Quick Facts About Life Below Zero’s Star Curly Leach

By Anuja Uprety | Published on: January 24, 2024 | Updated on: January 24, 2024
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Curly Leach is one of the recognized cast members of the American documentary television series, Life Below Zero; Port Protection Alaska. The show airs on a National Geographic channel where audiences can watch the harsh lifestyle of the people of remote Alaska.

As a crucial member of the hit TV show, no wonder that his admirers are interested in knowing about his life outside of the camera. Lately, people seem to be concerned about his current updates. Many people even ask if he is dead or alive.

So, today, we have done our best to explore many details regarding him and his current whereabouts. Go through the article below.

Key Takeaways

  • Curly Leach is a reality television personality famous for his appearance in the documentary series Life Below Zero.
  • He was born in Rochester, Washington.
  • Curly has a sister and a brother.
  • He currently resides in Port Protection, Alaska.

Is From Port Protection Still Alive? What Has Happened To Him?

After two members of Port Protection, Gary Muehlberger and Litzi Botello died, there has been a lot of concern about Curly as well.

Addressing your concern, let us tell you that nothing has happened to Curly. He is alive and absolutely fine.

Curly is alive and kicking
Curly is accompanied by his dog. Source: Facebook

But, living in such a harsh lifestyle, Leach has learned to survive in a critical condition alongside his other colleagues.

Leach is Originally From Rochester, Washington

He was born in Rochester, Washington. Though his exact birth year is missing at this moment, he celebrated his birthday on May 29 every year. His birth name is Timothy ‘ Tim’ Leach.

The TV personality spent most of his early life in his native town before shifting to Alaska. As for education, he attended Rochester High School.

He Grew Up With His Brother And Sister

Curly had his upbringing alongside his two siblings, his brother Matt Leach and a sister Danette Crawford Leach.

His brother Matt currently is a resident of Lake Stevens, Washington. He is happily married to his wife Gretchen Leach and shares a son. Further, Danette is his older sister. She is already a grandmother of two adorable girls Mia & Julissa.

Besides, Leach has also mentioned a man named Danny Clark as his brother on his Facebook account.

Is Famous For His Appearance On Life Below Zero; Port Protection

As per IMDb, Curly has been cast in a total of 43 episodes in the TV series Life Below Zero; Port Protection from 2015 to 2023. The show has been documented on the northern tip of Prince of Wales Island in Southeast Alaska. It’s a remote area where the only way to reach there is either a boat or float plane.

In the show, he is known for his skill with a chainsaw and popular by the alias “the Lumberjack.” Currently, its 9th season has been on-aired. By promoting the show, Curly recently posted a post on his Facebook where he got a lot of good responses.

Curly also does fishing
Curly with a dead fish. Source: Facebook

Aside from his TV career, Leach is a self-employed commercial fisherman. He sells trolled-caught Salmon.

Is Married? 

Since there is no authentic information on Curly’s marriage available, we can’t claim that he is married and has a wife.

But, back in the year 2016, he posted a picture of a lady on his Facebook. Beneath the post, one of his Facebook friends commented,

awww hi curlys other half , very pretty

If this comment is taken into consideration, the unknown lady could be his wife or if not, she is surely his girlfriend.

Curly's assumed wife
Curly’s possible partner. Source: Facebook

How Did Make His Money? His Net Worth

Curly primarily makes money through the TV show Life Below Zero; Port Protection. And his net worth is estimated to be around $800k.