Did Warren Jeffs Marry His Mother? Does He Still Have Wives? What happened to His wives?

By Cannon | Published on: March 18, 2024 | Updated on: March 18, 2024
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Warren Jeffs is one of the most notorious convicted child rapists and polygamist church leaders. He held the position of president and prophet of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS Church) after his father Rulon Jeffs’ died in 2002. Not only that but Warren also married several of his father’s wives who were his stepmothers.

Well, since the church leader wed his father’s widows, there is a huge curiosity did Warren Jeffs marry his mother? At present, Jeffs is serving a life sentence in jail. But, what happened to his wives after his permanent imprisonment? Does Jeffs still have wives?

Here is everything you want to know about his multiple prohibited marriages, where are Jeffs’ wives after his imprisonment? and more. Let’s have a look!

Did Marry His Mother?

As mentioned above, since the FLDS Church leader married many of his father Rulon Jeffs’ wives after his death, there is curiosity if Warren also married his own mother. However, the truth is that Warren Jeffs never married his mother.

But, after his father Rulon’s death, Jeffs married all of his father’s wives excluding two. Reports say Rulon had over 60 wives and about 60 children at the time of his demise in September 2002. Soon after his passing, Warren told FLDS’ high-ranking officials,

“I won’t say much, but I will say this – hands off my father’s wives.”

He said of his dad’s widows,

“You women will live as if Father is still alive and in the next room.”

And within a week, Jeffs officially married all of them but two of his dad’s widows denied to marry him. One Rebecca Musser, an American author run away from the FLDS compound while the other one refused to marry Warren.

Naomi Jessop Was One of The First of His Father’s Wives To Marry

As per reports, Warren wed more than 50 of his father’s wives but Naomi Jessop was the first to accept him as her husband. She is also believed to be one of his favorite wives and had been on several secret trips with the cult leader all over the country.

Besides, did you know one of Naomi’s sisters Merrianne Jessop also married Warren? Yes, the convicted child rapist tied the knot with Merrianne when the girl was only 12 years old at the YFZ Ranch in July 2006. Surprisingly, their own father Merrill performed their wedding ceremony.

What happened to Warren's wives
Warren Jeffs’ father and his stepmothers. 

Further, Merrianne is considered one of the youngest wives of Warren along with two other girls named Nolita Collen Blackmore and Alyshia Blackmore who were also 12 years old at the time of their marriage with Jeffs. Warrens’s underage marriage with Jessop likewise played a pivotal role in his permanent imprisonment.

The FLDS leader was found guilty of two counts of sexual assault of a child and subsequently sentenced to life in prison in August 2011. But, what happened to his wives after Jeffs was sent to prison? Let’s dive into the following heading to know the answer!

What Happened To Wives?

Following Warren’s arrest, several of his wives still remained steadfast in their beliefs while some of the others fled the FLDS compound. In total, Jeffs had about 78 wives including 24 minors. As said above, one of his favorite wives was none other than his father’s former wife Naomi Jessop.

Warren Jeffs' wives
Warren Jeffs’ wives

Some of his other popular wives include Annie Mae Blackmore and Millie Blackmore. Both of them are sisters from Canada. Millie was only 13 years old at the time of her marriage to Jeffs. In fact, the teen was taken by her parents Brandon J Blackmore and Gail Blackmore to the U.S. to be married to a religious leader.

Moreover, Brielle Decker (born Lynette Warner) is believed to be Warren’s 65th wife. Decker escaped from the church at 18 after Jeffs forcefully tried to marry her. Later on, Jeffs was reportedly awarded Brielle his 3-acre property in Colorado City, Arizona as a part of the settlement.

In 2022, Brielle sold the FLDS compound in Phoenix, Arizona to a pastor named Luke W. Barnett.

Does Still Have Wives?

Jeffs has been married to nearly 80 wives at the time of his life improvement. But, since after the FLDS leader was convicted of child abuse and rape in 2011, many people wonder to know does Jeffs still have wives even after his permanent imprisonment.

Apparently, some of Warren’s wives are still believed to be loyalists to the church leader while others turned against the cult. One of his popular wives Merrianne is believed to be remained at the YFZ Ranch, in Texas while his other wives including Millie Blackmore, Nolita, and Alyashia were thought to be living on one of the FLDS compounds in the western United States of Canada.

Further, some of Warren’s spouses are reportedly at secret locations of FLDS Church known as “Houses of Hiding,” which some refer to as “Houses of Hostage,” waiting for Jeffs to be released from prison.