Tim Ferris Looking For Girlfriends In Dating App: His Relationship Since 2011

By Aarone Hernandez | Published on: January 27, 2024 | Updated on: January 27, 2024
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The 46-year-old entrepreneur, Tim Ferris talks quite about his love life online – typically, on his Twitter. But, as sad as it is, he does not ever reveal who he’s dating. Over and above that, he has tweets dating back to 2011 hinting at probably his girlfriend at that time. If we take a look, it seems he’s dating the same person for over 10 years;  but is he, though? That’s for you to find out.

Peek below to find the answers you need – is Tim Ferris in a relationship or single in 2023? Let’s read to find out.

Key Takeaways:

  • Tim Ferris has posted tweets about having a “girlfriend” for a long time. Many believe that he is talking about only one woman, but some believe he’s had multiple girlfriends.
  • He possibly dated Kate Adams and Natalie Sisson in the past.
  • He also had a half-Indian ex-partner.
  • In 2023, he is exploring online dating and does not have a fully committed girlfriend.

Tim Ferris’s Previous Tweets About His Girlfriends

Ferris is not like your typical celebrity. Unlike anyone famous, he does not hide gossip. And, when we say this, we’re directly hinting at his dating life. If you’ve followed the man on Twitter for a while, you’ll know what we’re exactly talking about.

It goes without saying that he enjoys throwing a few whispers about his dating life online. This has almost left his fans bewildered; is he with only one person or is he talking about different women? That’s a mystery in itself.

But, his casual use of the word “girlfriend” is so interesting! For example, he wrote on 16th May 2021,

“I’m thinking of a miniseries marathon today, a rainy day in Austin. What is a great mini-series that I could finish in one day with my gf?”

Into that bargain, he’s also shared glimpses of his alleged partner playing with his dog; but with her face hidden. On his last ever post mentioning his girlfriend, we see his dog being fed hotdogs by his lover who is hiding beneath the little guy. He has also posted a video of this very funny act.

From their funny banters to showing off the talents of his “girlfriends”, you’ll find the tweets without a hassle on his profile.

Tim Ferris’ Rumored Ex-Girlfriends

Despite being a famed writer, podcaster, and lifestyle guru, Ferris likes to lay low when it comes to his lovers. Yes, he has posted about his girlfriends here and there but has never revealed their names, let alone their faces, with his fans.

However, the fans are very sharp – they’ve dug out possible women whom Tim could have dated at some point in his life. Kate Adams and Natalie Sisson are two girls he has possibly been in a relationship with.

Kate Adams

Ferris’s first known (and somewhat rumored) girlfriend was with Kate. The ex-duo dated for a while back in 2004, ending their affair in 2008.

As far as our research goes, Adams is a photographer. She resides and operates her business in LA.

It is also evident that Tim and Kate traveled a lot during their 4-year-long relationship. Additionally, she’s believed to have helped him with his self-help book, 4-Hour Workweek.

Relationship With Natalie Sisson

In 2009, he was dating Natalie Sisson, a business consultant and author. But, of course, these were just allegations; Tim never confirmed his affair with her.

Furthermore, contrary to what many believe, even if they did, they did not date until 2012. So, how do we know this? Obviously, through Ferris’s Twitter.

On 2nd March 2011, he wrote,

“Just came down with a strong fever. Wish I had a girlfriend to make me stew and take care of me…”

To sum it up, we think they only had a fling. Since he’d just gotten out of a 5-year-long relationship, Tim might not have wanted to commit. Then again, they might not have been together at all too.

Tim Ferris’ Indian Girlfriend; Who’s She?

When it comes to his exes, people wonder if he ever had an Indian girlfriend. Well, believe it or not, but one of his former partners was half-Indian.

Through Tim’s tweet from 22nd July 2015, it can be confirmed that he once dated a partly Indian woman. He wrote,

“My half-Indian gf and I are having a debate. Attention Indians (dot, not feater), do you prefer being called ‘Indian’ or ‘Asian’.”

Moreover, people believe that he and his exotic lover were together from 2013 to 2018. But, like any of his other girlfriends, she was kept hidden.

Tim’s Probably Finding Partner On Dating App In 2023

Tim’s current dating life is as a mystery as it has always been. In 2023, he stopped posting tweets about having a partner in his life. Moreover, even on his Instagram, he does not seem to have any posts hinting at a girlfriend.

Having said that, however, it seems that the Tools of Titans writer is trying online dating for the very first time in his life. In his recent tweet on 4th March 2023, he posted a meme regarding the chaos of dating online; girls aren’t “entertained” by him.

Following this, there was a surge of comments. The co-founder of Bloomtech, Asten Allred, for instance, asked if “online dating with a famous name/face suck more or less than normal”. To this, Tim replied,

“Sucks differently. Attracts a lot of crazies.”

Moreover, since there have not been any follow-up tweets, we either assume that Ferris is still trying his best to find people online to date, or has given up already and is enjoying his single life.

Is Wedding A Plan For The Future For Ferris?

So far, Tim Ferris does not seem to have any plans for a wedding.

Speculating that he’s still on dating apps, it will take the life coach some months, even years, to find the perfect girlfriend. Even more so, we’re talking about his wife here; the one who’ll accompany him throughout his life. So, it is pretty obvious that he has to think a lot, along with putting in the effort, before he finally commits to someone he meets online, or otherwise.

Alas, it is up to Ferris. Even if he, very soon, decides to tie the knot, we’re sure he won’t fail to let his beloved fans know through his tweets.