Henry Rollins’ Wife: Did He Get Married? His Girlfriends & Relationships

By Aarone Hernandez | Published on: January 25, 2024 | Updated on: January 25, 2024
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“Fearless” is the tag we’ve all given to Henry Rollins, a musician who formed the Rollins Band. But, did you know that he has this one particular fear most of us aren’t aware about? Well, he is not cut out for long-term commitment and loathes relationships. On top of this, the man in his 60s says he hasn’t linked with anyone for almost 40 years!

So, what’s the truth behind his fear of marriage, or relationships, in general? Does he plan to get married later on in life? Take a look below to find the answers you need.

Key Takeaways

  • Henry Rollins is enjoying his single life in his 60s. He is not married and is also not dating anyone.
  • He does not have plans to marry, ever.
  • He spends his days with his good friend, Heidi May, operating a podcast together.
  • May is presumed to be his romantic partner but they’ve been best buds for over 25 years.
  • He feels like he is not good at dating and is too much of a workaholic.
  • Rollins has had more than a few short-term relationships in the past.

Marriage Crossed Henry Rollins’s Mind Only Once

His fans know this well – Rollins is an unmarried man. Nonetheless, have you ever wondered why that is? Let us tell you that he, never in a million years, would want to settle down with a life partner. Now, that’s a hard decision to make but it is what it is!

While talking to The Sydney Morning Herald, he opened up about the most “significant women in his life”. Additionally, he also expressed his desire to never get married. He said,

“Marriage crossed my mind for a minute when I was young, but it wasn’t rooted in reality. Since I became a grey-haired man, it has never occured to me.”

Further, he added,

“I am not interested in having someone to account to and be romantic with on a regular basis.”

The interview was taken back in 2016 and the rock band singer still stands by what he said.

Rollins Does Not Ever Want To Have Children Too

It goes without saying that Henry is childless by choice. Since he never wants to marry, he also does not want to have kids.

Moreover, this comes from his deep-rooted family issues. The artist saw his parents separate when he was a little boy; he was the only child and had to suffer a lot, both when his parents were together and divorced. He even said he also inherited his dad’s “uncontrollable anger.”

Into that bargain, he stated in an interview,

“Just for me, the way I have the final word is this DNA? It’s not going anywhere. It ends here. Cos far as I know, I’m an only child. And as far as the comination of their DNA, Iris and Paul (his parents)? It’s never going forward. It ends here. I’m not having any kids.”

He Enjoys A Life In Solidarity In His 60s

In 2023, Henry is as single as one can be. Occasionally, he does feel like he needs someone, but the feeling fades away eventually. In his own words, “love doesn’t interest” him at all anymore.

On the contrary, people believe he is involved with a woman named Heidi May. But, sorry to embitter you, she is just his friend and nothing more.

In fact, Rollins operates a fun-filled podcast with his beloved pal, Heidi. She’s been with him for over 25 years already. The singer/songwriter does seem to find comfort with her and is deeply attached to her too.

Even more so, the name on his official Instagram page reads, “henryandheidi”. The two of them embark upon lovely adventures together, according to the bio.

In a way, you could also say that she’s the only woman in his life; of course, not in a romantic sense.

Rollins Is Too Much Of A “Workaholic” To Be Keeping Up With The Dating Game

In addition to not committing to anyone, Henry does not like to even date. He feels, he is “not good at it” and that he “sucks at romantic relationships”.

On top of everything, he loves his work more than anything. So clearly, he does not have time to be attentive to the person he “hypothetically” is dating.

During an interview with the Daily Beast, he explained,

“I’m a workaholic, and that gets worse when I get older. When an amazing woman says, ‘What are you doing this weekend?’ I’m like, ‘I’m working.’ It’s not their fault. They’re expecting you to be an adult man and be 50 percent of something, and I simply can’t deliver it.”

Also, he has nothing against women. As a matter of fact, he thinks they’re the “most amazing thing” ever.

Henry Rollins Had A Few Short-Term Relationships Back In His 20s

It’s not like he has never been with anyone. Truth be told, he has but it has been a long time since he went out on a date – 40 years and more to be exact. And, just to clarify, he’s only had short-term, casual relationships. None of his past affairs stuck.

Now, talking about his former partners, Rollins was involved with Janeane Garofalo for a year from 2007 to 2008, Dee in 2001, Kari Wuhrer in 1999, and Madonna in 1995. Similarly, Laura Cloud, Kira Roessler, Diamanda Galas, and Lydia Lunch are also his ex-girlfriends.

Besides, he also lived with a woman in 1986. Her name is unknown but they probably were together before Henry formed his very own band. As per him, they still talk from time to time, though she is already married and has children.

Moreover, Henry hooked up with different women during his active years as a rock band singer. Back then, it was very hard for him to even keep track of the women he was sleeping with. To sum it up, the podcaster was very much into physical fun back in the day.