffer An Eye Injury?

Truth be told, the Shakespeare In Love star did not ever suffer an eye injury. As a matter of fact, his eyes always looked this way.

Why, you ask? According to the reports, he suffers from a condition called BPES. In short, it is a genetic condition that narrows the eye-opening. Furthermore, this makes the person seem like they have unique, yet smaller eyes – that’s the exact case with McMullan as well!

Moreover, Tim has talked about his condition multiple times; he is aware that his fans worry about him. In that bargain, however, he’s never addressed the injury part of the rumors. Thus, it is highly likely that his eyes are a certain way because of the condition and nothing else.

Was The Queen Actor Born With BPES?

Yes! Since Tim McMullan has always looked this way, it is, without a doubt, that he was born with BPES. In addition, as mentioned earlier, it is a genetic condition. So, if we think about it, it couldn’t have developed later on in life. Perhaps, his parents also suffered from a similar issue which was passed on to him. Thankfully, it has not created any problems in his day-to-day life.

What Exactly Is BPES?

BPES stands for Blepharophimosis, Ptosis, and Epicanthus Inversus Syndrome or in short, Blepharophimosis Syndrome. It characteristically affects the development of a person’s eyelids and how they look.

Furthermore, people with this have narrow eye openings, droopy eyelids, and folds of skin on the inner part of their eyes, going from the bottom to the upper corner. Scientifically speaking, it is a result of mutation.

In worst cases, BPES can also affect the ovaries in females. Additionally, some people might also need to get surgeries done on their eyelids.

Has Ever Had Surgeries To Make His Eyes Look Smaller?

By now, you can already guess that Tim has never had surgeries done on his eyes. His small-looking eyes are the result of his in-born genetic condition. Neither injuries nor surgeries made him look the way he does.

However, because fans are always looking for gossip, some have spread multiple rumors regarding McMullan’s “eye surgery”. Escalating this further, many have also believed that the actor made his eyes look that way in order to gain attention; even to stand out in showbiz.

Alas, that’s not the case. We’re here to cancel all the existing rumors and affirm that Tim McMullan was born with the eyes he so famously is known today for.

Tim’s Eyes Are His “Trademark”

It goes without saying that the actor from The Fifth Element is well known for his unique eyes. In a way, it is is “trademark”. More than the work he’s done so far, people know him because of his very interesting eyes. You could also say that Tim received great recognition because of them too!

Over everything, we’re very glad he’s made his condition a strength and not a weakness. The British actor has used his eyes in such a way that benefits him – both personally and financially.

Additionally, we’re also relieved that BPES has no harmful effects on his life. Regardless of this, Tim has lived a fulfilling lifestyle up until today. Hopefully, it goes on that way in the days to come as well.

Personal Life: All About His Wife & Marriage

Keeping all the “eye talk” aside, let’s look into Tim McMullan’s personal life.

Although he’s quite famous in the world of acting, the former theatre actor is quiet when it comes to his love life. As of 2023, no one is aware of his wife, married life, or children. Because of this, multiple sources have assumed that Tim is living a single life in his 60s.

On the other hand, since he’s so secretive, it is also a likely possibility that the London native might have a partner, yet does not want to share her with the world. Given his age i.e., 60 years, it is a hope that Tim is a married man with kids.

Regardless of what we think, it is all up to the celebrity to let us know his personal details. If he feels like it is something to be kept hidden, it is his decision.