Imani Cheadle, Don Cheadle Baby Girl; What You Need To Know

By Aarone Hernandez | Published on: March 3, 2024 | Updated on: March 3, 2024
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 Imani Cheadle is the youngest daughter of the well-known Actor Don Cheadle. Despite her dad being a Hollywood star, she has made quite a life for herself.

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Key Takeaways

Both of her parents are celebrities who are invested in the film industry.
Imani Cheadle celebrates her birthday every year on October 11th.
Just like her folks, she takes an interest in involving herself in filmmaking.
Imani has a sibling who is a year older than her, and they have a great bond. They grew up together in Los Angeles.
Imani works as a script reader right now at her dad’s production company.
As per the sources, she is not in a relationship currently, and neither is she married.

Who is ? Early Life and Education

Imani is known for being the daughter of Hollywood actor Don Cheadle and his wife, actress Bridgid Coulter. Her dad Don is one of the most prolific actors of the current time. By the same token, her mom Bridgin is also a former actress.

Similarly, during her time in high school, she was involved in drama clubs and plays. From an early age, Imani was interested in acting. Moreover, her parents come from the same background so they were probably her inspiration.

Imani Cheadle wearing a sunglasses
Imani is the youngest child between Don and Bridgit.

Cheadle graduated from high school in 2015 and attended Boston University and graduated in Marine Sciences.

Imani played Sports in High School

Not just that but she was also interested in sports and took part in volleyball during high school.

Her sibling uses they/them pronouns

Imani grew up with her sibling Ayana Tai Cheadle, who is just a year older than her. Although Tai keeps their life out of the public’s eye, we know that they used to be referred to as Imani’s ‘sister’.

However, their mother Brigid posted them on son’s day and it is assumed that they are a part of the LGBTQ community. Afterward, it was revealed that Ayana has come out as a trans man and has even changed his name to Beau Tai Cheadle.

Tai is also interested in filmography just like their family. He primarily works behind the scene

Imani is a Script Reader

Since 2020, she is working as a Script Reader at The Radicle Act Productions, which is her father’s production company. In the same company, she also worked as a Production Assitant and as an Executive Assistant.

Later in October 2020, Imani started working as Script Reader in the same company and has continued working there until the present, according to her LinkedIn.

She is also a Model

The gorgeous African-American beauty is also a model. Apparently, she started modeling after her friends complimented her on her beautiful features and appearance.

Going through her social media handle, you can see various projects she has been involved in. She often does photoshoots with her close pals and model, Miss Sweettea.

What’s more, she also featured in a couple of Indie films as well. Back in 2013, she appeared as herself in the mini-series, Vanity Fair: Decades in the episode titled 1980’s H8DES.


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Imani Loves Showing Her Creative Side

If we go through her Instagram account, we can see her creative prowess. From the photos it is evident, she has really received all the creativity from her parent’s side.


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Her folks must be so proud of their daughter who turned out to be interested in the creative world just like them.

Who is boyfriend?

No, she is not dating anybody. From the way her life is depicted in social media, we can say with surety she doesn’t need a man right now. She is fulfilled in her own way and loving herself is what pushes her forward.

Besides, she rarely opens up about her relationships. She is much more focused on her work and career right now, rather than going out and dating guys or gals.

Meanwhile, any guy would be so lucky to date Imani. After all, she is incredibly gorgeous, independent, secure, and emotionally intelligent.

She has a close relationship with her parents

Imani, 26, was brought up with two loving parents Don and Bridgid. Even though they were busy, they made time for their children, and even now, they love them a lot.

Imani as a kid
A childhood photo of Imani.

As Imani works at her father’s company, they must have a great bonding. Further, he posts her often on his social media.

Her mother is also showing love to her via Instagram posts and spending quality time with each other.

Her Net Worth

Cheadle’s net worth is approximately $100,000 from the job she has now. Besides, her parents are well off as they are popular in Hollywood. Imani’s dad has a net worth of $45 million.

Things you may not know about Imani

  • She is interested in fashion and dressing up chic, which is evident from her Instagram account.
  • Imani likes to go to the gym, follow a healthy lifestyle and maintain her body.
  • She is into Harry Potter movies and her favorite actress is Emma Watson.
  • She is also a fan of traveling and is often going on vacations with friends and family.