Is Vanessa Ferlito Married? Who’s Her Husband? Her Boyfriend & Love Affairs

By Aarone Hernandez | Published on: January 22, 2024 | Updated on: January 22, 2024
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Vanessa Ferlito’s love life has always been somewhat of a mystery. As her fans, we’re well aware that the actress has a son; but what about her baby’s father? Is Vanessa married to the man she had a kid with? Shockingly, she always avoids this topic during interviews. But don’t worry, that is what we’re going to debunk today.

Besides, what does her dating life look like? We’re sure she’s had her fair share of boyfriends in the past too. Read further to know about her love life in detail!

Key Takeaways

  • Ferlito was once in a relationship with the film director, Quentin Tarantino.
  • She birthed her son, Vince Ferlito in September 2007.

Vanessa Ferlito Isn’t Married To a Husband

Truth be told, Vanessa does not have a husband at present. Further, she’s not been in a committed relationship for many years now.

While we stick to the facts, people, on the other hand, thought she was once married to a guy named Dane. Reportedly, she’s 18 years older than her so-called husband. But since there’s not much information on this, her fans stopped dwelling on it and the rumor is long gone.

Was Vanessa In A Relationship With Quentin Tarantino?

Several sources have suspected that she once had an affair with Quentin Tarantino, a film director from America. The rumor caught the fans’ attention in 2007 when she appeared in her alleged boyfriend’s movie, Death Proof.

That’s not all. The rumored couple was also caught multiple times going on romantic dates. Moreover, they were prominently seen having dinner together in Manhattan. Also, they were spotted showing public displays of affection; while conversing, Tarantino was seen hugging her from behind.

By the looks of it, fans were adamant to believe that Vanessa and Quentin were indeed together. Unfortunately, none of them ever revealed the truth. Eventually, they drifted apart, never getting the chance to make their relationship public.

At present, the director/screenwriter is married to his wife, Daniella Pick. They tied the knot on 28th November 2018. The couple also shares two kids together.

Vanessa Ferlito Is A Single Mother; Who’s Her Baby’s Daddy?

The actress from NCIS: New Orleans welcomed her son, Vince Ferlito in September 2007. Ever since his birth, she’s stayed quiet about the father of her child. On several occasions, she’s avoided entire discussion of the topic too.

Due to her silence, perhaps her baby’s daddy left Ferlito when she was pregnant. The scar from this part of her past seems very deep – she’s kept everything to herself to this very day.

On the contrary, people assumed her previous beau Quentin Tarantino to be Vince’s dad at one point. The rumor got its weight since the two of them were together around the same time of her child’s birth.

However, like before, the hearsay also vanished away.

Fans Have Accused Her Of Being A “Bad” Mother

Ferlito gave birth to her only child when she was at the peak of her career. Because she did not have a partner to support her, she had to take matters into her own hands.

Hence, she juggled being a single mother and an actress together. This led her to travel a lot with her son, having him change schools and make new friends time and again. In turn, people highly criticized the star; they also called her a “bad” parent.

Furthermore, as a reply to all of them, Ferlito said,

“It;s always people without kids who say, ‘It must be hard on him to move around so much.’ You know what I say? ‘No, it’s hard living in parts of Africa where there is no water.’ Yes, it’s tough for him to wrap around it, but he’s with me.”

Additionally, she also pointed out that many celebrities can “leave their kids”, but she does not want that. Over everything, she’s always believed in keeping her son with her instead of abandoning him.

Is Ferlito Actually Gay?

No, Vanessa who has a net worth in multi-milliona figure is not gay. Nonetheless, most of her admirers thought she was a lesbian in 2016. In the show, NCIS: New Orleans, she portrayed the role of Tammy Gregorio, a police officer. Along with her, there was her co-star, Necar Zedegan with her role as the Assistant U.S Attorney, Hannah Lee.

Now, if you’ve watched the show, you’ll notice that the two of them have great on-screen chemistry. As a matter of fact, they also dated each other’s character in the series. This eventually led fans to ask questions about Ferlito’s sexuality.