Hey ESPN, that’s not Georgia’s flag

By Aarone Hernandez | Published on: January 12, 2024 | Updated on: January 12, 2024
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In a hilarious incident, ESPN made one of the biggest blunders that sports have ever seen. During a soccer match against Spain and Georgia, they showed the wrong flag for Georgia. While this is a mistake that can happen to anyone, the flag they showed is something that a lot of people are saying is a blatant mistake on their part. So someone behind the graphics showed the US flag to represent Georgia, but unless the US has annexed the European country, there is no point in using the North American country’s flag.

The sports network has not issued an apology. There’s been a lot of incidents such as this before this event. Besides, the match was held between the two European clubs as a part of their 2014 World Cup qualification.