Kaitlin Olson’s Plastic Surgery: Her Before & After Photos

By Aarone Hernandez | Published on: February 26, 2024 | Updated on: February 26, 2024
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Rumors of Kaitlin Olson’s plastic surgery & cosmetic enhancements have been making rounds for ages now. While there have been mixed opinions from fans and media about her enhanced physicality, the truth behind whether the actress went under the knife still remain a mystery. Well, the actress once said a cryptic statement about her breast enhancement rumors during a public appearance. Let’s find out what?

Also know why does the mother-of-two look so different today? Read the full article to find out the answers!

Key Takeaways

  • Kaitlin Olson has neither denied nor accepted the rumors of plastic surgery. However, she has accepted that she had to undergo facial reconstructive surgery when she was 12 years old.
  • As a young girl, she suffered a deadly accident, making a hole at the back of her head, and leaving her with multiple massive scars.
  • She is rumored to have had a facelift and injected Botox into her face to enhance her charm.
  • She is also rumored to have had breast enhancement surgery. However, the actress has sarcastically canceled these rumors.

Kaitlin Olson’s Plastic Surgery: Her Before & After Photos

She’s admitted to having undergone facial reconstructive surgery in the past, but going under the knife to enhance her charm in the later stage of her life? The actress hardly ever talks about this with her fans.

The rumors first started when Olson returned in the 13th Season of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.┬áThe actress looked vastly different than she did in the previous seasons of the sitcom. This, in turn, led many to believe that she’s in fact, done something to her face; perhaps, a facelift or adding some Botox? Many went on Reddit and Twitter to express their concerns.

Additionally, a user on Reddit commented if she did “something to her face”. Later on, similar comments started piling up. Eventually, the term, Kaitlin Olson Plastic Surgery became a hot topic.

Along with the news, there were many harsh comments as well. One user pointed out how Kaitlin looks “terrifying”, and that her “lips and eyes make her look monstrous”. Some agreed to this and added comments about her “eyebrows” not moving “when she talks” or her unable to express her emotions through expressions.

Even if you ignore all the rumors, if you compare her pictures, you’ll see a number of differences. For instance, her face looks lifted, she has bigger eyes, and her smiles aren’t as full as they used to be. In addition to this, her jaw also seems to have a better shape.

Kaitlin Had Facial Reconstructive Surgery; What Happened To Her?

When The Mick sitcom actress was just 12 years old, she faced a tragic incident. Young Kaitlin met with a terrible accident that left her with a hole in the back of her head. According to the reports, the said hole was as large as a lime and she had her face smashed into the ground as well.

Following the unfortunate event, Olson had to go under serious facial reconstructive surgery. The natural processes of healing did not work in her favor since even after a year, she had massive scarring on her face that needed immediate medical attention.

In 2017, Kaitlin opened up about this. While in an interview with Glamour, she shared all the hardships she faced as a young girl trying to cope with the accident. Furthermore, she expressed how she still has that hole that keeps on reminding her of the trauma.

We can only imagine how it must have felt to the fragile 12-year-old Kaitlin. Although today she feels like it was the “greatest thing to ever happen” to her, in the past, she had to cope with everything on her own.

Olson Suffered With Bullying Following Her Accident

After the accident, along with a hole in her head, Kaitlin was left with a swollen face and huge scars. Carrying this, she had to attend junior high school. While some people were kind to her, some were extremely mean and bullied her.

Talking about an incident of her being bullied, the actress said,

“I remember standing in a lunch line once and this kid named Casey Johnson was somewhere behind me in the line throwing jelly beans at me, trying to get them to land in the hole in my head. Are you kidding me?! Who does that?!”

Kaitlin Olson Had Cosmetic Procedure To Reshape Her Face

As far as we know, Kaitlin is yet to address all the speculations about her undergoing enhancement surgeries. Since fans have noticed many differences between her before and after pictures, many believe that she’s either gotten face lifts, botox, or both!

Keeping the rumors aside, if we focus just on the truth, the beautiful actress has only had a cosmetic procedure to reshape her face after her accident; and nothing else.

Moreover, with the growing trend of celebrities wanting to look younger with time, they are subjected to harsh criticism all over the Internet. Perhaps, that’s the case with Kaitlin Olsen as well.

Olson Canceled All The Rumors About Her Bo*b Job

During an interview with Bustle in April 2016, Olsen canceled all the allegations about having plastic surgeries. Specifically, she revealed the truth about having done a b**b job. In her official statement, she said,

“I had two babies! Over the span of like three years! It’s like, ‘Oh, she got a boob job!’ ‘No, she got ’em reduced!’ ‘No, she got a boob job again!’ I’m like, I’ve had two children!”

Furthermore, she added a sassy response at the end which prompted a burst of immediate laughter and applause from the audience,

“I had a boob job! Yeah!”

Her last reply still confuses us. We’re not 100% sure whether the Leap Year actress did have a b**b job. However, more importantly, she’s a mother of two kids. So obviously, her body has naturally undergone a series of changes since her first son was born, followed by her second one.