What Is Suri Cruise’s Net Worth? Income Source, Career, Lifestyle

By Aarone Hernandez | Published on: February 8, 2024 | Updated on: February 8, 2024
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Suri Cruise, the daughter of multi-millionaire Hollywood icons Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, captivates the world with her lavish lifestyle & upbringing. While her net worth remains relatively less compared to her parents, fans know that it’s exquisitely enough though.

After her parents’ divorce, she’s been living with her mom Katie. Amid the rising concerns, if she would also pursue a career in acting, Suri’s surging interest in fashion may tell a different story.

Key Takeaways

  • Suri Cruise has an estimated net worth of $500k.
  • Even though she is not professionally into acting, her brief on-screen stints earn her a considerable sum.
  • After the divorce of her parents in 2012, she lives with her mom Katie Holmes.
  • She and her Dawson’s Creek actress mom reside in a Chelsea, New York apartment that comes with a monthly price stage of $25,000.
  • Her father Tom Cruise pays $400k per year on child support for her care.
  • Cruise’s actor dad, the Mission Impossible star has established a trust fund for her future financial security.

: How Rich Is She?

As of 2024, Suri, a star kid & a potential budding actress cum singer, owns a net worth of $500k. Unlike most celebrity offspring, the 18-year-old is yet to land professionally in any career but is an occasional actress & singer. Thanks to her parents’ million-dollar estate, she enjoys an opulent lifestyle.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, her dad Tom Cruise has a hefty fortune of $600 million, which breaks down to an annual income of $50 million. On the other, her mother Katie Holmes has an estimated net worth of $25 million.

What Are Suri Cruise’s Income Sources?

Online sources report that Cruise’s monthly income is $16,000, whilst she has yet to pursue any career professionally. It’s obvious that part of her monetary benefit comes from her rich father & mother, but also some finances come from her occasional venture in the entertainment industry.

Although not professionally, she dipped her toe into acting, which is of no surprise given her mom & dad are actors. At 7, she debuted in the 2013 film Oblivion. Moreover, she also tried out vocals & performed the song ‘Blue Moon’ in the opening credits of Alone Together (2022). Later, she would sing for her mom Katie’s 2023 movie Rare Objects.

What Is Suri Cruise Doing Now?

Suri, the only daughter of Tom and Katie, is currently more focused on pursuing her education than a full-fledged career. She has reportedly started applying to colleges to study fashion in New York.

Having said that, fans also have potentially true claims that she might end up following in her parent’s footsteps into acting. Moreover, with such a charm and elegant personality, it won’t be long enough before she gets high-end modeling approaches.

Born to Hollywood royalties, the shine of Suri’s silver spoon has got the eyes of the media since she was a toddler. From resembling her mother to an impeccable fashion style with costly apparel, Cruise was there to make headlines.  Back in 2012, her wardrobe collection was reported to be worth $3 million- the courtesy of high-end clothes, footwear & jewelry collections.

Earlier, she used to make frequent red-carpet appearances but has since put a shield from the invasive lens as she’s growing up. Suri and Kaite occasionally make the PDAs together & the mother-daughter PDA is often a subject of fascination in the celebrity realm.

Where Does She Live?

Suri and her mother Katie Holmes reside in their 2,400 s.q. ft apartment at 201 West 17th Street, New York. The space featuring 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms costs $25,000 per month. Earlier, they lived in a Chelsea Mercantile rental for $12,500 a month.

Why Is Tom Cruise Not Involved In Suri’s Life?

After Tom’s divorce from Katie Holmes in 2012, the latter got the primary custody of Suri which potentially affects the amount of time he can spend with his daughter. On top of that, the Top Gun: Maverick actor’s demanding career in Hollywood barely spares him with personal time.

As reported, Cruise is allowed to visit Suri up to 10 days a month, but he chooses not to, cause ‘she is not a Scientologist.’ It was around 2012 when Suri and Tom Cruise were spotted traveling to Disney World, but since then the picture of the father-daughter duo is not in the media.

Tom Pays A Fairly Hefty Sum In Child Support

According to TMZ, the 3-time Golden Globe Award winning-actor pays child support of more than $33,000 a month (sums to $400,000 annually) for Suri until she turns 18. It could rack up a total of $4.8 million. Aside from that, the actor has to cover Suri’s essential expenses, including health insurance, education, and extracurricular activities.

While not insignificant, these figures fall short of what a trial judge could have ordered if his divorce with Katie had gone messy. However, as reported, he & his ex-wife had a prenup, so the actress got nothing of his estate.

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Cruise Has Set Up A Trust Fund For His Daughter

The Oblivion actor set up a trust fund for his daughter Suri, as a part of his divorce settlement with his then-wife Katie Noelle Holmes. While Katie has no access to the trust, their daughter Suri Cruise could legally claim the trust money after she gets into her 30s.