What Is Dee Bradley Baker’s Net Worth? His Earnings, Income Source

By Aarone Hernandez | Published on: January 19, 2024 | Updated on: January 19, 2024
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People know and love Dee Bradley Baker as one of the greatest voice actors in all of America. But, what most of us do not know is that Baker is a millionaire. His career is a massive success which has made him one of the highest-earning artists of his kind.

So, how much is his net worth?

Key Takeaways

  • Dee Baker’s net worth is in a multi-million figure.
  • He earns a six-figure salary per annum.
  • His main source of income is voice acting. To this day, he has voiced characters in cartoons, animations, and video games.
  • He lives in a massive house located in LA, California.

Dee Bradley Baker’s Net Worth in 2023

Baker who voiced Perry the Platypus in Disney’s Phineas and Ferb has a net worth of $6 million. Ever since the beginning of his professional journey, Dee has touched huge milestones. One of them definitely was him becoming a millionaire in the industry.

However, it wasn’t always sunshine and rainbows. The artist must have had to jump through hurdles to get to where he is in the current day and age. No matter what, he did not give up, and look, we’ve been talking about his net worth today – now, that’s success!

Furthermore, like anyone else in showbiz, we believe his net worth has also taken massive turns through the years. Look below to see an estimation of his fortune in the last few years.

Year Net Worth
2023 $6 million
2022 $5.6 million
2021 $4.8 million
2020 $4 million

He Earns Hundreds Of Thousands Each Year

Digging further into his earnings, we believe that Baker has a salary of over $500,000. This roughly calculates to a monthly income of $42,000. The sum is more than enough for him to have a well-settled yet luxurious lifestyle.

While most voice artists only earn around $149,000 in the US, Baker definitely made a stand for himself with his current income. In turn, this makes him one of the highest-paid voice actors too.

Below, we present you with a rough estimation of his salary over the years.

Year Income
2023 $500,000
2022 $480,000
2021 $400,000
2020 $350,000

Is Voice Acting Bradley Baker’s Only Source Of Income?

It seems like his main and only income source is voice acting. Dee has been in the business since 1989. Subsequently while working on an improv sketch comedy show, he landed his first voicing gig with Nickelodeon. He was the announcer as well as the giant talking rock-god on the game show, Legends of the Hidden Temple. This changed his whole outlook on life, especially on his career. He stayed with the show until 1995.

Eventually, he got into voice acting. Bradley Baker’s first major voicing role was in the cartoons, Cow & Chicken and I Am Weasel. In the early days, he also worked in one of the Loony Tunes films, Space Jam as Daffy Duck, Taz, and Toro. Moreover, he had recurrent roles in SpongeBob SquarePants and The Powerpuff Girls.

Besides children’s shows, he has too worked in multiple animations. In 2005, he voiced Klaus Heisler in American Dad. That same year, his other animated series, Avatar: The Last Airbender was released. He appeared in the role of Appa in the show, along with Olivia Hack, Jack De Sena, Dante Basco, and Jennie Kwan.

He Has Worked With “Filthy Rich” Kids’ Shows Too

As mentioned earlier, Dee was an asset to the beloved cartoons, SpongeBob SquarePants and The Powerpuff Girls back in the day. The first one alone is a $13 billion worth franchise. While the latter nearly earned $1 billion up until 2002.

Dee Bradley Baker Lives In A Mansion In LA, California

In 2014, the voice artist bought a gigantic mansion in the heart of Los Angeles, California. To this very day, Bradley still lives in the same house with his wife, Michelle Baker, and their two children.