Is Ella Purnell Dating A Boyfriend? Her Past Affairs & Wedding Plans

By Aarone Hernandez | Published on: January 17, 2024 | Updated on: January 17, 2024
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English actress, Ella Purnell and her love life have been the real “talk of the town” lately. The Sweetbitter star is extremely talented, beautiful, and elegant – we wonder who has managed to steal her heart! To put it into other words, who might her boyfriend be in the current day and age?

Well, her present relationship is no secret to her followers. Even then, take a look at the article below to learn details about Purnell’s boyfriend, past relationships, and wedding plans.

Key Takeaways

  • Ella is dating the musician/filmmaker, Max Bennett Purnell. The couple got together before March 2022.
  • She was previously rumored to have linked with Brad Pitt. However, the rumors were false, and in real life, they had never even met each other.
  • Her ex-boyfriends include a “mysterious” French man, Asa Butterfield, Tom Holland (rumored), and James Coate.
  • So far, she does not have any plans to tie the knot.

Boyfriend In 2023

If you’ve stalked the actress’s Instagram profile long enough, you’ll know exactly who she’s dating today.

She and her boyfriend, Max Bennett Kelley have been in a romantic relationship presumably since the March of 2022; her first-ever picture with Max was posted around the same time. Then again, they could have been together for months before the couple made it “Instagram official”.

Furthermore, looking at their sweet photos together, the pair seem really into each other. Even more so, Bennett seems to be her greatest support system. Back in June 2022, Purnell met with an unfortunate incident. She was moving places and a truck with everything she owned got stolen. At such a hard time, we’re thankful that Max was her rock.

The actress went to Instagram to appreciate her boyfriend. She wrote,

“This man has been my rock this past week. There’s just no way I could have gotten through this without him. He’s dealth with everything like a total champ. All the annoying stuff – the phone calls, the police reports, the insurance stuff, the organization of total chaos, all the paperwork, even getting some of my stuff back, done all the driving, the cooking, literally keeping me alive…”

The caption was long and heartfelt. In one of her last posts about him, she wished Max a happy birthday and also called him “the best thing to ever happen” to her. Additionally, he also calls her the love of his life.

Like Ella, Max Bennett Is A Creative Fellow

Purnell has chosen a perfect partner for herself – they share their interest in the creative field. While she is a renowned actress, Bennett Kelley, on the other hand, is a newly-made musician. Apparently, he quit his job to pursue his lifelong dreams of working with music.


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Moreover, since 2020, he’s been pretty active in the industry and has released a few songs as well. Tukwila Soda Lime, Happy, Healthy, Well-Adjusted, and Broke are only a few of them.


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Additionally, he is also stepping into the world of films. Recently, he wrote and directed his very own short film, Junk Male. He and his beloved girlfriend even co-starred in the movie together.

Debunking The Rumors Of Purnell’s Alleged Relationship With Brad Pitt

Not so long ago, fans thought Ella Purnell hooked up with Brad Pitt. In 2017, the rumors spread like wildfire. On top of everything, Pitt being the producer of her film, Sweetbitter did not help at all.

Now, initially, Purnell brushed it off and thought the allegations were funny. But as people started to dig deeper into it, things felt out of hand. Additionally, people were judging her because the actors shared a huge age gap; back then, she was only 21, while Brad was 57 years old. The English native felt embarrassed and really upset.

However, clearing all the existing doubts, the Army of the Dead actress spoke with The Independent. She said,

“I went to bedand the next day it was f***ing everywhere. I was terrified and really upset. I felt like I couldn’t leave the house, I was so embarassed.”

She further added,

“Essentially, what the tabloids were implying was that I’d oly got the job because I slept with the producer. It never would’ve happened toto a 21-year-old male lead of a show.”

In turn, she took this opportunity to address the existing misogyny and hate in Hollywood.

The English Actress’s Previous (& Rumored) Relationships

Besides her relationship with Max Bennett today, the [1996-09-17]-year-old has always fairly kept quiet about her former relationships. In other words, she’s always been comparatively secretive when it came to her exes. Nevertheless, we’ve found a couple of legitimate and rumored affairs of her while surfing online.

Let’s take a look at each one of them below, shall we?

The “Mysterious” French Man

When Ella was only 17, she was asked about her boyfriend during an interview. Back then, she confidently answered that she’s been dating a guy for “four months”.

Now, although she did not reveal the name of her then-partner, she revealed that he’s French. Furthermore, when asked, “What’s he like?”, she replied,

“He’s French and is fluent in English. It’s annoying when we go out with his friends though because they jsut speak in French and I don’t understand what’s going on.”

She also revealed that the two of them met at a party in 2013. But, she ignored him for over a year and got together only recently.

Asa Butterfield

In 2016, it was known all around that the co-stars, Ella Purnell and Asa Butterfield were in a relationship. The pair appeared together in the movie, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.

Over the next few years, the former duo kept their relationship private. However, they did share a couple of pictures with each other on their social media. Sources confirm that they broke up in April 2016 after dating for a very short period of time.

Tom Holland

Following the Sex Education star, rumors of Purnell being involved with Tom Holland spread across. In 2017, people thought something “fishy” was going on between the two after Holland invited her over for a Bafta Awards after-party.

Moreover, a source also revealed that Ella and Tom “were very close inside the Weinstein party” and that “it looked really obvious that he was taken by her”. However, the rumors soon vanished away.

James Coate

During another one of her interviews, the English actress talked about her relationship with James Coate. According to her, she and Coate met at a party in London with the help of her New Zealanders and Australian friends.

Furthermore, she only admitted to having dated him on the day of Christmas in 2017. The pair appeared locking lips during their appearance at the 2018 BAFTA TV Awards.

Will Be Marrying Anytime Soon? Her Wedding Plans

As far as we can tell, Ella Purnell does not have any plans to marry in the near future. Nevertheless, she does seem a step closer to it as she’s found “the one” with Max Bennett Kelley.

Perhaps, the love birds might be tying the knot years from now. They do seem fit for one another too.