Oliver Mustafa Oz, Mehmet Oz’s Son; Who is his wife?

By Kritika Udas | Published on: February 28, 2024 | Updated on: February 28, 2024
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Oliver Mustafa Oz has emerged as a prominent figure in the world of celebrity kids. The youngest and only son of Dr. Mehmet is on the path of leading a successful life just like his dad.

So what he is up to? Has he also become a doctor just like his dad? Moreover, is Oliver enjoying a blissful married life just like his parents?

Find out all about Mehmet Oz’s son Oliver Mustafa Oz.

Key Takeaways

  • Oliver was born in 1999 in Ohio. He traces his family origin to Turkey and Italy.
  • Oliver describes himself as a novice farmer and fisherman.
  • He is presently pursuing a bachelor’s Degree at the Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons.
  • Both his parents are successful individuals in their respective fields.
  • Oz is the youngest of three siblings.
  • Oliver and his father like going fishing together.
  • He is married to Katherine Flinn.

Who is ?

Born on July 2, 1999, Oliver is not only the son of Dr. Mehmet Oz and Lisa Oz but also an aspiring farmer and fisherman.

Oliver is the son of Dr. Mehmet Oz.
Oliver likes fishing in his free time.

In addition to his interests in farming and fishing, Oliver is also actively involved in politics. He shares his father’s affiliation with the Republican Party of Florida. He is presently living at Clarke Ave, Palm Beach, Florida. 

Oliver Is Going To Become a Doctor Like His Dad

Oz attended Dwight Englewood School in New Jersey, where he not only focused on his academics but also actively participated in extracurricular activities. One of his notable involvements was being a member of the school’s tennis team.

After wrapping up high school, he joined the Bachelor in Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology Program at Harvard University.

Oliver Mustafa Oz graduated from high school
Oliver is currently studying to become a doctor.

Currently, he is pursuing an MD (Doctor of Medicine) from Columbia University’s prestigious Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons. 

Further, a glimpse into Oliver’s academic journey and aspirations can be found on his Instagram profile. In one of his posts, he is seen wearing a lab coat, symbolizing his involvement in scientific research and practical training.

Oliver’s Parents Are Famous Personalities

Mustafa comes from a family of accomplished individuals who have made significant contributions in their respective fields. His father, Dr. Mehmet Oz, is a highly regarded television presenter, author, and retired professor and surgeon.

With a career spanning three decades, Dr. Oz has dedicated his expertise to the field of medicine, particularly in the area of heart surgery. Throughout his career, he has been involved in the development of various devices and procedures that have advanced the field of cardiac surgery.

Oliver Oz's mother and father in an event.
Oliver’s parents, Dr. Mehmet and Lisa Oz.

In addition to his medical achievements, Dr. Oz has also ventured into politics and has run as a candidate affiliated with the Republican Party.

Similarly, Oliver’s mother, Lisa Oz, is a notable television presenter and author in her own right. She has made significant contributions as a radio broadcaster and has worked as a co-host on her husband’s television program.

His Ethnicity

Oliver belongs to the mixed ethnicity of Turkish Kurds/Circassians and Italian-American. His paternal grandparents, Mustafa Oz and Suna Oz emigrated from Kanya Province in Turkey to Ohio, bringing with them their rich cultural heritage and experiences.

On his maternal side, he is the grandson of Gerald and Emily Jane, who belongs to Italian descent. 

Oliver’s Middle Name was Inspired by his Grandpa

In a touching tribute to his paternal grandfather, Oliver carries his name “Mustafa.” Unfortunately, Mustafa passed away on 10 February 2019. 

Oz Grew up with Three Sisters

Mehmet Oz’s son grew up in a family with three older sisters: Daphne Oz, Arabella Sezen Oz, and Zoe Yasemin Oz. Despite being the only boy among his siblings, Oliver enjoyed a close and harmonious relationship with each of them.

Oz and his big sisters.
The oz siblings.

Further, just like their parents, all four siblings have achieved notable success in their respective fields. Daphne has made a name for herself as a television show host and food writer. Arabella has pursued a career as both an author and an actress.

Meanwhile, Zoe has carved her path as a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) for a company she co-founded.

Oliver’s Family Are Fitness Freaks

The Oz family has embraced a lifestyle that prioritizes physical activity and the consumption of healthy food.

Dr. Mehmet Oz, Oliver’s father, has played a significant role in promoting wellness through his work, including authoring the book “YOU: On a Diet”, where he guides maintaining an ideal and healthy body size.

Similarly, Oliver also follows a healthy diet. He and his family rarely eat junk food, except for on occasions like birthdays or anniversaries.

Oliver Oz Loves Fishing with His Father Mehmet

One particular activity that Oliver and his father frequently enjoy together is fishing. This shared interest serves as a bonding experience for them, as they spend quality time together. The father-son duo shares a deep appreciation for nature and an enthusiasm for engaging in various physical activities in nature. 

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Their mutual love for the outdoors has led them to partake in a range of exciting pursuits such as hiking, skiing, swimming, and more. 

Has Oliver Appeared on Dr. Oz Show?

During his teenage years, he had the opportunity to make appearances alongside his father on the television show “Dr. Oz.” During his appearances, the father-son shared their love for meat and cooking with the show’s audience.

In one particular episode, they discussed their appreciation for meat-based dishes while highlighting the contrasting preference of Oliver’s mother and sisters for vegetable-focused meals.

As part of the episode, Oliver and his father even showcased a recipe for a delicious meal featuring grilled steak and cauliflower mash.

Apart from this, in 2014, he made a single appearance in the TV series, The Chew.

Is Oliver Oz Married? Who is his wife?

Oliver is married to his girlfriend-turned-wife Katherine Flinn. Surrounded by their loved ones, Oliver and Katherine exchanged vows in a heartfelt wedding ceremony on September 7th, 2022

They had fairly simple nuptials. In fact, Oliver wore a plain pink shirt and light brown pants and the bride looked radiant in a low-waist dress.

Oliver Oz and his wife at their wedding
Oliver had a plain marriage.

How did the pair first meet?

Their journey together began during their time as students pursuing their medical degrees at Columbia University. After dating for a while, the couple got engaged on June 2020. 

Oliver is married to Katherine.
Oz married his long-term girlfriend, Katherine.

They both frequently post about each other on their social media handles, where they can be seen exploring and traveling to different places. Katie is active on Instagram with the username @katiebflinn.

What Does He Do For A Living? His Career

As of now, Oz is not engaged in formal employment. That being said, he worked as an intern for Aisling Capital from January 2018 to August 2018. Additionally, he also worked for Concordia from June 2019 to September 2019.

However, his Instagram bio suggests that he has taken a keen interest in farming and fishing, labeling himself as a novice farmer and fisherman.

Judging from his education, we can say he will become a doctor eventually.

His Net Worth

Though he has no formal employment, Oliver’s net worth can be estimated to be around $100,000. Meanwhile, his parents have achieved significant financial success through their respective careers.

His father has an estimated net worth of approximately $200 million. His mother has a reported net worth of around $10 million.

Additionally, the combined assets of Dr. Mehmet Oz and Lisa Oz are valued at approximately $300 million in the market. 


How old is Oliver Oz?

Oliver is 24 years old as of 2023.

Is he married to anyone?

He is married to Katherine Flinn.