Is Dennis Basso Married? His Wife, Husband, Net Worth, Full Bio

By Aarone Hernandez | Published on: February 3, 2024 | Updated on: February 3, 2024
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Dennis Basso has been making waves in the fashion industry for a long time. Along with his iconic success in the fashion industry, his fans are more curious about his marital status. Basso is openly gay. So, who is Dennis married to, husband or wife?  

In addition to his personal life, we will also explore Dennis’ net worth.

Key Takeaways

  • Basso tied the knot to a homosexual partner, Michael Cominotto.
  • His husband Michael is also a renowned fashion designer.
  • Basso and his partner Cominotto exchanged their vows in 2011 after their intimacy for about two decades.
  • The gay couple doesn’t have any children.
  • Before Michael, Basso was married to his wife Maureen.
  • At present, Dennis has a net worth of $10 million.

Is Dennis Basso Married?

Yes, Basso is a married man. He tied the knot to his husband, Michael Cominotto in the early 2010s and the gay couple has since been happily married.   

Dennis and Michael Cominotto’s Wedding

Basso is transparently gay and has been happily wedded to his better half, Michael since November 2011. The two had their wedding ceremony in Hotel Pierre. About 400 guests were present on their big day including their friends and family members.  
The interesting part of their nuptials was Basso and Michael became the first couple to present a homogeneous marriage in the Pierre Hotel within its 81-year history.  
Further, the large cake they had on the very day was the key to the audience. It was about 3 ft tall in height. 

Moreover, there was a renowned singer Neil Sedaka who dedicated a song “You” to the newlywed duo. After his fabulous performance, Basso’s husband Cominotto recalled about their first meeting which took place 20 years before their big day. At the time, gay marriage wasn’t yet legalized.

So, Cominotto said “It was impossible to get married and we never dreamed of getting married. Then things changed this year and we said, ‘You know what — we’re getting married.”

The two also had their fair share of ups and downs over the years but always stood like a pillar for each other.

Who is Dennis Basso’s Michael Cominotto?

Basso’s significant other, Michael, is a decorator by profession. Unlike his famous husband Dennis’ professional life, the details about his professional endeavors are, however, out of the media. 
Lately, Cominotto has accompanied his hubby in enhancing their business portfolio.  

How Long Had Dennis And Michael Been Together Before Their Wedding?

The homosexual duo first came across in the late 1980s. On the occasion of their 2011 wedding, Basso said of his life partner,

So 25 years ago, I met this beautiful, handsome fashion-forward boy with another beautiful, well-built — not one of my best traits — boy and I thought, ‘Wow, that Michael Cominotto is something else

The first time, Basso & Cominotto came out publically was during their private White House tour in late 1984. At the time, they were accompanied by their two more New Yorker friends Bruce Camay and John Stimmel.

In 2010, a year before their wedding, Basso & his partner Michael also had their house opening ceremony. Several renowned designers, celebrities, and other famous people were invited for dinner at the new house.

About 100 guests, including Kim Kardashian, Khloe, Kourtney, and so on, were invited to the night party. 

Dennis Was Previously Married to His Ex-Wife Maureen Connelly

Before his marital relationship with his current partner Michael, Basso was reportedly married to a woman named Maureen Connelly. However, neither Dennis nor his ex-wife Maureen revealed much about their marriage.

How Much Is Dennis Basso’s Net Worth?

Basso has a net worth of about $10 million. Being a top designer, Basso earns a salary of $102k per annum.  

He Onws a Couple of States in New York City

Basso has a flagship townhouse in Manhattan, New York which sits on about 10,000 square feet. Furthermore, the top dresser and his hubby Michael own a house in Water Mill, New York.

Dennis Basso’s Fashion Designing Journey 

He first joined the fashion design company after his school in 1983. Later, Dennis started the freestanding boutique company in Aspen in Manhattan. Gradually, his collections and boutiques took the good market. He now owns a Women’s clothing store in New York City, New York.
For the growth in the fashion business, Basso also teamed up with various clients, like QVC. In 2009, Basso was also named the QVC ambassador. He has a self-titled website that features all the fashion products, outerwear, and jackets. 

Beyond his growth in fashion, Basso is also a philanthropist who raised funds for the American Cancer Society. 

Dennis Basso’s Early Life, Parents

Basso was born on 25th Feb 1954, in Washington, DC. He is American by nationality & is white by ethnicity.
Besides, his mother, Theresa Basso, & father, Richard Basso, supported him in boosting his journey to the fashion world. His mom’s stylish instinct in fashion also inspired him to make a move in the field.


As for his education, Dennis did his schooling at Roxbury High School and later graduated from Catholic University, Washington, DC.