Is Cory Michael Smith Married? Who’s His Wife? Gay Rumors, Dating History, Net Worth

By Aarone Hernandez | Published on: January 15, 2024 | Updated on: January 15, 2024
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If you ask us, Cory Michael Smith‘s love life is a real “hot potato”. While some fans believe he’s married, some say he’s single; additionally, some believe he has flings, and some think he’s gay and enjoying his time with handsome guys. Because the Gotham star is extremely private when it comes to his dating life, there isn’t a right answer to anything!

But, don’t you worry, because we’ve got you covered. As you go on to read the article given below, we will be debunking the rumors about his married life, sexuality, and dating history. On top of everything, shall we get to know the star a little bit too? You’ll also find his net worth, career, and bio below.

Rumors Of Cory Michael Smith’s Marriage & Wife

Despite what the Internet or his crazy fans might tell you, Cory Michael isn’t married.

Recently, on 16th November 2023, a few tabloids have been assuring his followers that the actor tied the knot in secret. One of them in particular, formerly claimed that the Washington Daily News announced the shocking news to the public. Based on their article, Smith turned his “long-term relationship” into marriage.

Funnily enough, the star is single at present. Neither his interviews nor his social media accounts point towards him having a fully committed romantic partner, let alone getting married to them.

Moreover, as of now, the news has been labeled “false”.

Is The Transatlantic Star Gay? He Is Surprisingly Open About His Sexuality

Yes, the actor who’s portrayed multiple gay roles on-screen is, in fact, queer. He opened up about his sexuality in 2018; he was promoting his film, 1985, where he plays the role of a young gay man returning home after his partner dies because of AIDS.

During the several interviews Cory did back then, he seemed very proud to share his sexuality with his beloved fans.

Furthermore, he expressed how he hid himself from his family for years. Initially, he thought they’d take the news rather badly. However, he gathered up a lot of courage and broke the truth out, once and for all. To his surprise, they accepted him with “a lot of love”, although it took them “a lot of time” to wrap their heads around the concept.

Talking about his role in the movie, he also remembered the days he kept himself hidden. He said,

“This story, a story about AIDS and stripping away politics, stipping away activism, stripping away the medical drama of it, what you’re left with is something so personal about family and connecting with family and keeing secrets with family. It just overwhelmed me.”

Apart from this, Smith hasn’t opened up about “possible boyfriends” just yet.

He And The Game Of Thrones Actress Had A Fling Back In 2014

Back in 2014, Cory Smith and actress, Emilia Clarke appeared together on the Broadway show, Breakfast at Tiffany’s. He portrayed the role of Fred – the guy who romantically pursues Clarke’s character, Holly Golightly. Moreover, colleagues got closer during the shoot.

Initially, Cory and Emilia started off with a fling. But a couple of sources confirm that they dated after the play was over. Even more so, they attended Vanity Fair‘s annual Oscars bash together and were seen “holding hands”. That’s not all, people also witnessed them being close and slow dancing at the party.

Eventually, the couple moved apart.

What About Smith’s Other Relationships? His Dating History

As far as we know, Michael hardly ever shares details of his personal life with the fans. Which is why, we do not know anything about his past lovers. Sure, he’s very open about him being queer and the media knew about his link with Clarke. However, otherwise, nothing is known.

What Is Cory Michael’s Net Worth In 2023?

In the current day and age, Cory Michael Smith has a net worth of $2 million. It hasn’t been long since he began acting as a professional. As a matter of fact, his best-known debut role dates back to 2014. Given this fact, it is surprising how he’s already a millionaire within a decade of becoming a Hollywood star. Moreover, as he steps further into showbiz, you can only imagine how his fortune will be taking a steep within the next few years.

His Acting “Resume” Is Very Short Yet Famous; Career Details

In the years that he’s been active, Smith has only appeared in a handful of movies/TV shows. Research tells us that he has worked on a total of 12 films and series since he began his journey in 2014. Nevertheless, he’s been acting since 2011.

Furthermore, his earlier credits include Shaggs: Philosophy of the World and a few other theatrical productions. Subsequently, Cory’s greatest achievement came along. In 2014, he was cast in Camp X-Ray. Before that, as mentioned, he appeared in the Broadway adaptation of Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Likewise, his most celebrated work has to be in Gotham as The Riddler. From 2014, up until 2019, he was an asset to the show. Eventually, a lot more doors opened for him. He has portrayed roles in 1985, Transatlantic, Oliver Kitteridge, Dog Food, Carol, and Camion Merveilles.

Michael Smith’s Early Life & Bio In Brief

The star was born on 14th November 1986 in Columbus, Ohio. He is the younger son of his parents, David Smith and Theresa Smith. The Mr. and Mrs. raised two boys; he has an older brother, Chad Smith.

To further add, he has mixed heritages. According to the sources, he is half-English and half-Irish. Furthermore, he follows Christianity as his main religion.

As a young boy, he attended Hillard Darby High School. After graduating in 2005, he pursued a degree in Art Musical Theatre and Jazz Piano at the University of Otterbein. In the earlier days of his life, he wanted to become a lawyer or a concert pianist; but life had different plans for the actor.