Is Lachlan Buchanan Married? Wife, Girlfriend, & Relationship Detail

By Aarone Hernandez | Published on: February 26, 2024 | Updated on: February 26, 2024
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Lachlan Buchanan, an Australian actor has been a subject of curiosity regarding his marital status. So, is Buchanan married to anyone, or is in a relationship with a girlfriend?  

This article has everything you need to know about Laclan’s dating life. So, stay tuned to learn about the actor’s relationships.

Key Takeaways

  • Lachlan, aged 36, is not married to anyone.
  • He has been romantically involved with a person at least once in the past.
  • He is a Queer man and is open about his sexuality.
  • People told him that Buchanan would fail if the Wellmania actor came out as gay, which could not stop him from accepting himself.

Is Lachlan Buchanan Married? Who Is His Wife?

Buchanan is presently single, with no marriage or engagement in his relationship history. Despite his active presence on social media, the actor seems to be very private about his love life.

Many sources claim that Lachlan has dated at least once and has made speculations about his dating history but the entertainer himself has yet to confirm or reveal any information about his relationships.

Lachlan Was Rumored To Be Dating His Co-star Danielle Savre

Lachlan and Savre were rumored to be dating after fans started noticing that the two frequently post each other on their social media. Plus, the fact that they both starred in the same series ‘Station 19′ added to the speculations.

Nonetheless, they turned out to be just friends as evidenced by Buchanan’s sexual orientation. Despite the false dating rumors, the two still remain very close to each other. Just for a fact, Danielle is now dating a partner Kevin McKidd.

Lachlan Identifies Himself as a Queer Man

In an interview with Queerty, it was revealed that the Australian actor Buchanan is gay in 2023. This came as a shock to multiple people as Buchanan had never openly talked about his sexual orientation in the past.

Moreover, it was later revealed in a sitdown with The Daily Telegraph that the actor never officially came out as gay. Additionally, Lachlan said that from 2015 to 2016 he had accepted himself for who he was.

He also mentioned that he had stopped hiding the fact that he was queer around the time he was shooting for the tv series The Young and the Restless (2015–2016).

Buchanan Was Told He Wouldn’t Make It If He Came Out As Gay

Working as a Queer artist was not an easy task for Buchanan as the actor revealed that he had to hide his identity during the initial phases of his career. He also mentioned that a lot of people told him not to come out as a gay man as it could ruin his career.

Although he was discouraged by people around him, he eventually proved them wrong and now is leading a successful career.

He Represented The Gay Community in the Entertainment Industry

Buchanan played a gay character named Emmett Dixon in the television series ‘Station 19’ from 2020 to 2022. This is his first series where he played a role of a proper gay character.

Additionally, the actor said he was attracted to the role as he found it realistic. He further added that the character Emmett was struggling with accepting himself which Lachlan found relatable.