Painkiller Plot, Cast, Release Date, Expectation, Streaming Services, & More

By Aarone Hernandez | Published on: March 8, 2024 | Updated on: March 8, 2024
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Netflix is coming up with a true drama series, Painkiller very soon. With Peter Berg as the director of the show, this limited series will shed light on the grand opioid crisis that occurred around the 90s.

So, without further due, in this article, we bring you all that is to know about the upcoming show. What’s the plot for Painkiller? Who are the cast members? You’ll get all the answers and more.

Without delay, let’s get right into it!

Key Takeaways:

  • Painkiller is based on – (i) Pain Killer: An Empire of Deceit and the Origin of America’s Opioid Epidemic book by Barry Meir and (ii) a New Yorker article, The Family That Built an Empire of Pain by Patrick Radden Keefe.
  • It focuses on the story of the opioid crisis in America post-1996.
  • Actors like Matthew Broderick, Uzo Aduba, West Duchovny, Tyler Kitsh, and several other prominent actors star in the series.
  • It will premiere on 10th August 2023, produced by Netflix on its site.

What Is Plot?

The story for Painkiller comes from Barry Meir‘s book, Pain Killer: An Empire of Deceit and the Origin of America’s Opioid Epidemic, and Patrick Radden Keefe‘s article, The Family That Built an Empire of Pain, published in the New Yorker. In a way, it retells the true story of the opioid crisis in America after 1996.

Moreover, it intends on giving a somewhat brief explanation of the crime and those who are to blame. Not only this, but the 6-episodes-long drama series also plans to bring unheard stories to the front. With the main focus on the opioid crisis, Painkiller will give you details on real-life people who were affected deeply by the real-life health crisis.

Furthermore, the plot revolves around the notorious, Purdue Pharma – the huge pharmaceutical company with its hand in the production of OxyContin. In addition, it also encompasses the lives of those medical sales representatives who were paid a huge sum to promote the company’s highly addictive yet dangerous drug.

Thousands of Americans were affected by this deadly epidemic around the late 90s. Thus, the Netflix series, Painkiller plans to bring the truth out i.e., about how OxyContin, an opioid drug, ruined the lives of many seeking professional help.


Here is the list of the major Painkiller cast members. It stars mostly prominent actors including some newcomers.

Who Will Be Behind The Screens?

Off the screens, we have Peter Berg as the director, while Micah Fitzerman-Blue and Noah Harpster as the showrunners and writers. Moreover, Keefe, the writer of the New Yorker piece, and Alex Gibney are the executive producers. Barry Meir, the Pain Killer: An Empire of Deceit and the Origin of America’s Opioid Epidemic author, will serve as the consulting producer.

When Will The Limited Series Be Released?

Painkiller is set to be released on Thursday, 10th August 2023. It will officially be released by Netflix around its usual time i.e., 3 AM ET and 12 AM PT.

When Did They Begin Shooting For The Show?

The markers began shooting for the limited drama series in April 2021. Toronto, Canada is the main area they used for shooting. Everything for season 1 was wrapped up in November 2021.

Where Can You Watch ?

Since it will be released on Netflix, the official site to watch Painkiller will be Netflix itself. So, people who already have their subscription ready will be able to watch the crime/drama series without a hassle. Furthermore, those who want to watch the show must need their own subscription ready!

What Can We Expect From The Series, ?

Fans have been expecting a lot from the upcoming Netflix show. Its makers and artists have given us a promising idea of how the story is going to be. Hence, we have the full right to expect that this limited drama series will be a masterpiece.

Furthermore, with many reputed actors in the movie, including Orange is the New Black actress, Uzo Aduba, we strongly believe that Painkiller is going to be the show of the year. Over and above this, since it is based on true events, you can guess how interesting the plot of the whole show is going to be as well.

Regardless of what we believe, fans need to wait patiently till August for this eye-opening Netflix show.