Late Ray Kroc’s Daughter Marilyn Kroc Barg’s Wiki; What Was The Cause Behind Her Death?

By Anuja Uprety | Published on: March 4, 2024 | Updated on: March 4, 2024
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Marilyn Kroc Barg was the daughter of the late American businessman Ray Kroc. Unfortunately, she passed away at the age of 48 in 1973, decades before her father died. What was the cause of Marilyn’s death? 

Here we present you with detailed information about Marilyn. To know, read the article till the end.

Key Takeaways

  • Marilyn Kroc Barg was the only biological child of the pioneer of the fast food industry, Ray Kroc. She was born from Ray’s marriage with his first wife Ethel Fleming.
  • She married two times in her lifetime, first with Sylvester Nordly Nelson and second with Walter James Barg.
  • She died at the age of 48 in 1973 due to some complications from diabetes.
  • She was active in Equestrian sports and highly passionate about horses. 

How Old Was When She Died? Cause Behind Her Death 

Marilyn was just 48 years old when she passed away. The celebrity daughter died of complications from diabetes on 11 September 1973  in Arlington Heights, Cook County, Illinois, the United States.

Barg’s body was buried at the Memorial Park Cemetery in Skokie located in Illinois. Her funeral service was held at Lauterburg & Dehler Funeral Home.

Early Life; She Was An Chicago Native

She was born to her father Ray Kroc and his first wife Ethel Janet Fleming on October 15, 1924, in  Chicago, Cook County, Illinois. Her birth name was ‘Marilyn Janet Lynn Kroc’.

Similarly, she spent most of her childhood in her hometown alongside her parents. Her father hadn’t made a lot of money yet so she had a fairly simple upbringing.

Talking about her race, she belonged to a mixed ethnic background and was an American citizen.

Marilyn’s Parent Separated 39 Years After Their Marriage

Her parents Ray and Ethel first came across each other in 1919. Soon, the young couple who at the time was in their early 20s fell in love. The two stayed in a relationship for three years before getting married in 1922 and two years later, they welcomed their daughter Marilyn.

The former duo together raised their only child and led their union as a husband and wife gracefully for several years. But, after living for more than three-decade, their nuptials hit a rough patch and they eventually ended their matrimony in 1961 after 39 years of their marriage.

Marilyn Kroc Barg's late mother and father in the frame
Marilyn’s parents. Source: YouTube

After their divorce, while Marilyn’s mom remained single, but her father married two times. For the second time, Ray tied the knot with Jane Dobbins Green and his third wife was Joan Beverly Kroc.

Her Parents, Ray And Ethel Are No Longer Alive

Marilyn’s father Ray Kroc died of heart failure on January 14, 1984, in San Diego, California. At the time of his death, he was 81 years old. His body was buried at the El Camino Memorial Park in Sorrento Valley.

Likewise, her mother Ethel passed away on 2nd December 1965 in Chicago at the age of 66.

What Did Do For A Living?

Marilyn was reported to be one of the board of directors at McDonald’s company. Further, she was active in Equestrian sports and also worked as a horse breeder and seller.

On the other hand, her daddy Ray was a prominent figure in the American business world. He is best known for expanding the fast food culture across the world through McDonald’s enterprise.

Though he was not a founder of McDonald, he served a presidential position in McDonald’s and then became a Chairman of the board and until his death, he held the senior Chairmanship position in the company.

Marilyn's father Ray infront of McDonald's company
Marilyn’s father Ray photographed with McDonald’s burger.

Prior to McDonald’s, he worked as a paper cup seller, real estate agent, and piano player as well. During World War I, he also performed the duty of Red Cross ambulance driver. In addition, Kroc was an owner of the professional baseball team, the San Diego Padres of the Major Baseball League.

Married Two Times In Her Lifetime

For the first time, Marilyn walked down the aisle with her husband Sylvester Nordly Nelson. They got married in the year 1949 but their marriage didn’t last long. Though the information about how long they remained married is not available at the moment, they eventually separated after some time.

Again in 1960, she tied the knot with her second spouse Walter James Barg with whom her marriage lasted till her death in 1973.

Her Husband’s Short Bio; Who Were They?

Marilyn’s first hubby Sylvester was a Minnesota native who served in 363 infantry in World War II. He was born to Edward S Nelson and Hanna E Nordly Nelson on September 1, 1916, and died on 6 October 1960 in Wisconsin at the age of 44.

Moving on to her second spouse Walter, he was an administrator by profession. Born on 3 May 1920 in Evanston, Illinois, he was raised by his parents William Thomas Barh and Louisa R Rapold Barg alongside his two siblings Eleanor and Willian Peter Barg.

Mr. Barg lost his life on 17 June 1984 at the age of 64 and his burial location is All Saints Catholic Cemetery and Mausoleum.

Did Share Any Child With Her Spouses?

As of now, no exact detail about her children has been revealed in the media. While some online portals have claimed that she had a son named Douglas Barg, the truth is Douglas is the child of another lady that goes by the same name Marilyn with her husband Herbert Barg, a Pennsylvania native.

However, there’s a record that her dad Ray Kroc was a grandfather to four grandchildren, so one of them can be Marilyn’s child. Her father had one stepdaughter Linda Smith from his marriage with his third wife Joan.

Net Worth

Ray Kroc’s late daughter Marilyn is reported to have a net worth of about $1 million. On the other hand, her famous father owned a fortune of $600 million at the time of his death in 1984. The amount is equal to  $1.4 billion at the present day.