Meet Najwa Nimri’s Son Teo Nabil: Full Bio, Career, Love Life

By Aarone Hernandez | Published on: January 16, 2024 | Updated on: January 16, 2024
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Najwa Nimri, the actress from Money Heist is a mother to her only son, Teo Nabil Nimri. Ever since the birth of her little boy, fans have been wanting to know who his dad is; mostly since Nimri has done a great job covering up his identity. Some of her followers think it’s her ex-husband, Daniel Calparsoro, while others think he’s not.

Well so, what’s the truth? Who is Teo Nabil’s dad? And, how’s his life been so far as a celebrity child? Dive deep into the article below to learn exciting facts about the Locked Up actress’s son.

Was Born In The Year 2004; His Early Life As A Star Kid

On the 30th of June 2004, the actress from Open Your Eyes (1997) became a mother for the first time. Najwa Nimri gave birth to her baby boy whom she named, Teo Nabil; he goes by the surname, “Nimri”. As of 2024, Teo is 19years old.

Since Nabil’s birth, his mother has been extra protective of him. In the initial days, the Spanish actress did not even share details about him online. On top of everything else, she was at the peak of her career when Teo was born. Despite this, she gave her boy the life he deserved.

Little Teo saw his mother juggle her personal and professional life as a young kid. We’re sure some of her determination and hard work have passed onto him today as well.

Nimri’s Ex-Husband, Daniel Calparsoro Isn’t Teo’s Father

Contrary to popular belief, Spanish director/filmmaker, Daniel Calparsoro isn’t Najwa’s baby daddy.

The artist married Calparsoro back in 1995. They had a lovely yet intimate wedding in one of the greatest facilities in Spain. However, the marriage did not last long. Five years later, in 2000, it was reported that Najwa and Daniel called it quits. The reason for their separation was kept hidden.

Now, since she and the action film director separated long before Teo was born, thus, he cannot be his father. As a matter of fact, he was never even a stepfather to the teen boy; there’s simply no relationship between Daniel and Teo.

His Famed Mother Has Not Revealed Any Newer Relationships That Might Give A Hint About His Dad

Following the divorce from her ex-husband, Teo Nimri’s mother might have gotten into a new relationship. If our guesses are correct, her next affair resulted in her becoming pregnant.

Unfortunately, after the separation, the No Blood album singer kept her life away from the eyes of the public. She hardly attended any interviews or shared much on social media. Because of this reason, no one really knows who her son’s dad is or if she was married to him back in the day.

Regardless, we can assure you that she’s already separated from Teo’s father. Moreover, we can prove this since her son has been using her last name for many years now.

Young Nabil Might Follow In The Footsteps Of His Actress/Singer Mother, Najwa Nimri

There’s a possibility that the star kid might be highly influenced by his artistic mother. As mentioned already, he does reflect on his mother’s determined and hardworking characteristics. In addition to this, fans seem to be sure that he’s been gifted with a great artistic and creative nature too.

As you go on to look for him on the Internet, you’ll find a SoundCloud account and YouTube account under his name. Although the confirmation is under review, many are adamant to believe that he has been working on music himself.


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Not only this, but Nabil Nimri is also fond of paintings. According to his Instagram, he is a fan of the profound painter, Claude Monet and his works. Perhaps, he also loves to hold a brush and paint his heart out time and again.

Teo Nimri’s Relationship Status; Debunking His Sexuality & Love Life

Najwa Nimri’s love life is no secret but her son’s, on the other hand, is a mystery. Stalking his Instagram, we find numerous pictures that hint at him having a romantic partner. Almost all the photos look intimate and the people in it very close.

But, as confusing as it is, there are such pictures with different people all over his page; both boys and girls. Having said that, fans who’ve looked into his account think he might be gay or bisexual. Nonetheless, neither Najwa nor Teo have spoken about this topic yet.


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He Is An Heir To His Mother’s Million-Dollar Fortune

As an esteemed Spanish actress, Najwa has a whopping net worth ranging from $2 million to $5 million. She shares this massive fortune with her son. The mother-son duo travel around the globe and live in a well-facilitated house in the heart of the city of Madrid in Spain. Recently, they also had an extravagant getaway to Venice.


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Furthermore, because young Nabil is still a boy, his personal net worth isn’t out and about. But, who knows? Eventually, as he enters the show business, we might be debunking his finances as well.