Paula Profit, Ex-Girlfriend Of Charlie Sheen: Is She Married To Anyone?

By Aarone Hernandez | Published on: February 23, 2024 | Updated on: February 23, 2024
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Paula Profit is better known as the ex-girlfriend and baby mama of Two and a Half Men actor Charlie Sheen. The two were high school sweethearts who welcomed their daughter Cassandra very early on in their lives, from their 2-year long relationship.

After her split with Sheen, Profit barely makes public appearances. So, fans are curious about the whereabouts of Paula. Leaving her maiden name, she now goes by the surname “Speert”, so is she married? Let’s also know where does Profit live now.

Key Takeaways

  • Paula Profit is the high school sweetheart and baby mama of Charlie Sheen.
  • She was a teen when she and her former flame Charlie had their daughter, Cassandra Jade Estevez.
  • Profit’s daughter Cassandra is married to her husband, Casey Huffman.
  • As of now, Paula is married to Jokton Speert. The husband and wife duo currently lives in Oak Park, California.

Who Is ?

Profit is a former businesswoman who used to own the clothing line for kids, Jackson’s Clay Inc. and J-Play Worldwide in Southern California. Paula started Clay Inc. on February 11, 2002, but it was suspended on February 1, 2011.

Then, in 2008, she launched another business line, J-Play Worldwide. However, it was also terminated after three years on October 11, 2011. The discontinued business must be the result of a legal dispute with her business partner Paige.

Paula Faced Lawsuit: Allegations Of Physical Assault

In 2008, Paula faced an assault allegation over a broken business deal. According to TMZ, Charlie’s baby mama had to stand in court after her business partner, Paige Snear Apar sued her after a physical altercation.

Paige, who was a partner at Jackson’s Clay Inc., claimed $100,000 in damages stating that Paula beat her down in a room they shared during their stay at the Hilton Hotel on Sixth Ave, New York.

As filed in the lawsuit, Profit “suddenly, viciously, intentionally and maliciously struck (Paige) in the face with a wine glass.” The file further stated that the altercation started when Paige confronted Paula after seeing some shady money flow within the company which ended with a fight.

The follow-ups on the case remained away from the limelight.

Charlie’s Father Was Present In Court To Support Paula

When Paula was defending against the 2008 allegation of physical violence, Charlie’s father, Martin Sheen was present to support her since he and his wife, Janet, invested in the business.

Martin Sheen with his wife, Janet Sheen.

Later, the New York Daily News contacted Paige and she expressed her surprise over the fact that Martin was there to show his support.

“Martin was there? Oh, that’s kind,” she remarked at the time.

And Charlie Sheen Were High School Sweethearts

Although much never came to light, Paula and Charlie were high school sweethearts, but not necessarily responsible. They first came across while in Santa Monica High School in Santa Monica, where Sheen was also a friend of Robert Downey Jr.

In fact, the future lovebirds initially became friends and it gradually turned into a romance.

Profit and Her Ex-Boyfriend Charlie Became Parents As Teenagers

The ex-couple became parents when they were both teens, welcoming their daughter, Cassandra Jade Estevez, on December 12, 1984. Both Charlie Sheen and Paula were only 19 years of age when Cassandra was born.

Paula and Charlie’s relationship did not last long enough to get married and they parted ways soon after the birth of their daughter.

Daughter Cassandra Is Now Married

Paula’s daughter Cassandra is now a grown woman with a family of her own. She was 25 years old when she got married to her husband, Casey Huffman, on September 25, 2010. They had a private wedding ceremony with only family members at Bacara Resort, in Santa Barbara, California.

Paula's daughter Cassandra Jade Huffman is a married woman
Paula’s daughter Cassandra Jade Huffman with her husband Casey and daughter Luna

Almost three years after their marriage, Cassandra and Casey welcomed their daughter, Luna, making Charlie Sheen and Paula Speert grandparents for the first time, on July 17, 2013.

Later in the years, she and Casey welcomed two more kids: Jade and Sara.

Is Married?

Profit is married to a man named Jokton Speert. While Paula kept her marital status under wraps, the legal documents obtained by TMZ during Paula’s assault allegations listed a man named Jokton Speert among the defendant’s relatives.

Since she had already taken the last name “Speert”, it became evident that she had been married already.

After Her Split From Charlie Sheen, Paula Profit Speert Married Jokton Speert
Paula Profit Speert with her husband Jokton Speert

Although Paula and her spouse Speert don’t have any children together, her partner has a son named Jake Speert from his alleged-previous relationship.

What Does Paula’s Husband Do?

Her spouse Jokton, born on March 1, 1973, currently runs the food distribution service, Spirited Foods, through California Food Supply & Service, Inc.

Net Worth

With her business and her current husband’s line of work, Paula has an estimated net worth of $500,000 as of 2023.

On the other hand, her baby’s daddy Charlie Sheen has an estimated net worth of $10 million, garnered through his work as an actor, producer, screenwriter, and director. During his heydays, Sheen’s fortune stood at $150 million.

Where is Paula Profit now?

Currently, Paula lives with her husband Joktan Speert in Oak Park, California.

How old Is Paula?

Paula Profit Speert was born on December 31, 1957, which makes her 65 years old as of August 2023.