Meet Ricardo Joel Gomez: Everything About Selena Gomez’s Biological Father

By Aarone Hernandez | Published on: January 28, 2024 | Updated on: January 28, 2024
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There are several cases in Hollywood where a child becomes popular due to their parents’ influence. In contrast to this, Ricardo Joel Gomez is famous because of his child, specifically his daughter. He is the celebrity father of a popular actress, singer, and businesswoman, Selena Gomez. Ricardo is recognized by many as the dad of the talented artist, but few know about his early life.

Here, we will talk about the famous yet secret life of Selena Gomez’s dad, Richardo Gomez. including talks about his past as well as present life.

Key Takeaways

  • At present, Ricardo is almost an internet personality with 85k followers on Instagram.
  • Joel married actress Mandy Teefy when they were both teenagers in 1992.
  • They welcomed their first daughter, Selena on July 22, 1992.
  • Selena’s mom and dad divorced in 1997 when she was just five.
  • Ricardo remarried in 2012 to Sara Tover.
  • Joel remains on good terms with his daughter, Selena. all of his children and often shares pictures together.

Selena Gomez’s Father Is Popular on Instagram

Selena’s dad, Ricardo Joel Gomez is quite a popular figure on Instagram, if only because of his famous daughter. The Mexican-American man has over 85k followers on the social media platform.

As described in his bio, “because every picture tells a story,” Joel often posts pictures of every moment he holds dear to his heart, whether of his family or simply promoting Selena’s new project.

Ricardo Is In His Late 40s

Born on the 6th of March 1975, Ricardo is currently 49 years of age. His parents, Ricardo Gomez and Mary Gomez, grew up in Grand Prairie, Texas.

Joel And Selena’s Mother Were High School Sweethearts

Ricardo Joel got into a romantic relationship with popular actress, Mandy Teefy during high school. The two met at their school in Texas and were pretty young when Mandy fell pregnant with Selena.

They Married After Selena Was Born

Joel and Mandy only married after welcoming their daughter, Selena, on July 22, 1992, in Grand Prairie, Texas. The two exchanged wedding vows soon after that.

It was a pretty big decision for teenagers to make but we can guess that the duo was too much excited to settle down in their lives.

However, their decision to marry was a hasty one, leading to an eventual split.

Ricardo And Mandy Divorced When Selena Was 5

Ricardo and his ex-wife decided to separate after five years of marriage, in 1997. Their one and only child, Selena was just five years old at the time of her parent’s divorce.

The real reason behind their divorce is not revealed anywhere but they might have fallen out of love after all these years.

Who Got The Custody of Selena After Her Parent’s Divorce?

Following the separation of the ex-couple, Joel’s ex-wife, Mandy got the official custody of their daughter. Selena grew up with her mother and also admitted that her mom was the one who inspired her to get into the field of acting.

Despite this, singer Gomez also shares a great bond with her dad as well.

Joel Gomez Remarried After 15 Years

Ricardo took quite a long time to move on to another marriage after his divorce from his first love. He only married after 15 long years, to Sara Tovar in 2012.

As of 2024, they have been married for a decade. Likewise, Ricardo’s ex-wife, Mandy Teefy, also took a long to move on in her life – she got married to Brain Teefy on May 18, 2006.

Ricardo Is A Father of Three

Besides his first child, Selena Gomez, Ricardo is a parent to two more kids. He has a biological daughter, Victoria Gomez, and a son from his, wife, Sara’s previous relationship, Marcus Rayes.

Joel adopted Marcus as soon as he married Sara.

Does Selena Gomez Talk To Her Dad?

It may not look like Selena has a great relationship with her biological father today, but the singer maintains steady contact with Ricardo. Her father is also seen showing his undying support and pride when it comes to his daughter’s accomplishments.

Ricardo Gomez Is A Family Man

The 49-year-old, at present, is a committed husband and father. Joel shares a very good bond with all of his three children. He regularly posts pictures along with his daughters, Selena and Victoria as well as his son Marcus.

What Is Net Worth?

The celebrity dad, in contrast to his daughter, has kept his life a secret. With no information about his profession, it is difficult to assume his net worth. However, it is not difficult to see that he is well off as he often attends events and parties with his family.

On the other hand, his singer, actor, and producer, daughter Selena is nearly a billionaire. She has a net worth of whooping $800 million as of 2024. She also resides in a nearly $5 million mansion in Los Angeles.