What is Matt Rife Religion? His Take on Religion and God

By Kritika Udas | Published on: February 20, 2024 | Updated on: February 20, 2024
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Matt Rife, an American comedian, has incorporated various elements of religion into his standup comedy routines. He uses his take on religion and god to make humorous jokes.
While some individuals express disappointment in his approach, others believe that even comedy can serve as a means to draw people closer to god. However, despite the discussions around his comedic take on religion, many remain unaware of his personal religious beliefs.

So, what is his religion? Keep reading to find out.

Key Takeaways:

  • Matt is a Christian and he follows Christianity but he is not religious.
  • He was not brought up in a strict Christian household; he was never even taken to church by his parents.
  • Rife incorporates his take on religion and faith into his standup comedy scripts.
  • He disagrees with certain rules established by man-made religion.

What Is Matt Rife’s Religion?

Matt Rife follows Christianity. However, the interesting thing is that he didn’t grow up in a conventionally religious family. Both his parents April Rife, a homemaker, and his stepfather, Jason Sievers, a businessman, have a liberal view on god.

Matt is not conventionally religious
Matt is a Christian.

Growing up in a less strict Christian household could mean that his family may have had a more open-minded approach to faith, allowing him to explore and develop his own beliefs and understanding of Christianity.

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Rife Rarely Went To Church As A Kid

He is not religious at all and did not have a particularly religious upbringing. His parents never even took him to church. Instead, he had the opportunity to experience occasional visits to church on Sundays when he stayed over at his friends’ houses.

His Brother’s Name Is Christian

Matt has two siblings and it’s interesting to note that one of them is named Christian, like the religion. His biological sister is named Taylor Chilton and his half-brother is named Christian Sievers.

Moreover, not much is known about them but we do know that all three of them have a good relationship with each other.

His Take On Religion And God

In a video of Matt and his friend, Matt talks about his take on religion. He expresses the belief that no single religion has fully captured or perfectly understood the ultimate truth or path to follow.

Instead, he seems to embrace the idea that there is a destined path for each individual, even though it may not always materialize in reality. This notion of a destined path aligns with the concept of “manifestation,” which has become a significant belief in his life.

He further expressed,

“I’ve wished for so many things to happen randomly and they happen.”

For instance, he mentions that he has dated people he never thought he would have the opportunity to be with, and he has also encountered career opportunities that he previously considered impossible.

Matt Rife’s Disagreement On Man-Made Religion

In the above-mentioned video, Rife’s friend expresses his disagreement with specific rules established by organized religions, which they perceive as being man-made rather than divinely inspired. And Matt appears to share a similar viewpoint.

Additionally, a fan commented on the video with a thought-provoking statement:

“Man-made religion has ruined so many folks to believe in Jesus.”

He Explores Religion And Relationships On Stage

In his standup comedy routines, Matt doesn’t shy away from incorporating religion as a topic for humor. In one instance, he engaged the audience by asking if anyone had ever dated someone whose strong religious beliefs became a hindrance to the relationship.

Standup Comedian Matt Rife Hs Beautiful View On God
Rife incorporates jokes about religion on stage.

One of the audience replied with a loud “Yes” and shared her experience of dating a preacher who followed Pentecostalism, a Christian denomination that places emphasis on the direct personal experience of God through the baptism of the Holy Spirit and the practice of speaking in tongues.

In response to her anecdote, Matt delivered a flirty and witty comeback, saying:

“I’m not Pentecostal but I can read lips.”

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