Is Christoph Lauda, Nikki Lauda’s Illegitimate Son?

By Anuja Uprety | Published on: February 21, 2024 | Updated on: February 21, 2024
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Christoph Lauda is recognized as the son of the late Austrian Formula One driver Nikki Lauda. Having been born out of an extramarital affair, Christoph is reported to have lived his life away from his father. So, what’s the truth? Since Lauda has always remained low-key and has seldom made a media appearance, many details about him are yet to be explored in the media.

So, today we have done our best to explore his inside life in the following article. To know, stay with us till the end.

Key Takeaways

  • Christoph Lauda is the son of the late Nikki Lauda from his illegitimate relationship.
  • He has four half-siblings from his father’s two marriages. His two half-brothers are associated with car racing.
  • The 40 years old Christoph is reportedly a businessman.
  • He is originally from Vienna, Austria.

Is The Illegitimate Son Of Nikki Lauda; His Parents’ Relationship

Christoph was born out of an extra-marital affair in the year 1982, in Vienna, Austria. His mom and dad were never married. In fact, at the time they were romantically involved with each other, Lauda’s father Nikki was still in a marital relationship with his first wife Marlene Knaus.

As a result, Christoph and his mother never got a respectful place in his dad’s life. After his birth, Nikki reportedly made an agreement with his mom to live separate lives and then continued his nuptial with his legal spouse Marlene for 9 more years and they separated in 1991.

Who Is Christoph’s Mother?

Well, the identity of his mother has always remained behind closed doors. As a result, we don’t have any clue about who exactly his mom is. But, as his late dad married two times in his lifetime, Lauda has two step-mother, Marlene Knaus and Brigit Wetzinger.

Her Family History

His paternal grandfather Ernst-Peter Lauda was the chairman of Neusiedler Paper Mill Limited. In a similar manner, his great-grandfather Earnst Ritter Von Lauda was a hydraulic and bridge engineer.


From his father’s relationship with his first wife, Lauda has older half-brothers Lukas Lauda (b. 1979) and Mathias Lauda (b. 1981). Both brothers are professional mates. Mathias is the car race driver and Lukas is his manager.

Christoph has four half-siblings
Christoph’s brother Mathias with his son. Source: Instagram

Further, Christoph is a brother to his twin siblings Max and Mia Lauda, born in 2009 from his dad’s second marriage.

What Does Do For A Living?

If some media outlets are to be believed, Christoph is a businessman by profession. Apart from this, no other specific information about his professional life is available.

On the other hand, his father Nikki was a three-time One World Drivers’ champion.

His Father, Nikki Had A Horrific Accident While Racing A Car In 1976

On August 1, 1976, Nikki underwent a fatal accident during the second lap of the German Grand Prix at the Nurburgring. He had lost his control over his Ferrari which resulted in its collision with metal barriers busted into flames.

In an accident, the late racer suffered a severe burn and reportedly underwent reconstruction surgery as well. Sadly, Christoph’s dad died at the age of 70 on May 20, 2019, eight months after Nikki has lung transplants.

His Relation With His Late Father Nikki; Did He Inherit Any Of His Dad’s Fortune? 

While many online sources have claimed that Christoph and his dad never contacted each other, it seems to be wrong as per our findings. Back on February 12, 2021, an Instagram page F1 ladies uploaded a picture of Lauda together with his father and siblings and wrote,

Day 60 – Marlene, Niki, Mathias, Christoph and Lukas. On this day the photo is about Marlene, her ex-husband Niki Lauda and his kids, Lukas, Christoph and Mathias in 1984.

Christoph with his father's family
Young Christoph with his father’s first family. Source: Instagram

Looking at the picture, it can be said that the star kid grew up together with his late daddy and his family. So, for sure, Chris had a good relationship with his dad. Also, the late F1 racer made his son Christoph a part of his will before dying. While Nikki’s last wife Brigit and his other four children were made main benefactors, Nikki distributed a significant part of his fortune to his estranged son as well.

Is Married In 2023?

Since Lauda has always avoided the spotlight, his current relationship status is yet to figure out.  However, looking at his age, there’s a high possibility that Christoph may be happily married to someone.

Where Is He Now?

Today, Lauda is somewhere in his native country Austria. He must be looking after his business, whatever Christoph does while still keeping the balance to his family life. At the moment, his half-brother Mathias and Lukas live in Barcelona, Spain.

His Net Worth

Since Christoph has inherited a good amount from his late father, his net worth must be in the millions at present. His late father Nikki has an estimated net amount of $200 million at the time of his death. Based on this, we speculate his fortune to be over $3 million.