Meet Viviane Dieye Bruno Metsu’s Wife and Herve Renard Partner

By Aarone Hernandez | Published on: January 18, 2024 | Updated on: January 18, 2024
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Viviane Dieye married the late French footballer and football manager, Bruno Metsu. After losing her husband, Viviane lived quite a secluded life until her name started coming up with another football coach, Herve Renard. People are curious to know the type of life she’s living.

We will dig into it by addressing people’s curiosity about Viviane’s present and the past. We will also talk about her love life with her late spouse and her current partner.

Key Takeaways

  • The former wife of Late French Football manager, Bruno Metsu, Dieye is popular after appearing regularly with yet another football coach, Herve Renard.
  • Viviane has been dating Herve supposedly more than 5 years but has not yet made any statements about their marriage.
  • Viviane was born in Senegal and is an established businesswoman.

Is The Partner of Popular Coach Herve Renard

Viviane is the longtime girlfriend of the football coach and former French football player, Herve Renard.

Along with his current relationship with Viviane, all his other previous love relationships were also private.

They Appeared Together on the Cover of Hola Maroc Magazine

The news about Herve dating Dieye escalated as soon as they appeared together on the cover of an edition of the Hola! Maroc magazine. The picture was published with the title, “Intimate and in Love” in April of 2018.

It was a matter of absolute surprise for the 55-year-old coach’s fans. Though they acknowledged their relationship in 2018, it is assumed that they had been with each other for a few years before the revelation.

Viviane Was The Widow of Bruno Metsu At The Time She Met Herve

Dieye had gone through a huge loss prior to meeting her present lover. She lost her husband, Bruno Metsu in the year 2013 to colon cancer. He was diagnosed with cancer in the October of the previous year but it was already in the terminal stage.

Metsu passed away a year later and was given an Islamic funeral in the Senegalese capital of Dakar. It was an extremely hard time for Vivianne. On the first death anniversary of the coach, she remembered him and shared,

“He was an exemplary man, generous towards his friends and family and caring about the needs of others before his own.”

Along with this she also added he was a very humble coach and a loving husband and father.

She Is The Mother of Two Children From Her Late Husband Metsu

Dieye had been alongside her late spouse for more than ten years. Together they shared three children, two sons and a daughter. Their eldest Enzo was born in 2004, Noah in 2007, and their daughter, Maeve in 2010.

Before Viviane, Bruno was married once and had a son with her Remy.

Dieye’s Boyfriend Herve Also Has Three Children from His Previous Relationship

In contrast to her former husband, her current partner, Herve has kept his love life quite private. All we know about his past relationship is that he shares three children with his ex-partner.

Herve is the father of two daughters, Candide Renard and Audrey Renard along with a son, Kevin Renard.

What Does Viviane Do For a Living?

Although only known as the former wife of Metsu and present partner of Herve, Dieye herself is an established personality. Influenced by her connection with such famous sportsmen, she also started her business in the same field.

Viviane owns a shop in the Casablanca shopping center located in Morocco that sells sports essentials.

Dieye Is a Muslim

She was born as Rokhaya ‘Daba’ Ndiaye but after marrying Bruno, who had converted to Islam a day before their marriage, she changed her name to Viviane Dieye Metsu. Besides, she was born in Senegal and comes from African ethnicity.

Viviane can be assumed to be in her late 40s as of 2024. Due to her absence on social media platforms, we also do not have many details about her.

Net Worth

Dieye has made enough from her business life and nearly made herself a millionaire. Her net worth at present is predicted to be $1 million as of 2024.

On the other hand, she might have also gained some assets from her late husband’s wealth of more than $5 million. Similarly, her lover, Herve also has a net worth of nearly $5 million.

Are Viviane and Herve Married?

According to the closeness the two share with each other and each other’s children, Dieye and Renard are sure to have already been married to each other. Few sources also have started mentioning the duo as husband-wife since 2022.

Despite all these, we do not have the exact information about the reality of their marriage as well as wedding details. There is no reported public acknowledgment of both of them as being married to each other.