Sheryl Lee Ralph’s Daughter, Ivy-Victoria Maurice

By Anuja Uprety | Published on: February 27, 2024 | Updated on: February 27, 2024
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Ivy-Victoria Maurice (aka Ivy Coco) is the daughter of American actress and singer Sheryl Lee Ralph. Besides being a celebrity daughter, Ivy herself is an accomplished professional having a varied career just in her 20s. So, what does she actually do? 

Get detailed information about Ivy-Victoria Maurice including her age, parents, career, net worth, and many more.

Parents Divorce When She Was 7

Born on December 23, 1994, Ivy is currently 28 years of age. She was the youngest child of her parents Sheryl Lee Ralph and her now ex-husband Eric Maurice.

Young Ivy
Ivy in her childhood days. Source: Instagram

Similarly, Ivy grew up together with her parents and sibling until she was 7. Later on, her parents divorced, and for the next four years, she was singlehandedly raised by her mom until she remarried a politician, Vincent Hughes.

Besides, the star kid is of Afro-Jamaican descent including Cameroonian from her mom’s side and Euro-African-American from her dad. She holds American nationality.

Ivy-Victoria Was Named After Her Maternal Grandmother

Ivy’s maternal grandmother’s name was Ivy Ralph. She was a fashion designer and the creator of the Kariba Suit. Senior Ivy passed away at the age of 90 in 2018. Remembering her childhood, Maurice once said,

I grew up in my grandmother’s shop, seeing how she was able to dress politicians and beautiful women of the island. So all of that was rooted in who I was.

So, having a designer grandma, she was greatly influenced by her work so she followed in her footsteps and now she has also become a stylist.

Ivy’s College

As for education, Ivy studied at Syracuse University. From Syracuse, she graduated with Magna cum Laude in Economics and Retails Management. As a college student, she performed activities like managing budgets and working on public relations.

Ivy in her graduating day
Ivy during her graduating day with her family. Source: Instagram

Further, she was also involved in creating fashion shows, photo-shoot concepts, and styling clothing.

Is Absolutely Close To Her Mom

Maurice shares a close relationship with her mother Sheryl. She even considers her mom her heartbeat. On the occasion of Mother’s Day on May 14, 2023, Ivy shared a beautiful picture of her mom and captioned it,

Happy Mama’s Day to my heartbeat @thesherylleeralph. Thank you for being my guiding light and my piece of peace. I love you 💕

Also, she has always been her mother’s great supporter. Back in 2022, when her mom won her first Emmy award for her performance in Abbott Elementary, Ivy was the one who cheered the loudest for her mother’s accomplishment getting emotional and excited at the same time. She captured the moments and put the clip on her Instagram where she saw screaming with tears in her eyes.

Who Is Ivy’s Father?

As earlier mentioned, Ivy’s father is Eric Maurice. He is an entrepreneur and world traveler according to his Instagram intro. Further, he is also the c0- founder of a wholesale import and export company 1515 Design & Manufacturing.

Maurice founded his 1515 company together with his partner Francis Delpech.

Ivy-Victoria’s Siblings: She Has A Older Brother

Ivy is a younger sister to her brother Etienne Maurice who was born on November 20, 1992. He is currently 31 years old and is a filmmaker by profession. As per his LinkedIn account, he is currently the CEO and founder of a hybrid independent FILM & TELEVISION production company, WalkGood Productions.

Ivy-Victoria Maurice and her brother
Ivy-Victoria with her older brother. Source: Instagram

Ivy serves the position of Vice-president in her brother’s production company. In both professional and personal life, the brother-sister duo is each other’s strong backup. In fact, Victoria considers her big bro the greatest blessing in her life. On his 30th birthday, she shared a sweet post dedicated to her only sibling and wrote,

Cheers to 30 years of life to my incredible brother @walkgoodetienne ! One of my biggest blessings in life is being your little sister(even though everyone thinks we are twins 😂). God knew exactly what he was doing when he created you.

In the caption, she further praises her brother and assures him that she will always be there for him whenever he needs her and thanked him for his presence as well.

is In Multiple Profession; Her Career Detail

As previously stated, she is the vice president of her brother’s company WalkGood Productions. Apart from that, she is also an entrepreneur, stylist, creative director of Walk Good Wear clothing brand, and Creative consultant.

Further, Ivy is a forthright journalist and currently working as a community manager at Ustawi Skincare on a contract basis.

Starting her professional career in 2012, it’s been over a decade since Ivy has been actively working. Let’s have a look at her working experience.

Company Position Task Working Tenure
Ustawi Skincare Social Media Marketing Consultant
  • Monitor  performance metrics and effectiveness of the strategy
  • Pitch and identify social media trends
  • Produce content
June 2021- present Life & Style blogger
  • Create video content for social media
  • Writing blog posts, style photoshoots, creating partnerships, and many related things
September 2015- present
Lonny Magazine Contributing Writer
  • Create content and articles, research, and curate image into articles
June 2020 – June 2021
KTLA Entertainment Host
  • Creating entertainment segments, hosting and presenting
Dec 2019 – Jan 2021
Ebony Media Contributing Writer
  • Researching information, writing, and editing
June 2018 – Oct 2019
AMCONYC Content Creator Contributor
  • Creating stories, researching information, writing and posting blog
May 2017 – July 2017
EMS Consulting Administrative Fashion Intern
  • Researched upcoming color, embellishment, and style trends, created a database, Sample presentation, packed and shipped samples, and tracked the progress
May 2012 – Aug 2013
PsyQic Social Media Writer
  • Wrote articles on subjects like  pop culture, technology, business, and politics and posted on social media
Sep 2012 – Jan 2013

Ivy-Victoria Also Has Worked As Her Mom’s Stylist

For the past several years, Ivy has also been her famous mother’s stylist. She first styled her mom during Abbott Elementary Press with the help of many other designers which she mentioned on her socials.

Ivy also work as her mother's stylist
Ivy-Victoria Maurice has often styled her mom.

In December 2022, she wrote a post on her Insta which said,

I’ve been very lowkey about styling my mother. What started as a joke in my apartment, when my mom said “Coco, help me put some looks together for Abbott Elementary Press” (slide 9) I laughed, and I took 2 days to create some looks and 6 months later, My mom is named one of The New York Times Most Stylish People of 2022.

What’s more, she has also designed dresses for her mother Sheryl several times and now the Abbott Elementary star has hired her daughter as her designer.

Maurice Is Also A HIV/AIDS Youth Ambassador

Ivy also works for social causes. She has been an HIV youth ambassador and retail manager for The D.I.V.A Foundation since 2007. Being the ambassador, she encourages people to openly talk about sex and have regular blood check-ups if required.

She once talked about HIV/AIDS benefits to myKEEtv Caribbean Talent Network.

Further, she is also a co-founder of Party With A Purpose which raised money to work for the children affected by HIV/AIDS in South Africa.

Like To Do Yoga; Her Other Interest

Since her high school days, Ivy has been consistently doing yoga. Every morning, she doesn’t miss her favorite exercise which calms her spirit.

Ivy-Victoria loves doing yoga
Ivy-Victoria is a yoga enthusiast.

When she was once asked about how Yoga influenced her life, she answered,

Anytime I feel like I need a release, clarity, or just a simple breather, I always pull out my mat. My mat is my safe place. I come to my mat, for me , and for me only. My daily yoga practice has allowed me to think about how I view myself, rather than how others choose to view me.

As a yogic person, she is also associated with a non-profit organization called WalkGood LA and highly advocates for mental health as well.

Besides, she also loves to listen to music, journal (part of her job), aromatherapy, and sunsets.

Is Dating A Boyfriend?

Well, Ivy is most likely to be single at present since her social media handles don’t give any clue about her love life. Though she is very open regarding her personal and professional life, she is yet to share her romantic affairs in the public domain.

As a result, we found it safe to consider her single, however, the probability of her having a boyfriend cannot be denied after all she is an adult.

Ivy-Victoria Was Bullied For Her Looks; Her Self-Love Journey

While growing up, she suffered an acne problem which kind of diminish her confidence as a child. While having an exclusive talk with Complex, Ivy got back to her school memories when she was taunted and bullied for her looks and skin condition. In this regard, she said,

“I’ll never forget in high school, whew, “I really liked this boy, and he came to one of my basketball games to support me and he came with his friends, and they’re all laughing at me. One day, I was like ‘why are they laughing?’  And [the guy] said: ‘The nickname they have for you is pizza face’ My heart just sank.”

She said that with acne, it comes hyperpigmentation and that really lowers her self-esteem. But with the help of her mom, some skincare routines, and self-love, she gains the confidence she has today.

Ivy Is On Instagram With The Name ‘Ivy Coco’ 

She is hugely active on Instagram with the name Ivy Coco Maurice. She has 97k followers on her Insta page. Ivy keeps sharing her personal and professional life. She also had a Twitter account.

Her Net Worth

She is currently worth $200,000. Having been in multiple professions, Ivy has earned quite a good amount of money. Meanwhile, her mom Sherly owns a fortune of $5 million.