What Does Robbie Knievel’s Daughter Karmen Knievel Do? Is She Married?

By Anuja Uprety | Published on: January 24, 2024 | Updated on: January 24, 2024
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Karmen Knievel is the daughter of the late American motorcyclist and stunt performer Robbie Knievel. Among Robert’s three daughters, Karmen is the only one who mostly avoids media interaction. So, there has been a lot of curiosity regarding her especially after her famous dad tragically died back in January 2023. 

As a result, we are here today with the intention of addressing your concerns and curiosities. To know about Karmen, have a close look at the following article.

Key Takeaways

  • Karmen Knievel is the middle daughter of the late Daredevil Robbie Knievel.
  • She has one older half-sister Maria and a younger one Krysten. All of them were unaware of their blood relations while growing up.
  • Travelling is Karmen’s real job as per her sisters.
  • She is married to her husband David Prieto.
  • As far as the media is informed, Karmen resides with her family in Missoula, Montana.

Was Born When Her Parents Were Still A Teenager

Karmen was born in the year 1980 which makes her 44 years old in 2024. At the time of her birth, her dad Robbie was just 18 years old and her mom was around that age. Knievel’s parents who were a teenager first met in Montana and started their relationship.

Later, Karmen arrived in this world but her arrival couldn’t bind her parents together. As a child, she mostly grew up together with her matriarch in Montana, and much later, her dad adopted her. Regarding this, her half-sister Krysten once revealed the narration made by her mom about Karmen in her blog and wrote,

Her (Karmen) mom and your dad met in Montana, and they were both very young. Your dad was traveling a lot at the time and starting his career, so Karmen’s mom decided that it would be best if her significant other adopt Karmen at the time, and be her father figure. You’re dad was so young and he agreed it would be the best thing for her.”

As for ethnicity, Karmen has an ancestry of German and Irish from her father’s side and is probably Caucasian from her mom’s.

Has Two Half-Sisters; Who Are They?

Besides Karmen, her dad Robbie was a father of two daughters named Krysten Knievel and Maria ‘Mia’ Knievel from different women.

Krysten is the youngest among Knievel broods. She was born in 1987 and is currently 37 years old. She is an actress and singer known for Auctions Kings (2010), and Knievel’s Wild Ride (2005). The youngest, Kristen is now happily married to her husband Jeffrey G. Hansson, and is a mother of three.

Karmen Knievel has two half-sisters
Karmen with her younger sister Krysten. Source: Facebook

Further, Maria is Karmen’s recently identified half-sister who is older than her. Born in 1979, she is currently 45 years old. She is a hair colorist and stylist. Maria is also married and has children.

Karmen Met Her Sister Krysten At The Age of 17 And Maria At 39

Surprisingly, all three Knievel sisters were unaware of their existence as a child. Their blood relations were identified many years later.

Karmen got to know her younger sister Krysten when she was 17. In this respect, Krysten opened up about how her parents approached revealing the truth about Karmen. In a blog, she wrote,

Karmen, she’s 17 and she is your sister. I’m sorry I never told you sooner, but she got ahold of Grandma Lin (my dad’s mother) and asked for my number.”

After that, the two newly identified siblings went on phone calls for months and finally met in person at Vegas airport. At the time, they found it really weird how to respond. In this respect, Krysten added,

I hugged my dad and then looked at Karmen. We both stood there for a moment unsure of how to act, then we hugged each other.

Further, Karmen’s blood relation with her other sister Maria was discovered in the year 2019 when she was already 39.  In an interview with The Bay Ragni Show, Maria said that she went through a patriarchal test in the year 2019 which proved that she is the biological daughter of a stuntman Robbie, and then met her two sisters.

Father Died Of Pancreatic Cancer In 2023

Her father, Robbie, a well-accomplished stunt artist, is no longer alive in the world. He died at the age of 60 on January 30, 2023, in Reno Nevada after losing his battle against pancreatic cancer.

Karmen's dad was an accomplished stunt artist
Karmen’s late father Robbie. Source: NBC News

The son of late stunt performer Evel Knievel, Robbie started as a stuntman to give continuity to the legacy of his father. He made several records in his career but his most notable records include his televised jumps at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas in 1989 and a Grand Canyon chasm in 1999.

What Does Robbie Knievel’s Daughter, Do? 

Well, in her 40s, Karmen doesn’t do anything but travel. During an interview at The Bay Ragni Show, her sisters talked about her way of living. When an interviewer asked, “What is your other sister doing these days?” Maria replied

She is gypsey, that girl is a travelling gypsey that all she does see we call her Robbie 2.0

Maria further added, “She is just going and doing Carmen that’s what she does.”

Is A Married Woman; Who Is Her Husband?

Karmen is happily married to her husband David Prieto. Since the star kid opted for a private life, neither the information on her marital details nor about her husband is available.

However, we believe that the couple has had a great marriage together for several years and may also share children. They now reside in Missoula, Montana.

What Is Karmen’s Net Worth?

As per sources, she has a net worth of around $800k. The major amount of money is from the wealth she inherited from her late father who had an estimated net amount of $2 million at the time of his death.