Weslie Fowler Hair: Is She Naturally Curly? Interesting Facts

By Aarone Hernandez | Published on: March 13, 2024 | Updated on: March 13, 2024
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If you know Weslie Fowler, you are probably curious about her beautiful hair. The celebrity daughter is keen on changing her hairstyle quite often. Lately, Allison Holker’s oldest born is flaunting her curly hair. Her new hairstyle has also raised questions about whether her hair is naturally curly.

Well, in this article, we are going to answer every question about her hair. Continue reading the article to find the answers.

Is Weslie Fowler’s Hair Naturally Curly?

To be precise, Weslie has curly hair naturally. Though she does sometimes carry straight hair, the natural texture of her hair is curly. So, how do we know this? Well, we went on to check her childhood photos where Weslie seems to clearly carry naturally wavy hair in most of her photos.

Weslie Fowler Has Naturally Curly Hair
Weslie Fowler Has Naturally Curly Hair

She loves to change her hair quite often and has lately been flexing her curly hairstyle.

Her Mother Posted A Clip After Weslie Changed Her Hairstyle

Back in January 2021, Weslie’s mother Allison posted a video clip on Instagram flexing their new hairstyle. In the video clip, we can see not only Allison but also Weslie and her dad Stephen Boss dancing to a beat. In the caption of the post, Allison writes,

NEW HAIR FLEX!!! ✨ Fun girls day! WESLIE rocking her natural curls


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Does Weslie Boss Use Hair Extension

Apparently, Weslie does not seem to have used hair extensions in her public appearances. Having said that, we know for a fact that using hair extensions is pretty normal these days. Since it adds extra density to the hair, not only girls but even boys love to use it.

Does She Dye Her Curls?

Weslie has blond hair naturally. She does not seem to be a big fan of changing her hair color but she does experiment with it on occasion.

Allison Holker's Daughter Weslie Tries Out New Hair Color and Style
Allison Holker’s Daughter Weslie Tries Out New Hair Color and Style

There are numerous photos of her on social media which show her with new hair colors.