What Does Skyla Brae Kelley Do? About Mary Lou Retton’s Daughter

By Aarone Hernandez | Published on: January 19, 2024 | Updated on: January 19, 2024
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Skyla Brae Kelley is the daughter of the popular former gymnast Mary Lou Retton. Unlike her popular mother, she has mostly stayed away from the spotlight. She also has three other siblings who are also gymnasts.

Here, we will talk about the life Skyla Brae is living. Following this, we will also learn what she has been doing lately and how her life has been until today.

Skyla Brae Kelly: Life of The Daughter of Mary Lou Retton

Skyla was born on 30th August 2000 to one of the most popular gymnasts, Mary Lou Retton, and her husband Shannon Kelley. She is the third child of the couple who was born and grew up in Houston, Texas.

Brae along with her other siblings were given a life to wish for by their well-to-do parents.

Skyla Started Gymnastics At The Age of 3

Like her mother, Kelley had a spark for aerobics and showed it at an early age too. Her well-established gymnast sister McKenna once shared how she along with her sisters started training when they were three years old.

Following this, Skylar’s sister also added that her mother never forced them into it. They learned it all while jumping on the trampoline as a child.

Brae Was a Well-Recognized High-school Cheerleader

Despite being assumed as a to-be gymnast, Skylar’s interest later shifted towards cheerleading. She started as a cheerleader in her high school and continued it for four years.

Along with school-level cheerleading, Kelly also participated in several cheerleading competitions.

She Is A Tech Graduate: Skyla Brae’s Career

In May of 2023, Skyla graduated from Texas Tech University. She shared moments from her graduation on her Instagram account alongside her friends and family.


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Bae graduated with a major in Communication and Media Studies. According to her LinkedIn account, the 23 year old plans to work in the field of her interest, i.e., Marketing.

About Skyla’s Parents, Mary Lou and Shannon Kelley

Brae’s parents met at The University of Texas at Austin where they both were students. Mary and Shannon married a year after in 1990 after graduating from college.

Shannon previously worked as a partner at an investment firm and also a real estate developer. Later, he discovered his real interest in football and decided to pursue his career as a college coach.

Lou and Kelly gave birth to four daughters, Shayla, McKenna, Skyla, and Emma together. All their children as mentioned earlier are somehow inclined to the field of gymnastics. Among them, McKenna was successful in getting second place at the 2019 NCAA Gymnastics Championship.

They Divorced After Nearly 30 years of Marriage

After 28 years of being married, the couple decided to separate.  Mary announced they officially divorced in February of 2018 while she was participating in DWTS.

Skyla’s mom also shared that she felt alone as she had to make the decision to divorce. She also shared that they divorced only because they felt they were growing apart with time.

it was that we grew apart

Skyla’s Father Remarried in 2022

As of 2023, the gymnast’s ex-husband is remarried. He is married to Kathy Kelley for a while now. Skyla posted a sweet post on the occasion of his marriage and several pictures along with her family members.

Unlike, Shannon, Kelley has not been involved in any romantic relationships after the divorce. She also does not seem to have plans to get married again.

Is Skyla Brae Dating Anyone?

Yes, Skyla has been in a relationship with her boyfriend Thomas Pourr for quite some time now. We do not have many details about their relationships but we can assume that they might have met through college or peer groups.

Both Brae and Pourr are active on Instagram and often share pictures of each other. They seem to have immense appreciation and love for each other. They are supposed to have been together since April of 2023.

Boyfriend, Thomas shares a Beautiful Bond with her Family

Not only with her girlfriend, Thomas has been able to bond well with her family members as well. We can see several pictures of him along with her sisters as well as her father.

We can also see funny comments, Kelley’s father has made under one of the post of Thomas’s on his Instagram account. In a picture of him and Skyla, Shannon commented, “My cutie pie and the “hairy-legged boy”!
🤣😂🤣 “. This shows how close of a bond they both share.

Skyla Comes From A Family Of Millionaires

Despite the short career Skyla’s mom had in the field of gymnasts, she gained great success in a very short time. Along with her mom, her dad made pretty well and as of today, they both are millionaires.

Brae’s mother, May Lou has a net worth of $2 million whereas her father, Shannan has a net worth of $5 million.

Skyla’s Mother Suffered From Rare Pneumonia

Their mother, Mary Lou was admitted to the hospital under the intensive care unit. The former gymnast was admitted due to a rare type of pneumonia. The news about her not being well was shared by Skyla’s sister, McKenna through a story on her Instagram account.

She added that Mary has not been able to breathe on her own and pleaded with everyone to wish for her recovery.