What Is Brandon Routh’s Net Worth? Income Source, Salary, Cars

By Aarone Hernandez | Published on: January 20, 2024 | Updated on: January 20, 2024
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Brandon Routh is a multi-talented actor who has established a reputation in the entertainment industry by portraying the iconic superhero Superman. As a renowned figure in comic book adaptations and a respected artist, questions about his financial success often arise.

In this article, we will look more into Brandon’s net worth and¬†explore the financial status of the actor.

What Is Brandon Routh’s Net Worth?

The American actor has a net worth of a whopping $12 million. Routh has had a successful and diverse career in both Hollywood and the fashion industry. He made his mark in comic book adaptations, as Superman in “Superman Returns” and Ray Palmer/The Atom in the DC TV universe.

Furthermore, Routh’s modeling experiences have expanded his professional side, demonstrating his versatility in the worlds of fashion and endorsements. His significant earnings as an actor and model reflect his talent and wise career decisions, contributing to his financial success.

His Source Of Income Are All Generated From His Acting And Modeling Career

Routh makes the majority of his money from his extensive work in the movies and modeling industries. The majority of his earnings come from his work as an actor. Additionally, he also earns quite a good sum from endorsement deals, interviews, and sponsorship. Thus in 2015, the actor earned $300,000 in sponsorships alone.

Furthermore, before his promising acting career, he has modeled for some campaigns and advertising companies too. He has appeared in commercials for Swedish clothing retailer JC Jeans & Clothes as well as Observatoire du pain.

He Used To Work As a Bartender Before Starting His Acting Career In Order To Earn Extra Money

The actor left his university in Norwalk, Lowa, and moved to Los Angeles to pursue his acting career. Initially, he only used to get small roles in films which made him a small amount of money. At the time, Routh stayed with his sister so as to reduce living expenses.

Eventually, since he had difficulty meeting his daily needs, he started working as a bartender at a popular Bowling alley in Hollywood, Lucky Strike Lanes.

Routh’s High Rated Movies According To IMDb

  • The Rookie- 2021
  • Home Movie- The Princess Bride-2020
  • The Flash- 2015-2022
  • With Love- 2014-2020
  • Arrow-2021

How Much Does Routh Earn From A Movie?

As a well-known actor, Brandon’s movies have mostly been successful. The actor receives sizable pay for playing the lead in feature films, with an salary of $1 million per film as per the reports. As per calculation, he approximately gets $122.000 per month and $30,291 per week for his work.

His Earning From His Famous Movies

Movie Earnings
Crooked Arrows $758,000
Superman Returns $1 million
Table For Three $1 million
400 Days $1.2 million

Brandon Routh Owns A Million Dollar House In Beverly Hills, California

In 2010, Brandon and his wife Courtney Ford bought a single-story house for $1.2 million in Beverly Hills, California. The cozy little hillside home has 2,281 square feet of living space with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

It is a single-family residence with a traditional architectural style. The appealing features of the house are the breakfast area, dining area, and swimming pool. The house also contains a perfect view of the Hills and the city and also a fenced yard.

He Also Owns a Couple Of Luxurious House And Apartment

Routh Owns a beautiful house in Norwalk, Iowa, which ranges over $272,275. He moved from his native Norwalk to Los Angeles, where he decided to make a career as an actor. He bought an apartment there which ranges over $359,000 where he lives with his wife and son now. He and his family go to Norwalk house to spend their vacations.

Routh Own A Beautiful Red Audi

According to a creditable source, Brandon owns a red Audi RS7 which ranges over $125,000. The Audi ranks as #2 in best premium sports sedans. The RS7 is supremely comfortable and even extra-practical thanks to its hatchback body style