What Happened To Kassandra Arevaloz? Her Obituary

By Aarone Hernandez | Published on: January 16, 2024 | Updated on: January 16, 2024
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Kassandra Arevaloz met with an untimely death on 30th May 2023. She wasn’t as famous before she left this world. However, the connections to her gruesome murder compelled people to talk more about her. So, what happened to Arevaloz? Who was her killer? We heard that her killer was her boyfriend, Avante Rose, who killed himself after the horrific act; who was he?

Please read the following article to learn everything about Kassandra and her death.

Key Takeaways

  • Kassandra Arevaloz was killed at 6:11 A.M. in the morning by her boyfriend.
  • Her murderous partner fled the scene and shot himself to death on 1st June 2023. He was found dead in his car.
  • Her memorial service was held at the Greater Mt. Carmel Baptist Church in LA, California.

What Happened To ? Her Obituary

As already mentioned, Arevaloz was heartlessly murdered by her boyfriend, Avante Rose. It was reported in the papers that the couple had been involved in a heated argument since a day before the incident. Subsequently, the fight turned into a homicide

On 30th May 2023, Kassandra was found dead in her apartment. She lived at 23701 South Western Avenue in Torrance, California. As per the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner’s records, she was killed sometime around 6:11 A.M. in the morning that day.

Furthermore, Sargent Ron Salary of the Torrance Police Department was on her case. He reported that “no additional victims” were discovered besides Arevaloz. Immediately, he arranged a search party to look for her killer, aka, her lover, Rose.

Kassandra’s Alleged Killer Shot Himself Merely Days After Killing Her

Avante Rose had fled the scene following the killing of his girlfriend. The police and the neighborhood were on the lookout for him, only to realize that he killed himself as well.

After committing a reckless act, Rose shot himself to death on 1st June 2023. The official reports of his case claim that he was found dead in his car; the time of his death being 1:11 A.M. He was 44 years old.

Avante Rose, Aka, A.R. Was The Game’s Associate and Best Friend

Arevaloz’s boyfriend wasn’t famous, but his best friend sure was. Following the rise of the case, The Game, a Compton-based rapper, revealed that Rose was his best bud. This further shocked many people, including those who followed him and those who did not. In turn, the heartfelt case of murder-suicide became a fiery “talk of the town.”

On the other hand, Rose was known as a local rapper too. Those who followed him, knew him by the moniker, A.R. Additionally, he was an associate of his friend, The Game or Jayceon Taylor. Jayceon and Avante knew each other and had been good friends since kindergarten.

The Game Posted A Tribute For The Murder-Suicide Case Of Kassandra & Avante

The Game took to Instagram to express his grief about his friend’s death and the crime that he had committed. Actually, he was one of the first ones to announce that Rose had passed away after being involved in an “apparent murder-suicide.”


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Moreover, the rapper posted a series of pictures of Avante with him and other known rappers like Dr. Dre, Drake, and Snoop Dogg. In a heartfelt caption, he wrote,

“I’m crying while I type this because I miss you so much!! My emotions are all over the place because of the entire situation & it’s hard to feel the way a person should normally feel when losing a friend, brother.”

By further addressing the death of Kassandra, The Game also wrote,

“I send a tremendous amount of prayers to her family and my heart is with you all as you process the untimely death of your daughter, sister, niece, cousin, family member.”

At present, however, the post has already been deleted from his account.

How Old Was When She Passed Away?

At the time of her death, Kassandra was only 29 years old. Although her exact date of birth is unknown, we believe that she was born around the years, 1994 to 1993.

On top of that, she was Hispanic by birth. Sources also claim that she grew up in the neighborhoods of LA, California. Now, the names of her parents are unknown, but we do know that her mother’s maiden name was Garcia.

Kassandra Was A Beloved Daughter, Sister & Friend

Arevaloz’s death shocked the entire city, but her family and friends faced a profound impact. They lost a beautiful soul who loved her close ones dearly. In the obituary, they expressed,

“You (Kassandra) touched so many people with your big heart, your sweet words, and your contagious smile. You were and always will be a great daughter, sister, aunt, cousin, grand daughter, and friend… always putting those you loved before yourself and always giving your heart, kindness, and helpfulness to those that were in need.”

Additionally, a few of her family and friends also posted tributes for her on their respective social media handles. One of her friends since kindergarten, Lupe Reyes, posted pictures of her with the caption,

“May you RIP baby girl I wish this was just a bad dream, I don’t wanna accept the fact that you’re gone but I have to, ugh gone but never forgotten.”

Kassandra’s last rituals were performed on 24th June 2023 at Greater Mt. Carmel Baptist Church in California.