Truth About Karoline Leavitt’s Husband: Planning Wedding With Her Boyfriend?

By Anuja Uprety | Published on: March 1, 2024 | Updated on: March 1, 2024
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Karoline Leavitt gained media attention for being the youngest Republican candidate running for Congress in New Hampshire. Well, her fame has also gathered eyeballs questioning her marital status. In case, she is married, who is her husband? 

Further, there’s also a rumor that she previously dated a man named Cody Demers with whom she is no longer together. So, what’s the truth? Who is her rumored boyfriend Cody?

Well, keeping that in mind, we are here to explore Karoline’s love life. Stay in tune to know.

Who Is Karoline Leavitt’s Husband? Is She Even Married?

The 25-year-old Karoline is not married yet, so there’s no way for her to have a husband. Further, she is just in her mid-20s so, there’s no rush for her to settle down as she has still a long way to go.

Going through her socials, it seems Leavitt’s only concern right now is her career in politics. Probably, very soon she will give a thought to her marriage as well. But what about her relationship status; is she dating a boyfriend at present?

Is Karoline Leavitt Dating A Boyfriend In 2023?

Since Karoline hasn’t mentioned anyone as her boyfriend so far,  it’s quite difficult to say with certainty if she is currently in a relationship. However, looking at her Instagram, it seems she is dating a man named Cody Demers. Back on December 11, 2020, she shared her picture together with Cody on her Insta page with a caption,

A White House Christmas ❤️🇺🇸 🎄

Karoline with her assumed boyfriend Cody Demers
Karoline and her partner Cody. Source: Instagram

And beneath the post, many users commented such as, “most fire couple! ❤️ two amazing peeps!“, “you guys look amazing😍“, “What a gorgeous coupleee! ❤️” and many others which led us to speculate if the two are a romantic couple.

In recent times, Karoline and her alleged boyfriend Cody have hardly appeared together in public, so there’s also a rumor that the two have broken up. But, since none of them have deleted their posts, there is hope that they could be still dating.

Karoline and Cody’s Family Are Close; Is There Chance Of Their Marriage?

Not only Karoline and Cody are close, but their family ties are also equally strong. The two often go on holidays with their family members together. Back in July 2021, Cody spent his time together with Karoline’s father and other family members, and their moments were shared on Facebook.

But despite the family bonding, Karoline and Cody have not made any public statement about the possibility of future marriage.

Karoline and her siblings with Cody
Karoline is rumored bf Cody with her siblings. Source: Facebook

For now, all we can do is wait before the couple makes a decision.

Who Is Karoline’s Rumored Partner, Cody Demers?

Her rumored boyfriend Cody is a civil engineer. Born in Dracut, Massachusetts, he completed his high school study at Central Catholic and later enrolled in Merrimack College where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering.

As per his LinkedIn account, he has been working as an Assistant Superintendent at NEI Construction since March 2022. Prior to this, he has already been an employee at Genuine Builders, Consigle Construction Co., Inc.

Further, Karoline’s man is also a former athlete. He played football from the position of wide receiver while studying at Merrimack College. Demers was inducted into the Central Catholic Athletic Hall of Fame for his contribution to Football in May 2022.

Leavitt’s Other Relationships

Besides Cody, no other rumor about Karoline’s affairs has surfaced in the media. As far as the media informed, her other relationships only include her family relations and her relations with her job.