Gloria Mills Chapman, Amy Grant’s Daughter Didn’t Chose Singing

By Aarone Hernandez | Published on: January 29, 2024 | Updated on: January 29, 2024
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Gloria Mills Chapman, whose name is closely linked to the worlds of fame and music, is the oldest daughter of legendary singer Amy Grant and Christian singer Gary Chapman. As the offspring of two prominent figures in the entertainment industry, Gloria has found herself in the spotlight since her birth.

Her parents have instilled in her, the values of being a helpful human being. When her best friend was in need, Gloria even donated her kidney, a decision that her parents appreciated too deeply. Well, let’s find out more about this wonderful person.

Grew up in Nashville

Born on September 12, 1989, she is the eldest daughter of Amy and Gary. She spent her entire childhood and adolescence in multiple states including Texas, her father’s hometown, Nashville, and sometimes Tennessee.

Gloria is named after her maternal grandmother, Gloria Grant. She is also known as Millie, which is also the name given to her by a number of media outlets. She enjoys traveling, hiking, and spending time with her family and friends.

Mille Didn’t Follow Her Parent’s Footsteps

Gloria completed her high school at Ensworth High School in Nashville, Tennessee, and got her bachelor’s degree in English literature and Creative Writing from Eckerd College. Millie always had a passion for books and writing and, in order to pursue a career in publishing, she relocated to New York City.

She is reportedly employed as an editor at Penguin Random House, one of the world’s largest publishing houses.

Gloria’s Parents Divorced in 1999

In March 1999, Amy Grant, The Grammy winner, and Singer/Songwriter Gary Winther Chapman decided to divorce after nearly 17 years of marriage. Amy admitted in 2011 that their relationship had ups and downs from the beginning. And now, both have remarried and are living happily.

Several months after, Amy married American singer Vince Gill on March 10, 2000. Meanwhile, Gary married Nashville Wives star Cassie Piersol Chapman on December 22, 2008.

Gloria’s Mother, Amy, Was Inspired By Her Daughter To Write the 1991 smash “Baby Baby”

In an interview with ABC Audio, Grant revealed about the memories of the album. She stated that “Baby Baby” was inspired by her daughter Millie.

When she was pregnant with Mille, she used to write a lot of songs. She must have had different emotions during the pregnancy, which led to the 1991 smash hit. When the song came out, Gloria was already one year old and was learning to walk.

Has a Very Close Relationship With Her Siblings

Gloria has two biological siblings: an elder brother, Matthew Garrison Chapman who co-owns LabCanna with his brother-in-law Derek. Likewise, her younger sister, Sarah Canon Chapman, is happily married.

Gloria also has one adopted half-sister, Eva Chapman, adopted in March 2014 by her dad Gary, and Corrina Grant Gill from her mother’s marriage with Vince. They all enjoy themselves and hang out together.

Her Younger Sister Sarah is Married

Gloria’s younger sister, Sarah Canon Chapman is married to Derek Besenius, the CEO of LabCanna. The couple started dating around 2013 and founded LabCanna together. Sarah works as chief operating officer (COO) there.

Millie Was Seen Supporting Her Half-Sister Corrine On Her Graduation

Mills is quite active on social media. She uploaded a video of her half-sister from her mother’s side, Corrina who was performing on the stage with her dad Vince Gill. In the caption, Gloria mentioned she was incredibly proud of her.

Back when Corrine graduated from school, Gloria also uploaded a video from Corrina’s Graduation where she was cheering and supporting Corrina with her whole family.

Had A Grand Wedding In 2019

On April 27, 2019, Gloria Mills married the love of her life, Ben Long, who is a Graphic Designer. Her wedding, filled with special moments, took place at Immanuel Baptist Church, and the reception was at Grant and Gill’s backyard in Nashville.

Gloria’s dad and stepdad’s family, along with all her siblings and friends, were at the ceremony, which was a joyous moment for everyone.

Gloria And Ben Met On A Dating App

When both Gloria and Ben were residing in New York, they connected via a dating app and they started dating around 2016. Both had been searching for a unique connection and when they came across one another, they both knew they had found the person they had been looking for.

She Is A Mother Of One

Millie and Ben welcomed a baby girl on January 6, 2022, whom they named Penelope Willow Long. Their baby girl is 2 year old as of 2024.

Initially, it was Amy who first revealed that her daughter Chapman has become a mother, through her Instagram account, along with a photo of her holding her granddaughter. Gloria uploads lots of videos of Penelope and her daily activities. She actively spends time with her grandmother, Amy, and her aunts.

Gloria And Her Husband Are A Pet Lover

Gloria and Ben own two dogs named Penny and Angel, displaying a soft spot for animals. On her social media pages, she gleefully posts photos of her furry friends, showing her affection for them to her followers.

Gloria’s Decision About Donating Kidney To Her Best Friend Made Her Family Proud Of Her

On January 25, 2017, Gloria donated her kidney to her best friend Kathryn Dudley. Mille and Dudley had been friends since childhood and when the time came to help out her sis who was in need of a new kidney, Gloria, without hesitation, agreed.

Her Father Gary proudly shared his daughter’s decision to donate a kidney to her best friend on his Facebook. He had written how proud he was and wished for their well-being.

“Tomorrow morning she is donating a kidney to her best friend, Kathryn. They’ve known each other their entire lives, and when Kathryn was in need, it turned out Millie was a perfect match. I’m so proud of her; words fail me. Please say a prayer for them both and trust, with me, that they are in His hands.”

Later on, Gary also updated her on her health, saying that everything went well and she is recovering.

What is Net Worth?

Gloria is currently worth $200,000. On the other hand, her parents, who have had successful musical careers, have amassed considerable wealth. For instance, her mother’s net worth is about $30 million, while her father’s is $4 million.