Frank Abagnale’s Children: Sean, Scott, And Chris: Insights Into Their Current Life

By Aarone Hernandez | Published on: January 27, 2024 | Updated on: January 27, 2024
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Frank Abagnale’s sons, Scott, Chris, and Sean, are doing best with their careers. They never judged their father on his past convictions, instead, they respected him on the basis of how he treated his family.

Abagnale Jr. kept his wife and kids above all, so, to ensure their privacy, he moved them to Tulsa, Oklahoma. Where are his sons now? What are they doing in their lives? Read below to find out.

Key Takeaways:

  • Frank Abagnale Jr., a former convict who turned his life around working for the FBI, shares 3 children (all sons) with his wife, Kelly.
  • Frank’s eldest, son Scott, is an FBI agent who works in the Crisis Negotiations Unit.
  • Christopher, the middle of 3 kids to Frank & Kelly, runs a boutique with his wife, Erin.
  • Abagnale’s youngest son, Sean, is a video game producer who lived in China for 8 years working for tech companies before returning to the USA in 2016.

Frank Abagnale Jr. Is Proud Father Of 3 Children With Kelly

From his marriage of nearly 5 decades with his wife Kelly Anne Welbes Abagnale, Frank is now a proud father of 3 sons and a grandfather of 7. All of his sons: Scott, Chris, and Sean, are now settled with their own career and family.

Eldest Son, Scott Abagnale, Is An FBI Agent Like His Father

For Frank Abagnale, it was more than a proud moment as his son, Scott, became a Special FBI agent. He joins his father who’s been working with the FBI for more than 4 decades, leaving past the history of fraud conviction after parole.

Currently, Scott William Abagnale (born on January 1, 1979) is the Unit Chief of the FBI’s Crisis Negotiations Unit. As reported, he was in one of the classes at the FBI Academy where his dad lectures.

Frank Abagnale Jr. is proud father of 3 sons with his wife, Kelly
Frank Abagnale Jr. with his wife and sons

In February 2020, the young Abagnale sat alongside his father, Frank, during a segment “Virtual Kidnappings” of the podcast The Perfect Scam. In the podcast, Scott stated that he was in the FBI for ‘a little over 14 years’- suggesting, he joined the government agency around 2006.

Moreover, he stated that he worked as an attorney earlier. But he made a quick switch as soon as he got the chance to work with the FBI.

Scott Abagnale Is Married & Father Of 2 Kids

The FBI special agent has a family of 4 with his wife, Erica Goleman Abagnale. They share 2 children, a son named Caleb Quinn and a daughter, Paige McKenzie Abagnale. They reside in Virginia.

Scott’s wife, Erica, a native of Oklahoma born in May 1981, serves as the Director of Youth Ministry at St. William of York, a Catholic Church in Aquia Harbour, Virginia.

Frank Abagnale's son Scott shares 2 children with his wife, Erica
Scott Abagnale with his wife, Erica, and 2 children

While her husband refrains from social media, Erica often shares pictures of family moments on her Facebook.

Frank Abagnale Jr.’s Second-Born, Christopher, Grabbed Clothing Line

Christopher Abagnale, aka Chris, born in June 1981, pursued his career in the clothing business and is the co-owner of a boutique, House of Sage, with his wife, Erin Hogan Abagnale, a California native.

Their business based in George Street in South Carolina was founded in 2009 and reportedly generates a revenue of $500,000.

Frank's middle-son Chris Abagnale & his wife, Erin, run a boutique named House of Sage
Chris Abagnale with his wife, Erin

Besides a successful business, Chris and Erin also lead a happy family of their own, with 2 kids (a son and a daughter). Abagnale’s wife, Erin, is active on Facebook and Instagram, where her posts feature her hubby, kids & business.

Sean Abagnale Is The Youngest Son Of Frank: What Does He Do?

Born in 1983, Sean, 41, is a video game producer. A 2006 graduate of the University of Kansas, the youngest Abagnale currently lives in Richardson, Texas, where he is a senior producer at id Software (2018- now).

Earlier than that, he worked in San Francisco-based Glu Mobile as a senior producer and product owner from 2016 to 2018, having transferred from its Beijing, China-based company (2012- 16). Other work experience of Sean include:

  • Teach For China (2009- 2011): As a US recruiter and in-field support manager
  • Australian Business Link (2008- 2009): Public affairs manager

How Frank’s Sons View His Past?

In a 2017 interview, Abagnale Jr. opened up about how he told his sons about his past convictions and his journey from a con man to a G-man. Frank said that he made all his sons read his book, ‘Catch Me If You Can’, starting with his eldest son, Scott, who was 10 at that time.

He made sure that all three of them understood what their father did in his youth. The trio never inferred their father on the basis of his past but rather judged him on how he treated their mother and them.

Frank Abagnale joined by his wife, Kelly & his sons: Scott (wife Erica), Chris (wife Erin) and Sean
Frank Abagnale with his family

Hence, neither Frank nor his sons let the past affect their lives in the present day.

Brief On Parents, Frank Abagnale Jr. & Kelly A. Welbes Abagnale

The famous film, “Catch Me If You Can” was based on the memoir of Frank W. Abagnale Jr., written by Frank himself.  He is an American author, a convicted felon, and the founder of Abagnale and Associates. Previously, he was engaged in embezzlement, money laundering, fraud, etc. Later, he used his knowledge and experiences and joined hands with the government to prevent defrauding. Eventually, he started working as an undercover FBI agent.

Kelly Annes Welbes Abagnale, wife of Frank Abagnale, grew up in a typical family with two brothers, Tim and Robert Welbes. She holds a master’s degree in Child Psychology. There are reports that she used to work in an orphanage, but is widely known as the loving wife of Aabgnale Jr.