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By Aarone Hernandez | Published on: January 22, 2024 | Updated on: January 22, 2024
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You might recognize Sierra McClain from the 2007 rom-com, Daddy’s Little Girls. Well, since her first-ever role on the big screen, Sierra has all grown up. At present, she’s one the most gorgeous actors/singer known widely across America. And, you know how it is; with popularity comes people who want to know all about your life, especially your dating life.

So, take a look below to know everything about the young actress. You’ll find exciting details on her love life, family, career, and more here.

Key Takeaways

  • Sierra McClain isn’t planning on getting married soon.
  • She was born as the eldest daughter of Michael McClain and Shontell.
  • Sierra has three siblings, Lauryn McClain, China Anne McClain, and Gabriel McClain.
  • Her professional journey took a massive hit because of her sister, China Anne.

Relationship With Her Co-Star, Jim Parrack; Are They Dating?

The procedural drama show, 9-1-1: Lone Star, first aired in 2020. It has McClain starring in the lead role of Grace Ryder. Along with her, there’s her co-star, Jim Parrack who showcases the role of a handsome firefighter, Judd.

Giving you a little context, the two of them have great chemistry on the TV series. But our question is, do they have the same chemistry in real life too? Well, unfortunately, they do not.

Upon investigation, we noticed that Parrack is a happily married man. He exchanged vows with his wife, Hayley Walters in 2022. So, there’s no way of him having a romantic relationship with Sierra. Whatever you see on your screens is limited to just that.

Over and above that, Sierra is also not dating anyone else as well. She is single as of 2023.

The Actress Does Not Plan To Marry Anytime Soon

She might feel like she’s still very young to be married. Or perhaps, does not have time to commit just yet. Regardless, it is evident that Sierra will not marry anytime soon.

Moreover, the 30-year-old is still presumed single. But, nothing is known about her past boyfriends too. Hence, it is possible that the actress is trying to maintain a low profile with her love life.

She Was Born Into A Family Of Artists

She was born, Sierra Aylina McClain to her parents, Michael McClain and Shontell. As the first child of the pair, she came into this world on 16th March 1994 in Decatur, Georgia.

Interestingly enough, both her father and mother are in showbiz. Michael is a music producer. He has a great reputation for producing Solo Star, the debut album of Solange Knowles in 2002. Likewise, his partner is a songwriter who previously had a career in screenwriting.

While star kids are often repulsed by their parents’ careers in entertainment, Sierra, thankfully was not. She even followed their footsteps into a career in music later on.

Sierra Is The Eldest Of Three Siblings

She isn’t the only one to get all the good genes. Mr. and Mrs. McClain have given birth and raised four children, including Sierra. Lauryn McClain, China Anne McClain, and Gabriel McClain are her siblings.


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Lauryn is the second child, born on 9th January 1997, and; China Anne on 25th August 1998. To further add, like her, Aylina’s sisters are actresses too. The trio has worked on many projects together. Daddy’s Little Girls has to be their most prominent work so far. The siblings also go by a famous moniker, “Thriii“.

Similarly, Gabriel is the youngest one and the only son of his family. He was born on 17th April 2001. Since he is very young at the moment, it is hard to figure out whether or not he’s attracted to the limelight.

Was Noticed Famously When She Was Only 10 Years Old

Actually, it was only because of her younger sister, China that McClain was able to begin her acting journey. Her career had already begun in 2004. And, in 2005, by introducing both Sierra and Lauryn to her show producer, the girls landed their roles in Daddy’s Little Girls. 

Eventually, the oldest McClain sibling was able to start an acting career of her own. Among all the works she did previously, Aylina is known for her roles in Shrink and A.N.T Farm. In the current day and age, she is admired for her parts in the shows, Empire, and 9-1-1: Lone Star.

She Is Also A Singer

It seems she was highly influenced by her musical parents growing up because McClain is greatly interested in singing as well. Actually, she is somewhat of a well-known musician too.

Now, although much is unknown about this side of her professional life, we do know that she has released a few songs with her sisters. Their works include Call All The Monsters, My Sanity, Go, The Grea Drive, Rise, Black Girl Magic, and many more.

McClain Shares Her Massive Net Worth With Her Family Living In Georgia

As of 2024, Sierra has a net worth of $2 million. She shares this massive income of hers with her loving family; who, by the way, are quite well off too. Since both her parents are artists and her sisters are actresses, there’s no doubt that the family of six has a well-settled life together.

Furthermore, at present, the actress still lives under her parents’ roof. Her dad and mom, Michael and Shontell have a house in Atlanta, Georgia. They moved there from Decatur.