Kenny Vaccaro Wife: His Love Affairs & Relationships

By Aarone Hernandez | Published on: January 10, 2024 | Updated on: January 10, 2024
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Kenny Vaccaro who played as a safety for the Tennessee Titans and New Orleans Saints is married to his wife, Kahli Vaccaro. Kenny and Kahli have been together for more than a decade. The two furthermore are also parents to a handful of kids.

While Kenny and Kahli are seemingly a happy couple, the ins and outs of their relationship have been somewhat of a less popular subject. It clearly hasn’t been divulged as much. The two nonetheless do have a story to tell. Read on to learn how Kenny met his wife, what she does, and how their marital life has been so far.

When Did Kenny Vaccaro And His Wife Started Their Relationship?

In the case of Kenny and Kahli, the mystery looms as early as from the get-go. As such it is unclear when and how the 2013 NFL draftee met his future partner.

What many do know nevertheless is that Kahli and the ex Titans safety got engaged on Nov 2, 2017. The same day later, Kenny shared the picture of the ring he gave to his fiancée on his Instagram.

Something that is quite mysterious about Kahli and her partner Kenny is that the couple really hasn’t revealed when and where they married. Although the University of Texas graduate and his wife both are active on social media, neither of the two has said when it was that they exchanged vows.

People do know that they are husband and wife as the two have addressed each other as their spouses on several occasions.

Nevertheless, Kenny and Kahli are also parents to two children. The couple welcomed their first Kenny Jr in Feb 2013. They had their second Kendon in January 2015.

In the meantime, Kenny and his wife also do charity work.

The Time When Defended Him

Back in Dec 2023, Kahli’s husband Kenny found himself in a bit of hot water when G1, the company where he is the CEO faced accusations of not paying the amount to its players and staff. According to the investigations, G1, an esports organization owed something $230,000 to its players and staff.

Octane detailed how much mismanagement G1 had done and to whom the company owed the money. They also claimed that G1 laid off several of its employees without paying them anything.

Soon after, Kenny’s wife hit back at the allegations by writing a long explanation on her Twitter handle. Defending her husband/G1, Kahli wrote,

making up blatant lies about my husband and G1, that’s where the line needs to be drawn. The interesting thing about the individuals putting out false statements is that all of their claims can be proven otherwise by contracts, or lack thereof.

Kenny’s wife added that her husband was non-confrontational and that he was working to rectify the situation. She however stated that the couple won’t tolerate the damaging accusations to the ex-NFL player’s reputation. Kahli further defended her husband by saying that just because he is a millionaire he isn’t solely responsible for redeeming all the mishaps.

The History Of

The entrepreneur’s wife, Kahli was born Kahli Che’lyn Ontiveros on Aug 10, 1992, in Brownwood, Texas. She is the daughter of Joe and Angela Ontiveros. Kahli has a younger brother Kaimon; he is also a footballer who plays as a defensive end at Angelo State University.

Kenny Vaccaro’s wife Kahli graduated from Howard Payne University.