What Is Eman Esfandi’s Ethnicity? His Parents, Ancestry, Nationality, Girlfriend

By Kritika Udas | Published on: March 3, 2024 | Updated on: March 3, 2024
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The inclusion of Eman Esfandi in the show “Ahsoka” has generated intrigue among numerous fans who are interested in learning about his family background, including his ethnicity and other related details. So, who are Eman’s parents?  

In addition to Ashoka, the actor has also appeared in a couple of movies and TV shows like The Inspection (2022) and King Richard (2021).  

Key Takeaways:

  • Eman has a mixed ethnic background with Persian and Ecuadorian roots.
  • He was born and raised in America.
  • Eman’s parents are business owners.
  • He has a supportive and encouraging family.
  • Esfandi doesn’t have a girlfriend right now and focusing on his career.

What Is Eman Esfandi’s Ethnicity? His Parents

Esfandi possesses a diverse ethnic heritage, comprising a blend of Persian and Ecuadorian origins. His father hailed from Iran, while his mother originated from Ecuador. Eman’s parents were immigrants who migrated to the United States before he was even born.

Eman's ethnicity is diverse.
Esfandi has a mixed ethnic background.

Further, his multicultural background plays a significant role in shaping Eman’s artistic aspirations and his approach to acting and storytelling. Plus, his desire to share unique stories is so captivating that his close friend and talented writer, Isaac Garza, approached him with an offer to direct the film “Pepito.”

What Is Eman Esfandi’s Nationality?

Esfandi’s nationality is American although his heritage encompasses Persian and Ecuadorian roots. He was born and raised in the border town of Laredo, Texas, USA.

Eman hails from America.
Eman is an American actor.

Moreover, growing up in the United States, Eman was exposed to a mix of cultures and traditions, which undoubtedly contributed to his multicultural background.

Currently, Esfandi resides in Los Angeles, California, USA, where he has chosen to pursue his career as an actor.

Who Are Eman Esfandi’s Parents?

Eman’s father is Mehran Esfandi. On Eman’s birthday, his father took to Instagram and shared a heartfelt video compilation featuring various clips of Eman. In response to this gesture, Eman expressed his love for his father by commenting, “Love you baba!!”


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While Esfandi’s dad, Mehran, appears to be relatively open about himself in the media, there is no specific information available about his mother. Her absence from public visibility suggests that she may prefer to maintain a private life.

Eman’s Entrepreneur Parents Influenced His Educational Pursuits

Esfandi was raised by business owners and his parents likely played a significant role in shaping his educational pursuits. Growing up, he wasn’t taught to express himself, so discovering his true passion in creative endeavors proved to be difficult for him.

After being influenced by his parent’s successful entrepreneurial ventures, Eman chose to pursue a degree in Business, with the intention of following in his parents’ footsteps. However, he later discovered his passion for the entertainment industry and went after that line of work.

Eman Grew Up With A Supportive Sister

He shared his childhood with his sister named Tammy Esfandi. They have a strong bond and they frequently post about each other on their social media platforms.

Eman and his parents are enjoying dinner.
Eman’s sister(L), parents (C) and himself(R)

For instance, in 2017, Tammy posted a photo of Eman’s graduation expressing her congratulations and pride in her brother.

Furthermore, during an interview, Eman was asked about the individuals who played a significant role in his current achievements, aside from himself. In response, he said it is his family. He emphasized that regardless of his creative endeavors or the ways in which he expresses himself, his family has consistently been there for him, providing unwavering support throughout his journey.

Esfandi Dedicated His Song To His Dad

Eman has a rap alter ego that goes by the name of “Dragonwulf.” Under this, he has unleashed numerous albums and singles, showcasing his musical talent.

Among his impressive discography, one album that stands out is titled “La Sagrada Familia.” Within this album, Eman pays homage to his father on his birthday by dedicating a heartfelt song called “Can Ya Love Me.”

This gesture not only demonstrated his love for his father but also allowed his followers and fans to join in celebrating this special occasion.

Eman Esfandi’s Girlfriend; Is He Dating?

At present, Esfandi who plays the Star Wars animated character in Ahsoka with Rosario Dawson and Natasha Liu Bordizzo is not in a romantic relationship with a girlfriend. He appears to be prioritizing his career as an actor, director, producer, and rapper dedicating considerable attention to his professional endeavors.

Moreover, he actively maintains a highly private persona when it comes to his personal life, choosing not to disclose personal details to the media.


Is Eman’s nationality Indian?

No, his nationality is American.

How old is he?

Esfandi is 25 years old as of 2023.