Meet Chad Ehlers wife; First Wife Lilly, Second Wife Ruslana

By Rhyss | Published on: March 12, 2024 | Updated on: March 12, 2024
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Chad Ehlers is an American social media influencer famous for his motivational videos. He first became viral for starting The Chad Change, a platform where all the social media influencers come together to bring about positivity in the community.

Chad’s personal story has been in the news for his wives. So far, the influencer has reportedly been married two times with which he also shares two children.

The question that often lingers in the mind of Chad’s fans is what happened to Chad Ehlers’ wife? Let’s find out other facts about Da_Chad aka Chad Ehlers’ first wife and second wife.

What happened to ?

We’re sure many of you are eager to know what happened to Chad’s first wife, Lilly. The beautiful Lilly passed away at the ripe age of 22 on April 19th, 2014. Firstly, any person who dies at such a young age is extremely tragic but when the death is caused by some ongoing mental condition it becomes all the more regretful.

Chad’s late wife Lilly died after committing suicide. The 22-year-old was suffering from depression for quite some time and soon she couldn’t take it anymore. In addition, in one of Chad’s posts, he revealed that Lilly also had problems with addiction as well.

Was Chad really married to Lilly?

Now comes a really intriguing part. While Chad has a lot of time claimed he was married to Lilly and mentions her as his ex-wife. However, going through her obituary, there is no mention of Lilly being married to anyone, let alone Chad.

However, time and again, Chad said his first wife was Lilly. This has really caused a lot of confusion amongst social media users. Well, there are only two explanations for this anomaly, either Chad lied about his marriage or Lilly’s family didn’t like mentioning Ehler’s name in their late daughter’s obituary.

Who was Chad Ehler’s first wife?

Born on March 18th, 1992, in Cleveland, TN, Lilly is the daughter of Steve and Karen Robinson, both of Cleveland. She spent the major portion of her life in Cleveland. 

Lilly Katherine Robinson finished high school at Walker Valley High School and later graduated as a Registered Nurse from Cleveland State Community.

Chad's first spouse Lilly
Chad’s first wife, Lilly.

The late Lilly had just begun her career as a nurse before her mental health and addiction problem took its toll. Talking about her siblings, she has one brother Sam Robinson.

Does Chad Ehler share any kid with his ‘rumored’ late wife?

Going through his social media profile, there have been two rumors regarding Chad sharing a daughter with his first wife. While the online celebrity himself has claimed his older daughter Kyra Ehler is his daughter with Lilly, many social media users have said the claim could not be further from the truth.

Going through a Reddit post, there are a lot of people who are firmly believed that his oldest daughter Kyra is not the daughter of Lilly but instead his kid with another partner, who is still alive. Moreover, Kyra has also run away from her dad’s residence and reportedly ended up at a Group Home. There are no recent reports of whether Kyra has come back to her dad or gone to her mom. 

Well, there you go, another one of Chad’s controversial life dramas.

Who is Chad Ehler’s second first wife?

His second wife is Ruslana Ehlers. Sometimes after his divorce, he married Ruslana. From their marriage, the duo becomes a parent of Mia Ehler. 

Tragically, the pair’s daughter Mia was diagnosed with Leukemia. Since the diagnosis, Chad had used his social media influence to raise more than half a million dollars for his little girls’ treatment. Thankfully, his daughter is in remission now and recovering pretty well.

Chad second wife
Chad’s second wife, Ruslana.

Chad’s ex-wife, Ruslana is the daughter of Taisa Matveeva and her husband. She has both Ukrainian and American nationality and belongs to Ukranian ethnic background. In addition, Ruslana also has a sister named Victoria Benach.

Chad’s daughter Mia with Ruslana suffers from Leukemia

The Chad Change founder from the beginning has been extremely vocal about his daughter’s bout with cancer. This is how he further gained a lot of fame. 

Currently, Mia is in remission which is good news as many of us just couldn’t fathom watching a little girl going through such horror. After his divorce from Ruslana, Chad reportedly shared joint custody of his daughter with his wife.

Chad's children
Chad’s rumored son and daughter Mia in the picture.

However, since late 2022, Mia’s custody has been given to her mother. He has talked about how wrong the decision of giving his daughter’s custody to his second wife was a number of times. On his own website, he has written,

“As a father, there is nothing more heartbreaking than being separated from my four year old daughter. Our family dynamic has changed drastically over the past few months, and I find myself missing her more and more each day.”

“I think about all the little moments we shared together, from her first steps to her first at the park. I remember the way she would light up when I came home from work, and the way she would hug me so tightly when I said goodbye.”

Why did Ruslana and Chad divorce? Do they share another child?

Well, this might surprise many of you but yes, Chad also has another son with his former partner. We first found out about this bombshell news through The Knot website, which was covering Ruslana’s second wedding. 

The website revealed that from her previous marriage, that is with Chad, she has two kids, Mia and Christian. Furthermore, when we looked through her Facebook account, there were a lot of photos of a boy, whom we can guess is her son.

Nevertheless, Chad has never said anything about his son, so it is also plausible that Ruslana shares her son with someone else.

On the same website, it was also mentioned the former pair divorced because of broken vows on Chad’s side.