Is Keri Russell Related To Kurt Russell? Their Ancestry & Family

By Aarone Hernandez | Published on: March 8, 2024 | Updated on: March 8, 2024
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Keri Russell and Kurt Russell are often compared not only because they both are actors but also because they share the same last name. In fact, a lot of audiences are confused about whether they are related by any means.

Well, in this article we will talk about their relationship & also their family background. Let’s begin.

Is ?

Keri and Kurt are not related at all. Though they share the same last name they are not blood or family related. In fact, the two know each other only because they are both in the entertainment industry.

Both Keri and Kurt were born in different parts of the United States and share different parents with no commonality in their family ancestry. Well, the only thing common between these Russells is the fact that they have made an impact as a professional in their respective career.

Keri Russell Bio & Family Background

She was born on March 23, 1976 (age 47 years), in Fountain Valley, California, United States. The Felicity actor is the daughter of David Russell, & Stephanie Stephens.

Birth Date March 23, 1976
Birth Place Fountain Valley, California, United States
Age 47
Parents David Russell (Father) & Stephanie Stephens (Mother)
Siblings Julie Russell, Todd Russell
Partner Matthew Rhys (2014–)
Children River Russell Deary

Kurt Russell’s Family Background, Ancestry

Unlike Keri, he was born in Springfield, Massachusetts, United States, on March 17, 1951. Here is the table of his birth details & family background that prove Kurt is nowhere related to Keri.

Birth Date March 17, 1951
Birth Place Springfield, Massachusetts, United States
Age 72
Parents Neil Russell, Louise Julia Russell
Siblings Jill Russell, Jamie Russell, Jody Russell
Spouse Season Hubley (m. 1979–1983)
Children Wyatt Russell, Boston Russell

Are Keri And Kurt Friends?

Unfortunately, they are not even friends. By this we mean, the two don’t know each other personally but they definitely are aware of each other’s work.

Despite being in the same industry, they have not even appeared in any movies or TV series together so far. While we know that they don’t share any familial background, we would love to see them share the screen together.

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