Interesting Facts About Cruz Grant Rivera: Son Of Geraldo Rivera

By Aarone Hernandez | Published on: January 27, 2024 | Updated on: January 27, 2024
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Cruz Grant Rivera, the son of Fox News Channel journalist, Geraldo Rivera, appears as a sweet guy on his father’s Twitter but he is not far from bad fame. In 2018, he was arrested for assaulting his then-girlfriend, though, later got out on a plea without bail.

One of the 5 children of Geraldo who’s been married 5 times, Cruz came out of wedlock. Now, he is a father of 3 himself. Probably, you are eager to know about Rivera. Get interesting facts about his family & relationships.

Key Takeaways:

  • Cruz Rivera, the son of journalist & commentator, Geraldo Rivera, was the result of his father’s affair, so his mother’s identity is under wraps.
  • Rivera’s dad, Geraldo, has been married 5 times & has 5 children including Cruz.
  • Reportedly, Cruz’s father didn’t acknowledge him as his child until he did a DNA test.
  • The Rivera father-son duo are closer than ever & appear on Geraldo’s Twitter.
  • In 2018, Cruz Grant Rivera was charged with domestic violence (assaulting & putting a chokehold) on his ex-girlfriend, Meghan, but later was released without bail.
  • He is married to Lauren McCormack & shares 3 children.

Is The Second-Eldest Child Of Geraldo

Born in November 1987, Cruz is the second child among 5 of the Peabody Award winner, Geraldo Rivera (birth name: Gerald Riviera). As of 2024, Rivera is 36 years old.

In total, he has 4 siblings: Gabriel, Isabella, Simone & Solita, all of whom are half-siblings. Born before him is his elder half-brother, Gabriel Miguel (b. July 2, 1979) from his father’s third wife, Sherryl Raymond.

From his dad, Geraldo’s 4th marriage to Cynthia Cruickshank Dyer (from 1987 to 2000), Rivera has 2 younger sisters: Isabella Holmes (b. November 7, 1992) and Simone Cruickshank (b. September 1994). 

From his father’s current relationship (5th wife) with Erica Levy, his youngest sister Solita Liliana was born on August 2, 2005.

Did you know? Cruz’s father didn’t share any kids with his first two wives, Linda Coblentz (m. 1965- div. 1969) and Edie Vonnegut (m. 1971- div. 75).

Who Is Rivera’s Biological Mother?

Cruz’s biological mother never made it into the media limelight, while also, the American journalist didn’t talk about with whom he fathered him. The only mention is that he is from Geraldo’s previous relationship.

So, many assume Cruz Grant was born as a result of his father’s affair. As reported, the elder Rivera, the co-host of The Five, had affairs with more than 1000 women.

Geraldo Didn’t Mention His Son, Cruz, In His Autobiography

In his autobiography, “Exposing Myself”, the ‘Geraldo at Large’ host has not mentioned the name of his son, Cruz. In fact, as per a 1997 article in SunSentinel, he didn’t acknowledge him as his offspring until he took a DNA test. Now, the journalist is proud of his son & often features him on his Twitter.

Arrest On Domestic Violence Charge

Many may not be familiar but Geraldo’s son, Cruz, has once been arrested. On May 1, 2018, the NYPD took him into custody on the charges of misdemeanor, assault, and obstruction of breathing on his then-girlfriend, Meghan Burke.

As reported, on April 28, 2018, Cruz and his on-off girlfriend of 9 years, Meghan, had a heated argument at his Washington Heights apartment.

A few days later, following their split, when his former flame came to pick up her belongings, it ended with a spat. Sources report that Cruz bit her leg and put her in a chokehold before his roommate found out & called 911.

However, following a day of his arrest, on May 2, 2018, he was released without bail as a part of a plea deal. A year later, in July 2019, he got time served for the abuse.

Cruz Has 3 Children: Is He Married?

Yes, Geraldo’s second son, Cruz, has been a lovable husband to his wife, Lauren McCormack. However, the details of their wedding remain a mystery.

Back in mid-2019, when Rivera got his sentence served for assaulting his then-on & off girlfriend, Meghan, one of his attorneys mentioned that he was moving forward ‘with his family, his wife, and his children.’

The couple shares 3 children (2 sons & a daughter) together, making Geraldo a grandfather of 5 (2 grandkids from his other children).

Cruz and Lauren are parents to Jace Rivera (b. 2012), Ella Rose Rivera (b. June 30, 2015), and Liam Hayes McCormack Rivera (b. December 2016).

What Does He Do & Where Does He Live?

It’s not known what job Rivera does, but it is certainly well-paid to raise 3 kids with his wife. Currently lives with his spouse, Lauren, and 3 kids, in Yorktown Heights, New York. His kids often pay a visit to their grandfather who is also a resident of New York.

Before moving to NY, he lived in Canby, Oregon; Houston, Texas; and Edgewater, New Jersey.

Cruz Rivera’s Name Is A Tribute To His Grandfather: Its Meaning?

Geraldo’s kids, Cruz and Solita, are among the 5 children who got their names from their grandparents. Cruz Grant’s name is from his grandfather, who was a cab driver. The word “Cruz” comes from the Latin word crux, which means “cross.” So, it’s a popular religious name because of its relationship with Jesus.

Likewise, Rivera’s sister, Solita, aka Sol, got her middle name “Lilliana” from her grandmom (Geraldo’s mother). The meaning of her name is purity as the name symbolizes peace, passion, and joy of rebirth.