Hairstylist Toriah Lachell & NBA Star Jayson Tatum Has Strange Dating Story

By Anuja Uprety | Published on: January 31, 2024 | Updated on: January 31, 2024
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Toriah Lachell is a professional hairstylist and entrepreneur. She is mostly recognized as the ex-girlfriend of an American basketball player Jayson Tatum who became the NBA Eastern Conference Finals MVP in 2022. 

Besides being the ex-partner of Jayson, she is also the mother of NBA star’s only son Jayson Christopher Tatum Jr. who goes by the name Deuce. Despite parenting a child together, Lachell and Tatum couldn’t lead a relationship happily and went their separate ways. So, what was the reason for their breakup? How long did they date each other?

Learn everything about Toriah Lachell in this article.

Key Takeaways

  • Toriah Lachell is a hairstylist who owns a hair salon named The Curl Bar Boston.
  • She is originally from St. Louis, Missouri.
  •  Toriah is the ex-girlfriend of NBA player Jayson Tatum. They were high school sweethearts.
  • She dated Jayson for three years.
  • Toriah shares a baby boy Deuce Tatum with her ex-boyfriend.
  • She now resides in Boston.

Never Expected To Date Ex-Boyfriend Jayson Tatum 

The ex-couple, Toriah, and Jayson came across each other in 2014 while they were high school students. While the ex-couple never though they would date, things changed as they seemed very compatible initially. Soon, they started dating and made their relationship official in August of that year.

One month later, they attended their senior homecoming as a couple and their picture was shared by Lachell’s step-father John on his Facebook writing, “Very proud of my soon to be stepdaughter Toriah. She’s a great kid and very beautiful just like her Mommy… It’s her senior homecoming tonight” in the caption.

Toriah dated Jayson for 3 years
Toriah with her ex-boyfriend Jayson, the photo was shared by her now stepfather on Facebook

While dating each other, Lachell accidentally became pregnant with Tatum’s child. Shortly after their son’s birth in 2017, the young couple broke up after Tatum’s alleged affair.

Lachell’s Ex-Boyfriend Was Not Happy With Her Pregnancy

When Toriah first revealed her pregnancy to her then-partner Jayson, he didn’t feel happy, instead, he was anxious about the situation. During an interview on In Depth with Graham Bensinger, the NBA player said,

“I got sick to my stomach, because this was a week or two before school was ending, so in my mind I’m like I’m about to leave Duke, get ready for my the Draft, live my life — have a blast. And then it’s like, ‘No, you ’bout to have a kid.'”

He also further stated that he acted selfish at the time because he wanted to fulfill his dream of being in the NBA which he thought could be obstructed by the soon-to-be-arriving baby. In this regard, he added,

“I had dreamed about going to the NBA and the best day of my life was two months away. I didn’t tell anybody – I didn’t tell my teammates, the coaches, anything…”

However, he later participated in the journey with his then-girlfriend, and now adores him wholeheartedly.

and Jayson Co-Parent Their Son

Soon after their son Jayson Christopher Tatum Jr.’s birth on December 6, 2017, Toriah and her ex-partner parted ways. In whatever circumstances the two separated, they decided to co-parent their only child just to give him a family environment. For that, Toriah even relocated herself to Boston so that Jayson could be near his son.

Toriah is a mother
Toriah with her son.

The now 6-year-old Jayson Junior divides his time with both his mom and dad.

Is Missouri Native; What Is Her Age?

As of 2024, Toriah is 24 years old. She was born on February 6, 2000, in St. Louis, Missouri.

Similarly, she spent most of her early life in her hometown alongside her family. With regard to her ethnic background, Lachell is of mixed descent and holds American nationality.

Toriah Played Soccer In High School; Her Educational Details

Toriah went to Chaminade College Preparatory School in Creve Coeur, Missouri. During her time there, she was a Varsity soccer player. Back on June 13, 2021, while introducing herself through Instagram, she talked about her playing career writing,

“Played Varsity soccer all 4 years of high school and played Softball ( JV for 2 years & 2 years Varsity )”

However, after high school, she left soccer to enroll in cosmetology school.

Who Is Biological Parents?

While the information on her biological father is missing, her mother is Julie Gibbs. Toriah was studying at high school when her mom started her relationship with the Northwest High School graduate John Gibbs and later married.

Toriah is close to her parents
Toriah with her mom and stepdad. Source: Facebook

At present, Lachell shares a beautiful bond with her stepdad John. From her mom and stepfather’s marriage, she is a sister to her half-brother, Morgan.

Owns A Hair Salon In Boston

After earning a degree from Cosmetology school, she started her career as a hairstylist. After working for some years, she established her own hair salon, The Curl Bar Boston in 2021. She announced the good news on her Instagram with the username @hairbytoriahlachell on February 12, 2021. Sharing her picture next to her new shop, she captioned,

Because of your loyalty and support, I’m super excited to announce that I’m opening my very own shop— THE CURL BAR coming soon @thecurlbarboston.

It’s been almost two years since she operated her own hair salon and has gained huge success quickly.

Toriah Has Learned To Hide Her Love Life At Present

Lately, Toriah has been extremely private when it comes to her love life. She is highly active on social media handles like Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook but she hardly shares anything personal.

Most of the time, she shares her professional life on her socials and occasionally her pictures with her son Deuce Tatum.

Her Net Worth Is Far More Then You Expected 

She has a net worth of $500,000 and in the future, it is expected to increase since the Missouri native is widening her salon business with her creativity and talent. Meanwhile, her ex-boyfriend Jayson has an estimated net amount of $25 million in 2024.