Donny Dust’s Wife, Net Worth, Full Bio

By Aarone Hernandez | Published on: January 21, 2024 | Updated on: January 21, 2024
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Donny Dust is famous for living a life like no other. He has been seen in several survival reality TV series including Mud, Sweat and Beards. Due to his massive fame as a reality TV star, many people wonder to know about his personal life, especially regarding his wife.

Along with his married life, we will also explore his financial status and his net worth in the article below.

Key Takeaways

  • Donny Dust, a well-known television personality, was formerly married to Eliza.
  • After his divorce from his ex-wife, Dust appears to be in a relationship with his new girlfriend.
  • He has accumulated a considerable net worth from his work that has spanned several years.

Who is Wife?

His wife is Eliza Klim Dust. Professionally, Eliza is a senior lead account executive of Nylas and the founder of the non-profit organization Library of Love. She is a passionate woman who is eager to help women and children.

Besides, Klim is an MBA graduate of the University of Denver (2018-2019) and a BS graduate of Wheaton College Massachusetts (2000 – 2004)

Eliza Klim’s Other Jobs

She started her career as a Security Consultant at Applied Risk Management Limited working for 1 year (May 2004- Jun 2005). She then worked as a Human resources business partner for Conagra Brands for 7 months. Furthermore, Klims was an Account Executive and Senior Sales Manager at 2u (Jan 2017 – Sep 2019).

The Marriage Between and His Ex-wife Eliza

The former couple had been married for a long time before things went south in the late 2010s. As per sources, Dust and Eliza dated for years before they got hitched, though their initial marital details are still out of the media.

The former flames shared a special relationship and supported each other no matter what. Donny has often shared posts thanking her for their unwavering support and for always understanding him more than anyone.

They also have two sons named Willow and Alden who are well in their teenage years.

Despite their happy relationship, it didn’t go for long. It was in Sept 2019, that Donny announced the duo had separated. He shared a lengthy status on his Facebook and wrote,

“To all our family and friends, Eliza and I have carefully chosen to separate as a couple.”

He further explained how their journey is no longer intertwined and they still will continue supporting each other.

The former couple co-parent their sons

Something that they both take pride in is co-parenting their two sons. From the looks of it, they share 50/50 custody but love the kids equally. Whenever the boys are with their mother, they are always traveling out of the country and making memories.

We can also say the same about their time with Dad as the boys are also seen camping with them. Both Donald and Eliza have expressed their love for their sons in numerous of their posts.

Eliza Klim Has re-married; Who is her new-husband?

After her separation from Donny, Eliza re-married her now-husband Paul Pao-Yen Lin on August 14, 2022. Lin is an entrepreneur who has started an AI-driven company named ‘Returned’ that simplifies returns from major retailers like Amazon, Target, Costco, etc.

He is also the CEO of Drill Spot LLC and has been in the industry of e-commerce and technology for over 20+ years.

Has re-married?

Unlike his ex-partner, Dust has not been married again. However, the TV star seems to be in a relationship with a girl named Marissa whom he featured on his Facebook on December 1st, 2022.

In the post, he said, “Fortunately for me, Marissa is not one to shy away from a cold adventure. The first time we ever met up was for some extreme winter outings….no tents, minimal gear, animal hides, 9500 feet…not bad for a second date.”

Looking at his statement, he is doing well with his new partner. They have also shared the same love for traveling.

Who is Donny’s girlfriend Marissa Crise?

Crise is an experienced insurance professional and a marketing guru. She has a demonstrated history of working in the insurance with finance industry. Marrisa is a graduate of The University of Texas.

She also is a graduate of Collin College (2014-2014) and Texas A&M University (2011-2013).

She has been in a couple of different careers

Crise first started out as a front desk receptionist for Smiles Hollywood-style orthodontics (May 2009 – Aug 2012). After that, she worked at Farmer Insurance for 5 years.

She was also an Executive Administrative Assistant at the BAM advisory group for 3 years (Mar 2020 – April 2023). She currently works at a company by the name of Mike Crise Agency as an Agency Producer/CSR/ Social Media Marketing.

’s net worth is more than a million

Dust has a net worth of something more than $1 million. He has accumulated a considerable fortune from his years-long journey as a reality TV star and author. He is also a Marine Corps Veteran and as a veteran, he made around $64k per year.

In addition, the reality star is also an author and has written several books. The books he wrote are Scavenger: A Primal Approach to Lifestyle Change and EARTHROAMER: Let Curiosity Guide You.

He isn’t only an author but he also has had his works published in magazines. Some of his works include,

  • Survivors Edge Magazine, Winter 2018
  • American Frontiersman Magazine, Winter 2018
  • American Frontiersman Magazine, Spring 2018
  • The New Pioneer Magazine, Spring 2018

Donny Is a Reality TV Star

He gained his prominence as a reality TV star. He was in the hit Reality TV series known as Alone. Apart from this, he has also been in two other shows but in one of the shows Mud, Sweat and Beards, he was the Co-host. As a host, he could’ve earned around $10,000 to $15,000 per episode.

In 2023, he did a show named First Man Out.

He owns a solar house

Many had questions if he even had a house or if was he just living in the woods well it turns out he does have a house. The house is, however, a solar-powered house that lives up to his stature. According to Consumer Affairs, a solar house costs around $30,000 but it all depends upon the size of the roof and the energy it needs.

Who is ?

He is a Marine Corps veteran widely regarded as a world authority in distant primitive survival. Donny’s interest in old methods of life extends beyond theory and speculation to the genuine application of wild existence.

He uses his numerous days of living amid the world’s wild landscapes and thoroughly immersing himself in distinct cultures to provide one-of-a-kind wilderness self-reliance training and instruction at his Paleo Tracks Survival school.

His Family Details and Bio

Donald G. Dust was born on October 7, 1967, to his father Donald Dust and his mother Christie. He went to Middletown High School South.