Jacob Elordi’s Ethnicity, Religion In Detail

By Aarone Hernandez | Published on: February 20, 2024 | Updated on: February 20, 2024
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Jacob Elordi is an Australian actor popularly known for his role in the movie “The Kissing Booth” in 2018. Ever since his appearance in the movie his popularity has skyrocketed. Elordi’s career is at an all-time high along with the public’s curiosity about his ethnicity and religion.

So, is Jacob really of Italian descent? Read to find out.

Key Takeaways

  • Jacob was born in Brisbane, Queensland to his parents John and Melissa Elordi.
  • As for Jacob Elordi’s ethnicity, the actor is of Basque descent, not Spanish, with his father coming from the Basque Country.
  • His Australian accent gained popularity despite using American accents in acting roles.
  • Elordi follows the Christian faith and attended Catholic schools during his education.

What Is Jacob Elordi’s Ethnicity?

Jacob is of Basque descent. He briefly talked about his ethnical background and heritage in a sitdown with the GQ in July 2020. The Q&A was posted on Youtube in the GQ’s main channel under the title “Jacob Elordi Replies to Fans on the Internet | Actually Me”.

Here the actor further explains the Basque Country in a single sentence saying, “which is this little place between France and Spain.”

Although Elordi was born in Queensland, it was revealed that his father emigrated from the Basque Country at the young age of eight. As for his mother, she is an English-Australian woman.

Rumors Surrounding Jacob’s Spanish Heritage

In the interview mentioned above, Elordi found himself being described as an Australian of Spanish descent on Wikipedia. Then, the actor went on and disagreed with the statement saying he was of Basque descent.

Soon after, Jacob updated the Wikipedia entry himself. Further, the actor even humorously mentioned that his grandfather would strongly disapprove of being associated with Spanish descent. He said:

“My grandfather would strangle me if he knew it said Spanish descent.”

It was a declaration about his origins to the public. His origin from the unique Basque community has had a significant influence worldwide.

What Is Jacob Elordi’s Religion?

In terms of his religion, Jacob is a follower of the Christian faith. This implies that his perspectives, ethics, and behaviors are shaped by the doctrines and ethics of Christianity.

Additionally, he received his education at Catholic institutions, namely, St. Kevin’s College in Melbourne and St. Joseph’s College, Nudgee in Brisbane. Attending these schools suggests a potential exposure to Catholic teachings and practices during his formative years.

Jacob Has An Australian Accent That People Die For

In every role Jacob has played in, he has had an American accent, but ever since people found out about his native accent, they seem to be more attracted to the young star. He even has a Youtube video of him teaching Australian slang, which was appreciated by a lot of people.

Despite his native accent being Australian, people have praised his ability to deliver his dialogues in a whole new manner of speaking. Additionally, Elordi, the brother of Isabella Elordi named his dog after an Australian chocolate drink “Milo.”


Is Elordi of Italian Descent?

Elordi is not of Italian descent but of Basque descent.

Is Jacob Elordi Irish?

Jacob is Australian, not Irish.