Lucy Hale Future Husband Could Potentially Be An Older Man: Planning A Wedding?

By Kritika Udas | Published on: February 26, 2024 | Updated on: February 26, 2024
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A lot of you are curious to know what type of husband Lucy Hale wants. Though she has been involved with numerous guys in the past, she didn’t have any marriage plans with anyone of them.

Besides, the gorgeous actress has openly confirmed that she prefers older guys. What’s more, back in early 2023, Lucy was reportedly on the dating app Raya, where she had her dating preference set for mature men. Did she find the one? Let’s find out!

Key Takeaways:

  • Currently, Lucy is not married to anyone, however, she seems to be on the lookout for a husband.
  • Lucy is attracted to men older than her because they are more mature than people her age.
  • Hale used to chase damaged people and try to “fix” them so that she could feel better about herself.
  • Lucy claims that she’d rather be single than date another immature man.
  • She has had a fair share of romantic relationships with several men including Skeet Ulrich who is almost 20 years older than her.

Who will be Lucy Hale’s Future Husband? Seeking an Older Guy?

Based on her interviews, where she talks about commitment, it seems Lucy is seeking a potential husband after relationship rollercoasters all these years. During a podcast interview with Rachel Bilson on January 2, 2023, the Ragdoll actress talked about her dating preference and stated that she is not going for upper-fixer partners as she did in the past.

Lucy stated about using the exclusive celebrity dating app, Raya, which she apparently joined in 2020, and openly talked about her fondness for dating older men- since there are no “games” or “bulls–t” from them.

Hale, who is ‘not settling for anything less’, told that she’s not been in what she considers a committed relationship for years. Moreover, the actress added that she has journals where she’s written out specifically what she’s looking for.

So, all these hints: the willingness for a committed relationship and bold talks on stability, point to that one possible fan theory- she could be looking for a mature man to be her future husband.

Hale Could Potentially Marry An Older Man

Lucy may not have openly said about marrying an elder man but her likeliness to settle with a guy much older than her seems slightly higher. All of this stems from the fact that she had immature boyfriends in the past.

Lucy has dated several older men.
Lucy has dated several older men.

Not to mention, the Memphis, TN native has a history of dating older men that include her relationship with ‘Scream’ actor Skeet Ulrich, nearly 20 years her senior.

Although Hale’s relationship tryout policy with an older guy didn’t work with Ulrich, she won’t be ruling out her preference anytime soon.

Why Does She Favor Older Men?

It’s not that Lucy doesn’t have prior experience dating younger partners but the actress states that at this point in her life, she wants no drama but affection.

According to the Privileged actress, she comparatively found commitment with less drama in men elder than her than in the younger ones.

She said:

“I haven’t really had rules with dating. I’ve dated all the way up to 52 — [from] 27 to 52. I’m 33 and I feel like I’ll probably end up with someone around my age or older, just because of the non-negotiables. I feel like a lot of people in that older age bracket will meet those.”

Moreover, in a candid conversation with the Hart of Dixie alum, she also revealed her tendency to turn down many younger suitors.

Lucy Hale’s Relationship With Skeet Ulrich

In February 2021, Lucy, then aged 31, made highlights after dating Skeet Ulrich, then aged 50. There were talks about the significant age gap of nearly 20 years between them, but it didn’t bother them.

The public first caught a glimpse of their romance when they were spotted sharing a kiss during a lunch outing at Sweet Butter Cafe in Los Angeles on February 22, 2021.

Lucy dated a man who was 20 years older than her.
Lucy and Skeet Ulrich were spotted in a cafe.

The couple seemed unfazed by stereotyped thoughts regarding their age and spent a considerable amount of time together.

However, their relationship came to an end in April 2021. Some commented that their time together was more of a trial run to explore the possibility of a deeper connection beyond friendship.

They Met While Filming

According to Page Six, there is a possibility that Hale and Ulrich first crossed paths while working on their respective shows. Skeet was part of the series “Riverdale,” while Lucy was involved in the show “Katy Keene”, a spinoff of Riverdale.

Furthermore, a source close to the couple revealed to E! News that they were introduced to each other through mutual friends.

Lucy Had A Fling With Matt Rife

While Lucy Hale often talks about dating elder guys and prioritizes the practice, it also won’t stop her from experimenting with her compatibility with younger buddies.

In mid-2023 sources reported that she had a fling with comedian Matt Rife. But neither of them ever commented on the matter.

Some thought the 27-year-old’s busy touring schedule led to his split with Hale, but his relationship [allegedly committed] with Jessica Lord, which came into light shortly after, told a different story.

Well, some commented that Lucy tried to connect with a younger partner but it failed.

Lucy Hale Is Done With Fixing Broken People

Lucy has been candid about her past dating patterns, admitting that she used to be drawn to individuals who had experienced challenges or struggles.

It appears that she had a desire to “fix” them, which might have given her a sense of validation or self-worth.

Lucy dated David in 2007.
Hale and her ex-boyfriend, David Henrie.

However, as time has passed and with personal growth, Lucy has come to realize the pitfalls of such relationships and the importance of setting higher standards for her romantic partners even if people might call her picky.

Plus, she also claims that she will die alone before she settles for anyone who doesn’t meet her standards.

Lucy Now Prioritizes Herself Before Anything

A few years earlier, during the 2021 interview with People, Lucy Hale, the younger sister of Maggie Hale addressed the toll she experienced by becoming a people-pleaser and hence opted out. She said:

“Feeling like I have to please so many people made me hate myself. I can’t live my life wondering what people think of me. I hope people like me, of course, but if they don’t, that’s not my problem. Your relationship with yourself is the most important relationship you’ll ever have in your life.”

In the past, she used to experience a fear of being alone or single, which led her to seek out relationships constantly.

Lucy does not want to settle someone who does not meet her high standards.
Lucy is okay with being single.

However, she has since evolved, and her perspective has changed. Lucy now prioritizes self-love, so her picky dating attitude came from concern for herself, “I won’t settle for less than what I think I deserve.”

Past Relationships

Boyfriend Dating Timeline
David Henrie 2007- 2009
Alex Marshal 2010
Chris Zylka March 2012- September 2012
Graham Rogers 2013
Joel Crouse April 2014 to June 2014
Adam Pitts September 2014
Anthony Kalabretta June 2015 to May 2017
Riley Smith February 2018 to July 2018
Ryan Rottman 2018 (alleged)
Colton Underwood 2020 (alleged)

Among her past relationships, her romance with actor Chris Zylka is the one that fans would barely forget.

After they broke up in September 2012 after dating for six months, the Secret Circle actor slammed her on Twitter and confirmed that Lucy initiated the split with a Tweet that read, “Don’t have a girlfriend — she decided she was too good”.

Later, Zylka apologized to her and the matter vanished in no time, though she never responded to the apology publicly.

Lucy’s Dogs Keeps Her Company

Even though she is single, her dogs Ethel and Elvis do not make her feel alone. She enjoys waking up and doing her morning ritual with them.


Does Lucy Hale have a kid?

No, Hale doesn’t have a child.